Hamakatsu Presents: Wrestling Dontaku 2019 (May 3rd) post match comments [2nd Match]

Hamakatsu Presents: Wrestling Dontaku 2019 (May 3rd) post match comments [2nd Match]

Hey, Liger… You’ve been preparing, right? You haven’t?
Oh… Not yet? I still haven’t heard from him. All I heard is that this fight
belongs in the streets. He says that if we step into the ring
it has to be fair… What the hell is that? I always fight fairly, don’t I? Always a clean and straight fight, right? Liger, what are you fighting for? Modesty? Fairness? Grace? Do you think you’re some kind
of hero or something? The one you’re fighting is…
You guys say the name… You guys called it, didn’t you? Don’t underestimate me. The war has already started. It’ll keep going until I go in for the kill. Liger can cry, beg, scream… I’ll still go in for the kill.

33 thoughts on “Hamakatsu Presents: Wrestling Dontaku 2019 (May 3rd) post match comments [2nd Match]

  1. I love when Suzuki-senpai speaks his promos like a one true villain. Suzuki-gun, ICHIBAN!☝

  2. Suzuki deserves at least a shot for the IWGP Heavyweight title. His promos and in-ring skills are over the top for a guy at his age.

  3. I wanna know if one could get away with holding up a sign at RAW that says "VINCE/PAUL FEARS SUZUKI", or how long it would take before it got confiscated….

  4. I know I said Minoru didn't look the same with more hair as opposed to the wind streaks he used to have, but I am beginning to change my mind.

    Come to think of it, Minoru actually looks younger with this style.

    Minus the facial lines, he would look like a young guy.

    But wind streaks or more hair, he's still one mean villain and can fight with the best of them. Love it!

  5. ライガーのファンだけど


  6. Is the age of heroes really coming to an end?
    Heroes are now all of a sudden a dying breed? Hated by the fans that once cheered on their victory? To be put down and never be allowed to draw another dime? Is this Montreal?!

    Dammit I've become more Canadian by the minute!

  7. みのるさんマジでライガーの息の根止めてくれ!!泣こうが叫ぼうが非情に!

  8. 「お前等のつけた名前」だと?言ってやるよ、「世界一性格の悪い男・鈴木みのる」だバカヤロー!

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