How quickly will Americans get checks from the $2T relief bill?

How quickly will Americans get checks from the $2T relief bill?

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  3. What the hell does a $1200 check do for someone who lost their jobs for over 2 weeks now and all recurring bills are coming??

  4. Virus is asymptomatic and indistinguishable from cold therefore masks should be "Mandatory" in public and business settings
    So the ill. Don't continue to spread it.
    That alongside other sanitary guidelines would be the most helpful in stopping the spread.

  5. This report is a bit premature. Considering the dirty Democrats are holding it up! That should be what your video is about! Show Americans what the Dirty Democrats are all about! Themselves!

  6. M A F I O S O self-centered con-man Potus claims corona virus expertise in contradiction to health & disease experts for re-election. This man cares more for his political status than the health of A L L Americans. Fire him this Nov 2020 election.

  7. I wonder how many in Congress & the Senate had to stop receiving paychecks for 2 or 3 weeks while using MY tax money to cover their immediate bills?

  8. Qualify first. Moochers get nothing. It's for people who actually work for a living and pay taxes, for businesses (legit) who have payroll, for those laid-off due to economic adversity DIRECTLY related to the pandemic. No, anyone supported by others, supported by CFS or SNAP, or any other subsidized government relief agency will NOT receive "Obama" money. Proof of work status required.

  9. Congress used the bill to give themselves $50,000 for expenses. Politicians are scum! Vote no on the checks. Ppl are supposed to have emergency funds saved. Say no to socialism! it will just be used against us common ppl, it will cause inflammation and give the government more of our tax dollars. They will just use it against us in the long run!

  10. We here trillions but these politicians r giving Americans nothing but CRUMBS! CRUMBS OUT OF TRILLIONS! It’s our money to begin with! Small bus w/pay interest on the loan! YAL SUCK!

  11. It's time to lock down New York. Just like Wuhan. Meaning no entering or leaving the city. Its obviously by far the worst spot in America. Unfortunately, that is hard to do in a free country. China did it very easy and it helped stop the spread to other cities. Hope we can do it here.

  12. This will never reach the hard working tax payers down the pipe line some body is going to steal this money what a shame

  13. Seriously, the numbers of deaths are simply not adding up to keep the entire economy!!! We're all over the map on these stats and dates!!! Open commerce, keep your stimulus money in the Fed.

  14. I feel for the people struggling but for atleast 20 years we have been told to keep 2 weeks of supplies at all times a smart person takes that to mean a month. I hope people take that more seriously now

  15. Hey libs. Are you going to except this sense it will be signed by the Greatest President EVER DONALD J. TRUMP? just asking.

  16. Wow! Well I reckon President Obamas record bull market run is all left to history for him alone, and Trumps will be the record unemployment applications. Man I thought he knew business but then again snake oil salesmen like Trump are very persuasive. Let’s send him packing in the 2020? election, he could always go and do the Australian version of ‘I’m an old celebrity, get me out of here.’ Don’t suppose he would last long, boring tales about all he knows would soon grind.

  17. I worked till I was in an accident . Now I'm forced to live on less than 800 dollars .a month. Welcome to my world

  18. A week before the Trump administration took office in January 2017,
    Obama administration officials focused on the dangers of a pandemic in a
    briefing for top Trump aides…REMOVE THE ORANGE CLOWN!

  19. So far the total number of confirmed cases is less than .0001 percent of the world population and the number of confirmed deaths is less than .00001 percent of the world population. Approximately 25 percent of confirmed cases have already reported full recovery. Approximately 98 percent of all cases will fully recover.

  20. I know it's too late now but when all of this passes by get outta debt and stay out of debt! Build an emergency fund. Yes, it's hard work but it can be done. You don't want to be standing in the breadline waiting for crumbs. We are free people, act like it! This is America.

  21. Once this money goes out…all whoever saved money will now be worth less. So everyone who did the right thing will now suffer and the ones who didnt save for emergencies will benefit….awesome!

  22. How about the EXTRA stuff that you added that has NOTHING to do with the coronavirus relief? Why wait until tomorrow? A further delay? Come on Pelosi tell us about the junk you added! Will the media ask her about that? Don't hold your breath!

