GOP Reps slam Schiff’s claim that Biden’s don’t have any relevant testimony

GOP Reps slam Schiff’s claim that Biden’s don’t have any relevant testimony

100 thoughts on “GOP Reps slam Schiff’s claim that Biden’s don’t have any relevant testimony

  1. It's about to get so ugly for Nancy,Chuckie and Adam,next week,there already working on the exit plan and blame game against one another,real goverment history is about to begin soon,and if your a elected demacratic official it's going to be setting the stages for your seats in the next 2 elections campaigns, anything next to a Adam bomb going off can't get your party corruption in line,maybe there still some monies in the Clinton foundation to help bail your asses out

  2. Rep. Gaetz shown Red Flag on Republican Party when he favor with Demo regarding the reduction of Presidential Power on Military………..I lost my trust with him……

  3. Is it reasonable to say that it's possible that Pelosi's a spiritual, modern successor to Senator McCarthy? Or "This is nonsense! The Proud Democratic Party of The United States are the (bleeding) heart of AMERICA!".

  4. Wait until they uncover the mother wonton soup of corruption of all time in China …..wait n see…it will make ukraine look like a children's lemonade stand….Bidens and the Demorcats are corrupt and stealing from America.

  5. It's Obama your mama who is behind the scene on all of this bull crap plus a lot more! Just wait and see, all the truth will come out from this corrupted ex-president!

  6. These older Dems are so out of touch with even their own constituents. The longer they keep their positions, the more damage they do to their party.

  7. the DNC has embraced deception and love of power not hope for the people as the GOP has, and as such, it is attracting other crooks to compete for power grabs. The DNC has truly become a Banana Republic political party, Therefore they are unfit to govern the USA, THEY ONLY CARE ABOUT HOLDING POWER, and they are godless, fear them, remember BENGHAZI, and 'Planned Murderhood' which has a business selling murdered aborted babies enzymes for cosmetics and flavor enhancers, WHERE IS THEIR LIMIT with their new illicit "gold mines" to them Hell itself is the limit

  8. They're bought and paid for media will just continue spinning this and people are going to fall for it the media needs to be held responsible

  9. Nancy trying to tell the Senate how to go on with the impeachment trial. How is she not being brought up on abuse of powers over that?

  10. Mr. Kris How, Swamp protecting the swamp to choose anyone with with any connection with what’s going on currently smells and it’s obviously 🙄 to cover up corruption. It is so obvious, gets back to how corrupt Obama and administration was and is. Normally you appoint clean non connect person

  11. To all Republican Senators…….do you remember saying this?

    “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.”

    Did you mean it?

  12. Nancy Pelosi is Obstructing the election process trying to get Binden more opertunity to gain ground forcing Sanders and Elizabeth Warren Impeach Nancy Pelosi

  13. Schiff says a shame if call Bidens to be called as witnesses. The Schiff sham artist himself wow calling a sham to get the truth is what all democrats want so they say

  14. Was the only 'evidence' (not hearsay or opinion) that Trump specifically ordered no quid pro quo, from the ambassador?

  15. Pelosi is desperately trying to protect her son and Biden’s son. Once Trump is re-elected he can go right back after them and she knows it.

  16. What does Biden have to say that Schiff is afraid of, it sounds to me like schiff is afraid of what Biden might say.

  17. Let's see, who has firsthand testimony of what trump possibly did?
    NOT the BIDENS! They weren't there! Derp!🙄
    Sure. Investigate call him up…WHATEVER! Go for it.
    But to call them up with this NOW when they have NO firsthand testimony to the incident at hand? DUMB.
    WHATABOUTISM at its best. 🖐🙄

  18. Deport Nancy to Mexico ASAP with the rest of the Democrats and watch Mexico say they don’t want them. Why should we??? Kick them out or put the in bracelets! G Bay for them all

  19. Is a BIG shift for USA bec. of DEMOCRATS STUPIDITY, Irrellivant, waste of tax dollars instead of helping the homeless, waste of time coz DEMOCRATS crave media attention on accusing Trump since Trump sit on the White House.
    then Trump will win 2nd term bec.
    Trump cares & loves the Americano & Americana( Red or yellow, black & White)

    Trump 2020❤❤❤

  20. A couple of great lines by Matt Gaetz:
    1. More tense than a meeting at Buckingham Palace!
    2. Adam Schiff: He’s covering stuff up faster than a cat in a litter box.

  21. What a waste of taxpayer dollars! What about the nation's infrastructure???

    Right Republicans????

