IPTV 2019 – $14/Month IPTV Service Being Offered By A Major Cable Network

IPTV 2019 – $14/Month IPTV Service Being Offered By A Major Cable Network

comms companies have been struggling to
maintain revenues in the face of competition from mobile phones and new
market entrants now they have what’s potentially a huge growth area IPTV
promises to revolutionize the way TV is delivered but as always with such
important developments they’ll be losers as well as winners so
what is IPTV basically it’s a television service over broadband cable television
already exists but what IPTV will do is enable those who don’t have cable to get
similar services without having their road dug up apparently the underground
streaming movement has now affected a major cable company we have a major
cable company that’s coming out with an IPTV service that is under $15 a month
and I’m assuming the underground movement has done it and we’re gonna
talk about it in this video in time you will know what it’s like to
lose to feel so desperately that you’re right but to fail read it justice what’s good YouTube you’re in the
building with y’all annoying or living off feeling I’m seeing all-powerful damn
all everything the sex is hell hosts almost at a hundred thousand subscribers
we’re talking about Korra cutting and what the underground movement has done
to leverage the playing field but first plus seven glasses of sexy as hell so
I’m working on skilling up my crap bring y’all more info and YouTube experience
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go to life games Facebook page and leave me your requests spectrum TV is central
it’s coming out in March and it’s only going to be for those that have spectrum
cable maybe a respect from Internet you don’t have anything else but the
Internet and what they’re offering $14.99 a month you’re gonna get about 80
different channels that include and the AMC America Heroes ve t Animal Planet
BBC hallmark Nickelodeon Nicktoons TLC the list goes on and on and on and it’s
gonna work for your Roku devices on your iOS and Android tablets your cell phones
your Xbox one your Amazon Kindle Fires they’re listening apparently they’re
listening you can take it with you use it on your phone I guess that they’ve
gotten to the point where they’ve got to figure out a way to compete with the
underground streams this is definitely gonna help them compete you basically
are getting all the cable channels for $14.99 a month if you already have
spectrum internet the plan of course is to eventually expand and let everybody
get it even if you don’t have spectrum internet but I think that what the
movement has done to put the kind of pressure on these companies that you’ve
got a lower price is resounding and I want you guys leave me comments are you
interested in this service will you switch to this service the only thing
that’s a drawback for this service no sports so if you like ESPN maybe you
like college sports you’re not gonna get any of that I’m gonna say this is more
of a desperate housewife service for those fellas that’s got those wives
that’s all into Bravo and TLC and MTV and those type of things you’re getting
all that but you’re not gonna get your sport so let me know how you guys feel
about it it’s not going to offer DVR service either but at least this is
something that is being leveraging the playing field to help give you more
options in your core cutting that’s gonna do it for this video don’t forget
to like my video please comment and subscribe go get yourself a life game
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52 thoughts on “IPTV 2019 – $14/Month IPTV Service Being Offered By A Major Cable Network

  1. This is actually a great idea and it should be the future of how we watch Tv. I hate the wires and the cable box. Hopefully most cable companies will take this route !

  2. They're starting to catch on. IPTV is the future of TV. Almost there Bro. 100,000 subs is around the corner. 👍👍

  3. Yeah I think they finally got it. Right now I'm using YouTube TV.I will probably hang with this for a while I'm just now on my free trial. I will keep watching your videos until something comes along that's better. I get my internet services through Cox. I was using sling TV but that did not provide local channels. I'm also using my fire stick 4K and my fire TV box. I really appreciate your videos.

  4. I would buy it, if it would include catch-up then it would work. It would make the wifey happy. I would still keep my Gears tv for sports and entertainment for $20. I love Gears reloaded it just works !!Great work Lamont!

  5. Peace My Guru, yeah they hear the streets talking, but imma stick with the roots, The Trend Setters, That be us, Bet they not giving PvP fit free, Case closed, can't wait to I get to that 100k so we can celebrate , Keep Doin The Dam Thang My Bro !!!✌

  6. Great information, brother! I'm one of those customers whose strictly internet, but I might have to try this out and do a video review. #Lol #HappyStreaming

  7. I ain't switching up, I'm a cord-cutter for life. I was on the other end of those$150-$170 cable bills, and I would not get cable again…even if it was to save my life! SAAMF

  8. Thanks for the video. No sports or local channel sports is a deal breaker. I would never watch the channels offered by IPTV.