  23. This bill has 25 million set aside for the House of Representatives as a RAISE on page 782. It also has 25M for the Kennedy Center. 25M for "capital construction and updates" also slipped in. 350M are for refugees on page 817. Refugees as in… NOT AMERICANS in other countries. Another 117M set aside for the "Millennium Challenge Corp" that gives money to foreign governments to combat poverty…IN OTHER COUNTRIES. No Republican should support this bill.

  24. Why are the airlines companies getting so much money? And we the people are hardly getting anything? I thought the stimulus package was for us Americans!

  25. All you deranged people thinking democrats are responsible for giving the working man some assistance.

  26. Chinese need to start having respect for animals and Trump was right at first there should have been a ban on all flights from China but as we know the glorious media started attacking him 😐

  27. barely enough to pay the rent. then what ? will take as long as everything government does . too long . to little too long to get.
    dems fill bill with pork and commie things having nothing to do with virus aid. these dems are repulsive miscreants.

  28. Just remember that when we rebound and get passed this, and we will, just remember to start saving a little more money from each check. We will always have trials and tribulations people.

  29. Democrats: let's impeach trump for withholding aid to Ukraine

    Also democrats: withholds aid to Americans and blames everything on trump

  30. That's not bi partisan. Nancy Pelosi doesn't care about the average working man and woman. You shall know them by their deeds. Nancy Pelosi wanted money for the Kennedy center. Nancy Pelosi wanted money for the green new deal.

  31. Wow, turns out the GOP and everybody in the party just loves them some socialism.

    Every single one of you anti-socialist fucks should refuse these checks and your social security too.

  32. Hopefully, I'll be back to work by then! If not I just might open a tattoo business because you know that the bottom feeders will be splashing more ink on their flabby carcasses when that money arrives.

  33. You need to make the whole country whole, this ignores all of the retires (16% of US population) which have just lost 1/3 of their life savings. What do you expect the older people do live 33% shorter? This will have a major impact to every single retiree and they are providing no help to this age group.

  34. Check? Cash? No! Use direct deposit into my checking account. When I buy stuff, I only use credit cards or pay with my cell phone.

  35. The title should be "When Americans can expect Check". Because its just a 1 time thing. Worthless. Theyd be better off sending us cyanide capsules.

  36. Be sure, they plow public money — On Sunday, the Senate failed to reach an agreement on an already belated economic relief package, a development that’s left small-business owners and laid-off workers reeling and financial markets tumbling. The mainstream press has attributed the Senate’s inaction to “Washington infighting,” or else to Democratic intransigence. But Chuck Schumer’s caucus didn’t vote down the Republican bill over some minor detail, or because it insisted on dictating the left’s preference on an issue that genuinely divides blue and red America. Rather, the key sticking point is that the GOP bill would empower the Trump administration to dole out $500 billion in bailout money to corporations of its own choosing — without forbidding bailed-out firms from laying off their workers. This arrangement would not only allow the hotelier-in-chief to plow public money into his companies and those of his cronies but also enable those firms to spend our government’s dollars on maintaining outsize executive compensation instead of retaining employees. That is why they were in a hurry, money calls!

  37. Be sure, they plow public money — without forbidding bailed-out firms from laying off their workers. This arrangement would not only allow the hotelier-in-chief to plow public money into his companies and those of his cronies but also enable those firms to spend our government’s dollars on maintaining outsize executive compensation instead of retaining employees. That is why they were in a hurry, money calls!

  38. WATCH AND SEE PPL YOU ARE BEING CON AGIAN say no to this BILL this bill is not to help you all that dam money 2TTTTTTTT dollars and all they want to do is give you nothing ppl think about it last year I pay in 2300.00 and they want to give me back 1200.00 SO that mean I didn't get a DAM thing out of that 1TTTTTTTT dollars

  39. $1200? What do they think this is, 1980? Luckily I dont believe in being dependent on the government for my family's and my own survival. Self sufficiency used to be an American value.

  40. I think the real question should be how much is this relief bill going to cost the average tax paying American, because big companies get tax brakes.

  41. But the question is that why the US media doesn't show any casualties, Pandemic patients….why ,, where is….???

  42. You trynna tell me that it will tax 2 to 3 weeks for a check? Idk why we aren’t rethinking the idiots we put in government

  43. People will be back to work before they get the check lol what a joke by Democrats holding this up….🙄👎

  44. They won't because the entire $2 Trillion is coming directly to me!! I just wired the $10,000 to my Nigerian Prince to cover the transfer fees. He said I'll have it tomorrow!! C ya, suckaz!!!!!

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