How WWE Stops Wrestlers LEAVING For AEW… | WrestleTalk’s WrestleSketch

How WWE Stops Wrestlers LEAVING For AEW… | WrestleTalk’s WrestleSketch

VM: “And then I said: ‘SIKE! The piss-pack was never broken!’” SM: “Oh father, that’s hilarious!” H: “Someday everything will be mine.” SM: “What was that best friend Helmsley?” H: “I said my pectoral muscle is healing
fine.” *Door opens, enter Mike/Maria Kanellis.* MK: “Sir, we’d like to talk about our
contracts…“ VM: “Finally, catering! Gimme a steak!” MK: “Erm, we’re not…” VM: “Cow now.” *The Kanellisi leave.* H: “That wasn’t catering, Vince, it was
Mike and Maria Kanellis. We can’t keep treating our talent this way,
look!” *Triple H shows Vince reports of unhappy Superstars.* VM: “‘Ha, stupid dirtsheets. Nobody reads ‘em.” H: “Actually, we’ve now got a very engaged
online fanbase that do-” VM: “Nevertheless, we should scare out the
rat anyway.” SM: “Let’s improve company morale with
interrogations!” H: “Guys, that’s not what I mean-” *Black screen, Law & Order sound effect, single
light turns on SM: Scott Wilder and Dash Dawson REVIVAL: That’s not our names. SM: Otherwise known as ‘The Revival’. I see you’ve been pretty active online recently. H: I don’t think having Shane do these is
the bes- VM: Quiet, Trips – the kid’s a natural. REVIVAL: And what of it? SM: Pretty active with the hashtag FTR. Which my research tells me is a Young Bucks
thing! REVIVAL: So? SM: Do you want the Raw tag team championships? REVIVAL: Yeah, alright then. H: You can’t just give them the belts- *Law & Order sound effect* SM: “Jimmy and Jey Rikishi. USO: What? SM: Otherwise known as the Uso cousins. USO: That’s not right. SM: I see your WWE contracts are coming to
an end… USO: Maybe we seeing what’s out there. SM: Then have the SmackDown tag belts! H: What about your storyline with Miz? VM: Shush, Trips. I’ve never seen anything like it. He’ll go to any lengths to make wrestlers
be his friend. *Law & Order sound effect, R-Truth* TRUTH: McMahon’s over there – what’s up? SM: Have the US title! TRUTH: OK! *Law & Order sound effect, Asuka* ASUKA: Who next? SM: Title’s next! *Law & Order sound effect, Sasha Banks and
Bayley* SASHA: First ever Hell in a Cell match. First ever women main event. SM: Here’s some titles I invented! SASHA: First ever women’s tag team champions. *Law & Order sound effect, Finn Balor* FINN: I made Brock Lesnar believe! SM: Here, have a belt! *Law & Order sound effect, Tye Dillinger* TYE: So… what you guys call me in here for? SM: Have the Universal Championship, Tye Dallangbe! TYE: Oh my… oh my god… this is, this is
a 10 out of 10 moment. I’ve fought so long and hard for this. 10 for effort. I’ve been in the WWE for over a decade. 10. H: I’m not letting this go on any longer. Sorry Tye, you’re not winning the Universal
Championship. Shane, Vince – you can’t solve everything
by putting belts on everyone. We’ve only got so many. VINCE: So we need more? H: No, you’re not getting it. We need to create a culture where our wrestlers
feels valued, where they can fulfill their creative potential in the ring and out. They are talent. And we need to stop wasting it. VINCE: Trips… you’re right. Tye shouldn’t be Universal Champ. Best of luck in your future endeavours, pal. You’re fired! TYE: What? Not 10… H: That’s not what I sai- VINCE: I’m already bored about what you’re
saying, Trips. Call up a bunch of NXT randoms to replace
him. Now where’s that steak.

100 thoughts on “How WWE Stops Wrestlers LEAVING For AEW… | WrestleTalk’s WrestleSketch

  1. FTR isn't a Young Bucks thing. It stands for "Follow the Rules" and since when do the Young Bucks follow the rules. Jeez

  2. LOL at the names getting messed up on purpose! WrestleSketch is the best! WrestleSketch is number one!

  3. Your a hundred % sure they're leaving for AEW. It's funny how since AEW was announced people act like its them or WWE. It's as if you act like ROH NJWP and impact don't exist anymore.

  4. These wrestlers don't want to be part of a soon to fail startup and have no job to come back to. AEW will only get the losers and lameasses that only internet marks care about.

  5. Opportunity means more Tv time to talented wrestlers. Not throwing titles at them. Yes, winning title is good but it is short term thing. What after the reign is over? Back to house shows again?? Thats why talents need TV time and character build up rather than straps.

  6. I think i might be going to aew. Ive heard all the rumours, and apparently i just signed a 10 yr deal… does anyone know if this is true?? All i did was say the word "elite" in a sentance referring to groceries! Gosh darn young buckies!!

  7. The fans should stop kissing Vince McMahon's ass every time he comes out. He doesn't deserve it anymore.

  8. Vince you don't know shit about the company let hhh take over for freak sake that's the reason all the wrestlers ate leaving WWE because they're not given a chance and give what fans what they want.

  9. 😂🤣 so funny 🤣😂

    Sad thing is probably not far from the truth. It does seem like Vince has attention deficit disorder.

  10. Damn, i was hoping ud slide Ryder in there. off raw for nearly a year but to lose. but still something. but ya i agree basically with this

  11. so WRESTLETALK have now turned to sarcasm to get there point across
    think wrestletalk should stop watching WWE
    there show has today become a mockery show

  12. This was pretty good, but I think you should have replaced Tye Dillinger with TJP it just would have made the most sense to me

  13. What makes you think everytime someone complains, you think they going to aew, these "wrestlers" have the wwe stink all over them. Look at your god cody that dude sucked in the indies and njpw he brought everyone one down to his level and it was shit.

  14. WWE just doesnt get it. Around wrestlemania they always spike the creative. Then it goes lame. Giving belts is not going to solve there long term problems. There going have to give some creative to the wrestlers.

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