Keith Lee #1 Contender North American Championship | WWE NXT 1/8/20 Full Show Review & Results

Keith Lee #1 Contender North American Championship | WWE NXT 1/8/20 Full Show Review & Results

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alright guys just do it folks folks before I even get into this review folks
before I even get into this NXT review I want to ask you guys one question I want
to I want to ask everyone in YouTube land a question ladies and gentlemen did
you really think that NXT wasn’t going to deliver on the first show of 2020 did
you really think that NXT was gonna fucking lay an egg like Monday Night Raw
tail a shitter did you really think NXT was gonna
fucking lay a big pile of Donkey shit like Friday Night Smackdown did this
past Friday least you did you did you think NXT was gonna lay a fucking egg
folks if you thought that NXT was gonna come out and be an absolute fucking
pilot mode if you thought NXT was gonna come out like they’re fucking a
coma-like fucking Monday night on Friday Night Smackdown as you are a plethora
idiot folks NXT continues to prove that they are the number one fucking brand in
the WWE the first NXT of 2020 the first NXT of the decade late general deliver
tonight box absolutely delivered right off the fucking bat
rheya Ripley comes out and all the women want a piece of rail Ripley and her
newly won NXT Women’s Championship folks great shit Dusty Rhodes tag-team
tournament to crown the new Dusty Rhodes tag team best tag team folks fucking
money then you got in the main event a fatal 4-way match to determine the
number one contender for the North American Championship ladies and
gentlemen and NXT headed out of the fucking Park Lisa absolutely hit it out
of the park this was by far by far the best match of the week and we haven’t
even had Friday Night Smackdown I don’t think Friday Night Smackdown atop
fucking this fatal 4-way match with Keith Lee Cameron Grimes Damien priest
and Dominic died – Kovach folks I’m calling it right now this is the best
match of the fucking week elation Jenner NXT continues to prove that they are the
number one fucking brand ladies and gentlemen right off the bat folks you
get this they start showcasing you this women’s division that they have in NXT
folks they showcase you Bianca bel-air Raya Ripley the NXT Women’s Champion
fucking eels Shorai ladies and gentlemen they showcase you fucking this girl from
NXT UK Tony Storm ladies and gentlemen and you’re asking
yourself wow this is a fucking women’s division this is what we fuckin thirst
for on the main roster folks women trying to fight for something women
being showcased their way they need to be showcased in a professional wrestling
ring folks you know this isn’t fucking Sasha banks and fucking boring boring
Bayley the hugging fucking bug connection of the Boston hug connection
where the fuck they’re called nowadays this isn’t fucking Dana Brooke and
fucking boring Lacey Evans ladies and gentlemen
this is Bianca bel-air rheya fucking Ripley Tony fucking storm yes sure I can
list array ladies and gentlemen this is a fucking women’s division if these
women was to go onto the fucking main roster they will run circles over
fucking Bayley the fucking goddamn awful Smackdown last Friday Night Smackdown
Women’s Champion and they’re run circles about around the fucking man Becky Lynch
– ladies and gentlemen folks NXT started out with a fucking bang absolutely
started out with a fucking bang folks the fatal 4-way match was epic folks
absolutely epic Keith Lee is on a whole nother fucking planet right now folks
and the right man won this match Keith Lee should be the next North American
NXT champion folks and I can’t fucking wait for him to go at it with rhotic
strong in fucking two weeks folks because that match is gonna be an
absolute fucking clinic ladies and gentlemen NXT once again continues to
push all the right buttons and Smackdown and fry and fuckin Monday Night Raw
continue to fucking push and push more pile of shit every fucking week folks
every fucking week I mean what the hell horrible did we see on this show folks
so the point that you want to take your morale control and turn the fucking TV
of what the fuck did we see tonight folks
absolutely nothing we saw absolutely nothing that makes you want to take your
remote control and turn the goddamn TV off folks undisputed era
ladies and gentlemen versus not Marc coffee and Wolfgang they NXT UK Tag Team
Champions folks and this dusty rose tournament folks was absolutely great
absolutely great we never heard of fucking Marc Marc coffee if you don’t
watch NXT UK or Wolfgang but we know who they are now ladies Jim because they let
them go out there and showcase their talent folks they let them go out there
and showcase their talent something that WWE refuses to do folks something that
Monday Night Raw and Smackdown refused to do folks all they want to do
shove Roman reigns Donna fucking throw and she’ll fucking Burger King Corbin
down I fucking throw and shove the fucking women’s version of Roman reigns
Charlotte Flair down our fucking throats folks and the fucking clown fucking
