Ibushi challenges Naito, says his treatment of the IC belt is a disgrace!

Ibushi challenges Naito, says his treatment of the IC belt is a disgrace!

Ibushi… Are they telling each other to be ‘Tranquilo’? Tetsuya Naito…
Yes or No? It was Ibushi who was making the signal
to be ‘Tranquilo’, wasn’t it? Naito’s being more aggressive this time. But Ibushi seems to be holding him at bay?
What’s his motive? Naito always has something planned, But Ibushi is not always sure where he’s heading. He’s being more careful, isn’t he? Ibushi won’t jump in just yet.
A different attitude from him. The winners are getting their arms raised.
But Ibushi is watching Naito, very closely. Ibushi’s not leaving.
He’s approaching Naito. They’re closing in on each other. Naito’s trying to lure him in, isn’t he? Usually, Ibushi would jump at this moment,
but he’s being extra cautious. A little bit…
The way he… How he treats the title… He’s being awfully rough, isn’t he? Naito doesn’t need to rush, But I’m choosing to hurry myself. Naito doesn’t need to, honestly, Because he’s already made it to the top. But I need to rush myself. I haven’t really done that before.. But I have to hurry.
I must. I don’t think there’ll be other chances. That belt, no doubt about it,
it will be mine. I’ll shine it up. I’m that confident. So, I’m asking for a title match. I want a title match.
I want to face him. The Intercontinental title has been
getting too dirty. Today, near the ring,
Ibushi told me that he’s rushing. Why the rush? He did beat me in the first round, So I’m saying it now,
Ibushi will be the number one contender He doesn’t need be in such a hurry, does he? But I’m glad I was able to see his determination. So, the next title match will be
Naito against Ibushi, right? All that’s left is for New Japan to
decide when and where. But he says he’s in a hurry. Maybe we’ll fight in 2 days, in Nagaoka,
on short notice, right? Well, I’ll make sure I’m prepared when I
arrive in Nagaoka in a couple of days. I’ll keep saying this…
Ibushi, You should remember this word, absolutely… TRANQUILO! ASSENAYO! Adios.

59 thoughts on “Ibushi challenges Naito, says his treatment of the IC belt is a disgrace!

  1. ibushi as ic champ. that's what i want. besides, i think it's time for naito to after the BIG ONE. be the one to go after jay white and have lij beat bullet club and he become the new IWGP heavyweight champion and king of tranquilo.

  2. ドルフィンズアリーナいくから、ICは4.20でやってほしいなー

  3. Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t he try to get the IC belt from Shinsuke Nakamura but could never get the job done?

  4. 0:14~0:18

  5. Ibushi vs. Naito at MSG !
    A match to determine who can paralyze the other by dropping them on their neck .
    Oh , and also for the IC title .

  6. G1 SUPERCARD PLEEEEAAAASSSEEEE!!!!!!!!!! 😍😍😍 Or else this would be the only singles title not on the MSG card which would be some bullshit. My boy Naito drops the title, wins the 2019 G1 Climax and finally gets his Tokyo Dome main event moment!

  7. Since ibushi defeat naito in the nj cup, I can see naito winning if they face each other again. That's how usually NJPW work

  8. Naito loses this match at msg, then wins the g1 and challenges okada at the dome at wk 14. Naito then wins, and fulfills his dream of being the face of njpw. A match with ibushi can be set up, as well as a rematch with okada, more matches with Tana, and a match we haven't seen before with Jay white. Juice could also challenge for the title if his status elevates with the us title.

  9. 今まで焦ったことのない飯伏が「俺、焦ってます」発言

  10. Do this match at MSG ibushi wins naito wins the g1 and wins IWGP championship at the WK, destiny fulfilled

  11. Noooo wanted ibushi to win ic title at wk. If he gets match he must win. It will be his 3rd time going after ic title. Pls save for wk

  12. Naito is above the IC Title. His previous reign was fine, but at this point, he should be doing more, in my opinion. Meanwhile, Kota getting an IC Title reign would be super refreshing and great for him.

  13. Funny when Ibushi suddenly offered championship title opportunity just after whole "Ibushi goes AEW" rumor blows up..

  14. Why is Kota so much jacked up in that thumbnail ?

    Don’t tell me he started to take steroids?!

  15. Ibushi's challenge left a lot to be desired. For all the rush and hurry, it lacked urgency. For all the respect to the title, it lacked reverence.

    Ibushi could use the title, and Naito's current reign has gotten quiet and kinda stale, but if this is the challenge feud, it shouldn't change hands here.

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