  9. No Sports? Thats the main reason to have cable. All the other channels programming is available after the fact on Movie/TV apps.

  10. Lamont, I really enjoy the info but it takes you 2 minutes to get to the subject. That's too long brother.

  11. Awesome video brother LAMONT. Yeah seems like these greedy cable companies are getting the hang of it. If they don't have sports I don't want it. I like my MMA, so I will stick with the IPTV service I'm with. Keep the awesome content coming. Have a great day. Love ya brother


  13. I have spectrum they have the best internet in my area that is all i get from them they gave me spectrum tv app for free with lineup

  14. What up Lamont !
    I have spectrum internet but I don't think I'll get their iptv, because not enough channels, no ppv or sports.
    I'll stick to my OLOGY TV & ZFORCE TV. When they provide the real underground stuff, maybe untill then, I'm good.
    Thankyou, for the info.

  15. Using Gears TV, working perfect again, a little rough after the last build, but they got it back on track

  16. Uncle mont aka( Mr info) thanks for coming to us again with a great information sounds great but for me I got to have my sports thanks for sharing keep up the good work Maryland

  17. @LamontTyson thank you for all of the videos I really appreciate you. Keep doing your thing making money. In your opinion what is the best IPTV services? Is double agent as good as they say for USA Canada and English speaking countries. I've tried reality Vader was good but some things did not work, I would order it again. But I wanted to try a new service and I think Excursion was horrible the guide never worked, I hear a lot about epic Eternal and double agent? What do you think of those IPTV? Also is shack TV Soloman and is Nitro TV touch-tone? I would order maybe Nitro if it was good I hear some people say it's very good and ology? I would never order off of touch-tone I would order off of reviewdork. For a kid from Philadelphia the East Coast what IPTV would you think is the best that has it all 24/7 Sports catch up Etc sorry for the paragraph thank you for everything God bless all success

  18. fuck them they had their chance but NO they wanted to be greedy and stick it to the customer FUCK ALL THE CABLE COMPANIES I love my 2 $5.00 a month services

  19. It's still bad lmao, who wants to pay to watch tv when you get 5 minutes of commercials for every 10 minutes of tv.

  20. Well it's happening now. I hope this will happen in the uk. Virgin media is the uk cable company. They currently my Internet provider.

  21. The IPTV service I have is $20 every three months and is freaking amazing I have everything even radio stations

  22. Hey Big Bro Great video!! Currently i use kodi solutions iptv I like the low fee and It have been working well for me until recently something going on with maintenence or something want allow me to pay so that means no service so i resorted back to mobdro , which need more channels added and relax tv. i do have spectrum internet only have had it for 3 years now i may give it try because its a service that will allow me to use it on my Roku and xbox and fire stick so unsure but each week someone has something better. thanks for the video

  23. The links for the streams are going to be used by the bulk suppliers lmao good news for the resell market lol

  24. This is how it's going to start. Giving the basic package and then you have to build from there. Add sports: $15. Add movies: $15. Add more specialty channels: $15. Petty soon, you're back up there. But, it's a start and the people who want to cut the cord without using any "questionable" APKs, this is for them. It's a move in the right direction but we need to keep the pressure on them.

  25. Bout time they get it. Good step in the right Direction . Big thank you sir you are one of the best out here at what you do


  27. Add sports plus premium movie channels then maybe but I have gears/reloaded tv I have everything for 19 dollars a month

  28. As always I love your video, but, no thanks Spectrum, no catch-up, no Tennis, no TV One, no me!

  29. I wouldn't switch to this service, but.. Why leave current iptv where I have everything for half that price.. But good to see that companies are catching on, but they still can't compete to the Average Joe services out there.. Good video though

  30. How do I get this deal? I am a spectrum internet customer and the best I can get is 10 channels and 5 locals for 31.00 a month

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