staff Rollins down our fucking throats folks and the hostage the fucking polar
bear that’s been in hibernation that has the fucking WW Thailand hostage brought
Lester down our fucking throats folks this is what we get on the main roster
folks well when you watch NXT on Wednesday nights it’s like a breath of
fresh air ladies and gentlemen you would think that this is a whole entire
different fucking company ladies in general but no this is WWE branded this
NXT product is in the same WWE bubble but the WWE main roster just does not
want to do what NXT does folks it’s just it’s just it’s just absolutely
mind-boggling to me that Vince McMahon doesn’t want to implement any of these
formulas that they used down in NXT and implement them to the main roster spokes
I don’t get it gentleman I just don’t get it folks but NXT delivered
absolutely delivered the first show of 2020 and XT delivers folks in my eyes
folks it was a better show than aew dynamite I actually enjoyed NXT tonight
then I did IEW dynamite this week folks and NXT is started to take this turn
folks it’s starting to take this turn and it’s starting to pull away from a
e/w dynamite folks that’s it it’s starting to pull away from AAW dynamite
now don’t get me wrong aw Dynamite’s great but they need some
fucking desperate desperate star power on that show folks because I’m sorry
jungle boy and too fucking loser Soros and the fucking Liberian are not fucking
cutting it from me okay or fucking Rio the woman’s fucking
champion is not cutting it from me ladies and gentlemen and seeing Kenny
Omega and the young bucks and fucking career oats shove down our throats every
fucking week isn’t going to cut it ladies and gentlemen
NXT has so much fucking star power with the undisputed era with The Velveteen
Drina we haven’t even fucking seen in months because he’s been hurt
Matt riddle Charlie gargano Finn fucking Balor keithley I mean how is how is atw
gonna compete if they don’t get some type of star power on that fucking show
folks they need star power and any star power desperately bad because NXT right
now is starting to take off folks it’s starting to take off and starting to
move away from a e/w dynamite so the point that they’re not even gonna worry
about the ratings anymore because they’re gonna fucking blow them to
smithereens so with the fucking ratings if they keep on taking away like like
taking off like they’re doing right now folks well what can I say folks the
first show of 2020 and XT folks absolutely delivered New Year we’re
gonna see new faces we’re gonna see new titles we’re going to see new fucking
matchups I know and I have all the faith in the world at Triple H it’s gonna give
us a better 2020 and then he gave us a 2019 folks I have the absolute faith in
Triple H folks what do you have the absolute fucking faith in Vince McMahon
to give you a fucking better twenty twenty twenty then 2019 no you think the
absolute opposite you think he’s gonna give you a fucking worst fucking year
2020 date in 2019 lationship and it’s already starting out with a fucking bang
on Monday Night Raw we got the fucking Big Show returning
ladies The Big Show returns in 2020 late Jim is it 2020 or is in fucking 2006
folks absolutely ridiculous folks that’s the way we start Monday night Raw’s 2020
calendar year give me a fucking break ladies and gentlemen give me a fucking
break the fucking Big Show absolutely ridiculous folks but enough a fucking
Monday Night Raw and enough of Friday Night Smackdown the fucking Roman agenda
over there forget that shit this is NX and this is what this is what fucking
professional rest is supposed to be folks absolutely but if you guys like
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as well folks put enough of that folks let’s get into this n xt review folks we
start to show off with the NXT the newly crowned NXT Women’s Champion Raya Ripley
folks excuse me she comes out to the ring to kick off the show Raya get some
mic and talks about the memories she’s had created so far here suddenly Tony
storm comes out and interrupts Tony storm from the NXT UK folks
Tony storm if you guys don’t know who Tony storm is look her fucking up and
watch NXT UK folks because Tony storm number one she’s fucking high as fuck
and number two she’s a fucking great wrestler folks
Tony storm comes on interrupts Tony Storm says she is proud of Reyes
NXT title win but she remembers beating Raya twice Tony says she’s going to
become the UK Women’s Champion again and then she’s gonna and then at world
collide she’s going to become a doubles champion Reyes says she wouldn’t mind
beating Tony so she accepts Tony’s challenge so now
we’re gonna get Tony Stormers is really at worlds collide folks can’t wait for
that match current UK champion Women’s Champion Kaylee Kaylee Rey interrupts
now she says nobody believes in Tony will take her title on Sunday
meaning Tony storm is gonna face Kaylee Rae for the North American not Darth
American UK Women’s Championship this Sunday and Tony won’t make it two worlds
collide she says then yo Ryan comes on she interrupts yo points at Rios NXT
