Ibushi vows to make the G in G1 stand for Golden as the Golden Star shines bright in Osaka!!

Ibushi vows to make the G in G1 stand for Golden as the Golden Star shines bright in Osaka!!

For the first time in Osaka,
I have a chance on the mic. I will make another promise,
right now, in Osaka… When I return to Osaka,
it will be as the winner of G1. Thank you for your support. Anyway…
I gave it my all. I did. In truth, I did say I wouldn’t overthink this G1, Even though I did say that, Somewhere in my mind,
I realized exactly what I was doing… So after that… I think I’ve changed. G1 has forced me to take the next step. And more than anything… I’m most grateful about… Beating Naito. Beating Tetsuya Naito is the biggest thing for me. It’s not only about wins and losses, But… But, I am victorious, today. What am I now, 3 and 2? Currently, you are 5 and 2. What about Naito? Naito is 5 and 2 now, also. Your history with him,
it is 3 to 2, for Naito. 3 to 2, right? Yes. But that doesn’t matter, anyway. I’ve declared that I’ll win this G1. So I will win it all. I can’t talk…
I can’t… It’s tough to speak. Too crazy. Kenny lost today… Did he? Yes. And now we are closer to that match
between you two… I bet you’re looking forward to it… I won’t think about it, until it’s time. The key to winning G1
is not looking past anything. I won’t do that. When is my next match?
I don’t know…

47 thoughts on “Ibushi vows to make the G in G1 stand for Golden as the Golden Star shines bright in Osaka!!

  1. 飯伏優勝たのむぜ!!( ´ ▽ ` )


  2. これで、内藤の優勝は無くなったね。後は飯伏がケニーを倒すかどうか。飯伏がケニーに負ければケニーが優勝決定戦進出

  3. This Is My Prediction For The B Block Ending Naito Defeats Sanada And ZSJ Kota Ibushi Defeats Tama Tonga But Fights Kenny To Draw In The End Toru Yano Pulls An Upset Over Kenny Omega Beforehand Leaving Naito As The B Block Finalist If This Happens I Will Be Dumbfounded Because I Predicted Naito And Omega Last Year

  4. NJPW/Bullet Club is coming to Los Angeles https://ev6.evenue.net/cgi-bin/ncommerce3/SEGetEventInfo?ticketCode=GS:LBS:SE1819:NJPW:&linkID=twcsulb&shopperContext=&pc=&caller=&appCode=&groupCode=SPE2&cgc

  5. God damnit….FINE NEW JAPAN! Let's make this shit a Kenny/Kota lovers quarrel and leave Naito in the lurch…fuck I'm salty. Naito needs a lotta help now…

  6. 内藤優勝とか言ってる人いるけどきついだろ。優勝がじゃなくてそのあとが。優勝決定戦に優勝したら権利書防衛戦。東京ドームまでの前哨戦に東京ドーム。獲ったなら防衛戦。内藤の膝が持たん。

  7. I think it's gonna be Kota and Kenny but I see him joining the firing squad or the firing squad just comes in and beat down everyone so there won't be a winner

  8. Congratulations daddy Ibushi. You did well.

    Why was Ibushi pissed off at the end of the interview? Is it because Kenny lost?

  9. To everyone saying kota will beat kenny for the belt, kota doesn’t sign contracts he will never have a belt because he doesn’t make deals, he was originally gonna be the face but because okada was just as good and arguably is a better wrestler they went with him

  10. I would be very shocked if Ibushi doesn't win the G1! everything seems to go into that direction! I expected Kenny would lose to Ishii (btw, Omega vs Ishii for the Title?! YES PLEASE!) and if Ibushi would get pass Naito and then beat Omega he's in the final! and after he wins the G1 we will have the Golden*Lovers main eventing Wrestle Kingdom!! there's so much story to tell in this scenario, I can't wait!!

  11. Fuck Okada give us Kenny Omega vs Kota Ibushi in the main event of the Tokyo Dome for the iwgp heavyweight championship

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