John Cena’s WrestleMania entrances: WWE Playlist

John Cena’s WrestleMania entrances: WWE Playlist

100 thoughts on “John Cena’s WrestleMania entrances: WWE Playlist

  1. This is basically an evolution of John Cena's career:
    WM 20 – Dr. of Thuganomics
    WM 21 & WM 22 – Chain Gang Commander
    WM 23 – The Marine
    WM 24 – Post Marine/Pre-Cenation
    WM 25 – Present – Leader of Cenation

  2. Why does it say Wrestlemania 30 on April 3rd 2014 and 31 on march 25th 2014 the dates in the videos say they were both in 2014?

  3. "It's not a Wrestlemania without John Cena" – Michael Cole

    For all the time I cannot stand Cole this once I agree 1000% with him.

  4. In WrestleMania 27, these people are singing victorious with respect, before John Cena is going to the ring. That's what I called "Hustle, Loyalty, Respect" and heaven on earth.

  5. Upload Wrestelmenia 33 SmackDown Women's Championship Wrestelmenia 34 Alexa Bliss vs Nia
    Survivor Series 2017 Alexa vs Charlotte
    Money in the Bank (Alexa )

  6. Es difícil no amarlo más que odiarlo jajajaja es como si no hubiera Wrestlemania o WWE sin él. Además, sabe que si decimos John Cena Sucks de alguna u otra forma lo queremos, tipo Kurt Angle cuando dicen You Sucks.

  7. The only reason for the hate on John Cena I can see is people think he stole a push that belonged to Edge. No.. Edge's push after he retired was given to Randy Orton.. and now.. Edge is back and it is Edge who is going to be pushed.. and it should be Edge who ends Crock Lesnar and puts him out of our misery.

  8. John Cena Is a true Legend with his tickets in Wrestlemania he is the best of all the world in WWE the best wrestler and superstars in the world

  9. 19:03 was the first time I was genuinely happy to see Cena since 2015. During everything in between I finally turned on Cena like everyone does at one point. I missed the old him. 2002-2007 of course and 2008-2015. Once AJ Styles showed up, I didn’t know much about him but I damn sure knew him and instantly supported him in every match he was in. Whenever he faced Cena I was rooting for AJ all the way! When he had the mini feud with Corbin I was rooting for Baron the whole time! I wasn’t happy when he tied Ric’s record even though I was back at Night of Champions 2014, Royal Rumble 2015, Summerslam 2015 but I was completely against Cena until 2018, ever since then I was happy to see him but not as much as his old persona that I miss more than his new self. However I am always happy to see him now, when he came back on Smackdown I was excited to see what he was up to (besides his films, that can be quite good) although I am rooting for Bray Wyatt to succeed at Wrestlemania, I’m glad to see John once more. Like many say, you don’t know what you have until it’s gone

  10. From Wrestlemania 20 to Wrestlemania 27 he was Champ or #1 Contender for a CHampionship…he got shoved down our throats so hard that is was impossible to love him as only face

  11. Look in the bottom left at the date for wm 30 and wm 31 it say that wm31 was on March 25th 2014 then for wm 30 it was April 6th So wm 31 was before wm 30 ahahahahhaha

  12. Man I'm huge John Cena fan I remember in my Childhood I used to Love his Spinner Title That's why I used to buy Spinner Belt for my School Belt so that I can All time spin It 😜😍💓

  13. I'm still Sad why WWE Ruined him after 2015 he only one Single Title since 2015 & he always used to Loss Whenever he Returns 😭🤐

  14. John cena is the best 💪💪💪🤟👌👌🤟🤟🤙 is so cool and also he is in the movie playing with fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🥊🥊

  15. John Cena has matches for 2004 WrestleMania to 2019 WrestleMania. He not missed one WrestleMania….

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