title and says that that’s hers after that folks another woman comes out who
is it its Bianca bel-air Bianca P Billy and bel-air Bianca bel-air I can’t even
fucking talk I still got Monday Night Raw my fucking mind
Bianca bel-air interrupts next Bianca gets on the mic as well and says she’s
definitely better than everyone else in the ring right now then Candice larae
fucking comes out folks it’s just women after women after fucking women coming
out cannister ray comes out next and gets in the mic gets in the ring before
she has something to say Reyes stops her and says she already knows what she
wants to fight then Reyes says she wants to fight too and she throws a punch
debris anka bel-air and everyone in the ring starts brawling Raya and Tony end
up clearing in the clear clearing out the ring the referee comes out and
declares that William Regal just booked these women in a six women’s tag match
and says that the match starts right now Kansas the Ray immediately hits a
suicide dive on women at ringside and the match starts
folks this matches great folks it’s a six fucking women’s tag match folks when
you hit a six women’s tag match in NXT you know it’s gonna be good folks but if
you get a six-man Women’s tag match on Monday night fucking Raw Friday night
smacked and you know it’s gonna be a big pile of fucking donkey shit folks nobody
wants to see the hugging ball connection fucking Sasha banks and Bayley teaming
up with fucking Lacey Evans versus Dana fucking world and fucking Charlotte
Flair and God knows who else folks this was a great six women’s tag match folks
ray Ripley canister ray and Tony Storm beat Bianca bel-air Kaylee ray and
yoshua moving on dusty rose tag team tournament folks the for guidance sons
versus Imperial ladies and gentlemen this match was fucking hard-hitting
these two teams are fucking great folks when it comes to professional wrestling
but Imperia one and the right fucking team one folks in pair eliminates The
Forgotten sons imperium moves on to the Dusty Rhodes
classic folks then this newcomer that I never fuckin heard of Hakim wild versus
Austin Theory folks a keen wild I don’t know what the fuck he was wearing folks
but he had these fucking two bug eyes and I’m like who the fuck is this
fucking clown folks this guy they have to change his fucking ring a cock ring
attire because he looks like a fucking bug folks I don’t know who the fuck this
guy was but Austin Theory buries this guy Austin theory wins
we’re hearing a lot of big things from Austin theory I’m not very familiar with
him I know he’s been in these scenes a lot of people know about him but I don’t
know about him but what I’ve seen in the ring um he’s okay he’s only 22 years old
but this is what I love and I see less these young guys go out there and making
names for themselves folks create their fucking characters get their in-ring
skills and let them showcase their town this is what I love about NXT folks and
they gave these two guys 10 15 to 15 minutes and they went out there and put
on a pretty good damn match box but if these guys were money and arrow I’ll
take even fucking one minute to fucking make fuckin names of themselves folks
you know you have Austin theory going the fucking word with Tazawa and know
give him fucking won many matches I mean how are you gonna
somebody get over what a fucking one-minute match this is what we get on
the main roster these desks why these guys won’t even fucking be able to swim
with the fucking shark some money and I wrote because fucking Roman reigns has
to take four to 40 minutes of the fucking show every fucking week and a
Austin Theory can’t get fucking 10 minutes on the show ridiculous
Austin Theory defeats Joaquim Wilde moving on more of the destoroyah classic
the undisputed era vs mark coffee and wolfgang mark coffee and wolfgang are
the NXT UK tag team champions so we got a champion versus championship match
here for the right team one undisputed eras fucking untouchable everybody knew
who was gonna win this match on this period ever beat mark coffee and wolf
gammon another fucking good match another good tag team match another good
fucking tag team match folks another good tag team match folks we can’t say
that on the main roster on disputed era beat mark coffee and Wolfgang moving on
Johnny Gargano comes out Johnny are gonna make sudden appearance finally
comes back makes an appearance he gets on the mic folks and he says starts
cutting he starts cutting a promo on finn bálor to make it get to a mixed
reaction from the crowd he talks about coming back from Finn’s Finn’s past and
he’s going to prove that not everyone around NXT is soft like Balor said
Gargano says he remembers when Balor immediately dropped his NXT flag when he
got a phone call from Raw he got a phone call from Monday Night Raw and then he
went up to Monday Night Raw on his fucking goddamn career became fucking
nothing ladies gentlemen Gargano says he got the
same call but instead he stayed in NXT because he actually loves this place he
says that NXT he says that NXT tooktook NXT to new heights
