100 thoughts on “High School Student Arrested After Trying Wrestling Move On Principal

  1. Good throw the book at that disrespectful lil shittard, seems like he need a good ol' ass whoopen untill he acts right.

  2. WHAT?! you can clearly see the student was playing around. Not only did he come up on the principle lightly and slowly, but you can clearly see the student hovering his hands above the principle. Ridiculous.

  3. Look like the principal left him cocked eyed. That kid was just doing to much he shouldn't of put his hands on the principal any way

  4. This kid needs to learn you can’t joke around, so just cause your joking give you the rite to no consequences. He is obviously a immature troubled kid. This isn’t the first time he try’s to joke about things. It’s going to continue and only get worse.

  5. Idiot 4 doing that the wwe says not 2 try it at home or at school or anywhere else the kid had no commen scene he should be ex spelled from school

  6. Am on the kid side but be careful doing the RKO Randy Orton knocks you out by suing you kid taking his own copyright style.

  7. That's Vinny Mic Mahan when some young talented wrestlers tried to work their way up. Lmao.. btw that kid is stupid.. stupid.. stupid..

  8. He hurt that principle in no way he only filed charges cause he punched the kid in the face and had to justify it that kid was not trying to hurt him he was moving so slow that’s the hole reason the principal had the time to act it’s not cause he’s a dope fight and fast the kid wasn’t going to actually do it it looked like to me

  9. Looks like he was just fucking around. People take kids way too seriously these days. If I was the judge I would have thrown that case out.

  10. when he got out of prison he tried to RKO a fake alligator and got arrested 😂😂 i'm not even joking its all over the news

  11. He wasn't really going to do it but one needs to be careful about who he/she jokes around with. Everything blown out of proportion from both sides.

  12. I remember back in the seventh grade this one boy used to harass and bully me on a regular basis. One day I gathered some courage together, long story short when it was indoor gym time I was preparing for basketball practice and there he goes again, taunting me, so I gave him the stone cold stunner… He told the gym teacher on me and everyone was in shock and awe, and I instantly gained some cool points. It was the best feeling I ever had before graduating high school. He stopped messing with me, and we even sort of became friends too afterwards.

  13. Why would you do something like that in school in this climate? That principal didn't know he wasn't going to attack him.

  14. That video of him jumping in the ball cage was actually pretty funny. No jail time though that’s how you become a real criminal.

  15. That's not even a real wrestling move. Sosa seems like a cool fun guy. If he really wanted to hurt the principal he would have. It's extremely easy to see he's really not serious, it's easy to tell he's just joking around. If he really wanted to hurt the principal, he would have been choked him out. It's just horsing around. The principal and the school system need to stop overreacting, including the law. If Sosa really wanted to hurt the principal, the principal would have ended up in the hospital, clearly Sosa had no intention of really hurting the principal.

  16. The principal didn’t want to job to his student. He told Vince he should headline wrestle mania or else he would no sell all his students finishers.

  17. If only the principal took the bump, then undertaker rise, then u roll your eyes back and neck slice, put him in the choke hold, do the slam get a student to count then celebrate.

  18. tries to rko principal
    principal managed to defend himself
    principal: come to my office, I’m calling the cops!
    after 10 minutes, cops come
    cops goes to principal office and takes out their handcuffs
    cop: your under arrest for trying to rko your principal
    * student: RKO’S COPS *
    * Principal: 😱 *
    Student: RKO’s Principal

  19. As you can see he didn’t use any kinda strength on the principle. He was fooling around and doing some dumb shit yeah but was it worth the arrest? Nah. Y’all too sensitive.

  20. So a kid gets arrested for trying a wrestling move on a principal and he didn't even get him. But kids are killing other kids and they don't even get charged? Ya ok. Even one time a teacher SAW the kids killing another kid and did nothing.

  21. Wtf they mad too, i would of done the same shit gtfo if anybody tries to do that shit or fucking put his hands on me.

  22. He shouldn't have done this move on an adult or anyone else! Golden rule ….Keep your hands to yourself……consequences will always follow poor decisions

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