after battle left and better can’t and it Balor interrupts and tells
Gargano he’s cutting a nice promo but NXT is Balor’s chessboard and he was
right that Gargano is soft Balor says he put he could have wiped the smile off of
our channel’s face right now but he won’t and then Finn Balor leaves but he
challenges Johnny Carino’s will match at NXT Portland folks so we’re probably
gonna get Johnny gargano versus Finn Balor and xD Portland folks and that
match should be a rematch actually should be a great match should be a
great wrestling match because when you put John again in the ring against
anybody he’s gonna fucking give you a five-star classic match that’s why they
call him Johnny Wrestling folks and I can’t wait to see Johnny gana
versus Finn Balor at NXT Portland folks moving on
Myriam versus a tank what’s her name can’t Camden Carter cannon Carter I
don’t know who the fuck her name is I never heard of her in my life medium was
a cannon Carter folks this match was fucking horrible the match the both
women felt like they were fucking wrestling in fucking quicksand ladies
and gentlemen million beast cannon Carter after the match case Casey green
attacks both women from behind she leaves and meets Robert thorn on the
ramp storm gets on the mic and says that robber storm brand is just getting
started and he is officially brought the hottest
free agent around Chelsea Green and then they leave together folks so Ron what’s
his name Robert strong comes out I don’t know where I’ve never seen him I guess
he’s a fucking advocate for Kelsey green and he says that he signed her to the
number-one draft pick of Robert strong Stoll stones productions folks whatever
moving on the main event of the show Keith Lee Cameron Grimes Damien priests
and domina dodgy Cove a fatal 4-way for the number one contendership for the
North American Championship folks what can I say what can I say absolute
fucking money folks absolute money Keithley got the biggest
pop out of all these men Keithley is fuckin limitless Keithley made a fuckin
name for himself at the Survivor Series when you fuckin eliminated the fucking
clown Steph Rowland’s and then he got buried by Roman reigns which he should
have beat Roman reigns in the Survivor Series match but we all know that Roman
had to go because Roman is roman and roman beats anyone but Keithley made a
name for himself at the Survivor Series the right man one folks chiefly wins the
match he is your number one contender for the NXT North American Championship
folks in two weeks he’s gonna face Roderick Strong folks there was a spot
in this match folks when Damien Priest I believe came off the top rope and he got
caught got caught by Keithley folks now mind you fucking arm
Damien Priest is about fucking 300 pounds and he caught this man and then
he used him like he was a fucking baseball bat hitting a fuckin homerun in
the fucking big leads using him as a fucking baseball bat hitting Cameron
grinds with Damien priests hitting fucking Dominic Dodge Dakota Dana priest
I was a holy shit this man is fucking a beast this guy’s a fucking piece folks
he fully won excellent excellent fatal 4-way match folks in two weeks we’re
gonna get Keith Lee versus Roddick strong for the NXT North American
Championship folks and hopefully they give the titles Keith Lee folks they
give the key to Keithley because Keith Lee absolutely deserves it he absolutely
deserves to become the next NXT North American champion folks and they just
kind of pull the trigger take the titles off with the undisputed hero era they
have the titles long enough the tag team ties take them off them the fucking
North American Championship take it off Roderick Strong the NXT title is
probably gonna come off of Adam Cole when he takes on Tommaso Champa but they
have to do the right thing give the title Keithley Keithley is the new
number one contender to the NXT North American Championship folks and I can’t
wait in two weeks we’re gonna get Keith Lee versus Rollins from for the NXT
North American Championship well what can I say folks the first show
of 2020 when it comes to NXT absolutely great they hit it out of the fucking
Park action from fucking started the show to the middle of show to the
fucking end of the show this is what we get on Wednesday nights folks and no
other brand can do it fucking better than NXT right now folks but if you guys
like the video you guys know what to do hit that like button subscribe to
channel don’t forget to hit that Bell for all notification when I upload a
video and I will see you guys for Friday Night Smackdown thank you guys so much

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  3. I truly agee AC. NXT was definitely the better show. And the NXT women's division is everything that the AEW women's division I hope one day that can be.

  4. SquaringTheCircle NXT is always a breath of fresh air from the pile of dog shit Vince McMahon and his creative circus dumps on us every single week and Raw/SD are like The Walking Dead: zombified lifeless television

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