    Just like the Obama impeachment attempt 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    What a bunch short memory idiocy 🤪🤪🤪🤪

  22. You guys… okay fine… we know President Trump will be fine… what the people want more than anything is fairness… the people want an end to corruption… not just the elected but the career cronies who are successfully blocking justice for Americans… when is that going to change? Eff the infrastructure if this does not get fixed… before they ruin America's chances of credibility… let's look under the rug… why not? We are adults and we want the truth… nuff said… stop spending money you don't have by the way!

  23. I want to know what's happening with Atkinson. I believe that he and Chickenschiff alone fabricated the ridiculous whistleblower fiction. I hope Atkinson makes a deal, total immunity for the weasel for ratting out the snake.
    Fix the title. We don't want pedants from The Low thinking you're a serial '-abuser.

  24. how did I stumble upon this ?! …FOX NEWS is ..trash . My political professor tricked me …I got TRICKED . FOX NEWS viewer believers are trash 🗑 too !
    ## U of Miami student witnessing ridiculousness from FOX SAKE NEWS

  25. None of the democrats witnesses had any relevant testimony either. When has that ever mattered to Bull Schiff? I think we all know what he's afraid of. Too many hands in too many pockets.

  26. My guess is there are a lot more sons involved in this one, and it goes much further than the sons! Biden, Clinton’s daughter Pelosi and Kerry’s son along with who other politicians kid, republican or Democrat ???

  27. The silliest part of the entire "impeachment process" is that a sitting
    president, duly elected by voters in 2016, is being accused of doing the
    very thing the then Vice President of the Unites States Joe Biden is
    captured on video tape bragging about – withholding finacial aid to
    accomplish a politically driven objective. V.P. Biden threatened to
    withhold military aid to stop a corruption investigation involving him,
    Hillary Clinton and the current – at the time – Obama administration,
    during the 2016 presidential election race.



  30. Somebody's playing Scrabble more than once a week. I had to look that one up and I'm a word nerd.

    Definition of "dispositively"
    : as a possibility : in respect to a tendency or to a future eventuality

  31. Should scare America straight that Fancy Nancy pants who loves Polansky is third in line to be president with that don't scare you straight well then you are Beyond help

  32. Because putting a woman in a White House trying to impeach the president will not work because a woman thinks with her emotions and that's common sense

  33. biden is seen clearly no deep fake that if you do not fire the prosicutor i will with hold 1 billion dollars in blankets and mre's

  34. Trump bribes Ukraine with Military aid to cheat in the election. Trump's starting a war with Iran to distract from impeachment.

  35. Schiff for brains referring to something as a sham trial after that impeachment farce he ran………Now that's rich. 😂😂😂😂😂 what a twatwaffle.

  36. The Bidens weren't involved in Trump's impeachable offenses. Their only involvement is in a crazy old man's bizarre fantasies. What are they going to testify to, yup, that's my name that Trump was using during coercing a foreign leader to smear a US citizen whom he's jealous of because he makes more money than him, which according to his NY taxes is like $300K/yr. I can see why Trump is so butthurt about it.

  37. Do not EVER think Nancy is "miscalculating".

    In a very short time, we're going to see how this timing works out in her favor…

  38. The Bidens weren't involved in Trump's impeachable offenses. Their only involvement is in a crazy old man's bizarre fantasies. What are they going to testify to, yup, that's my name that Trump was using during coercing a foreign leader to smear a US citizen whom he's jealous of because he makes more money than him, which according to his NY taxes is like $300K/yr. I can see why Trump is so butthurt about it. And newsflash to dumb people; Hunter wasn't paid to be on a board, he was paid for "consulting services. Where's the paperwork from Burisma saying he was paid $83K to be a board member? Were they paying him the same amount twice, is that how it worked? Do Republicans even know how to use Google? Hunter's qualifications are irrelevant because he did it for free, unless you can prove otherwise, which we both know you can't or you already would have. It's just hot air out of ignorant mouths, that's all you got.

  39. Why would anyone in this world believe Adam Schiff or Nancy Pelosi as all they have done is lie to American people. Go Trump in 2020. Biden is a crook.

  40. Unreal schiff says no factual basis for bidens to testify,,joe biden is on camera committing a quid pro quo ,,,schiff is a liar,biden needs to be indicted for the crime

  41. You can’t called Adam Schiff to testify because he’s such a freaking LIAR 🤥 He should get the 2019 liar award for misleading the American People.

  42. SCHIFF is trying real hard to protect the money laundering operation
    The DEMONS have been running with the Ukraine over the last decade . . . .

  43. Trump asked a foreign government to help him win an election, that is illegal without quid pro quo. The Biden's are irrelevant, they were not involved in Trump using a foreign government to win an election. If the Biden's broke the law its up to the attorney general or other law enforcement to pursue that NOT Trump. Trump wanted the drama, just like he wanted the drama on the border… noticed no wall has been built and yet no more border issues. It was all drama created by Trump. Wait until the spring and the border will become a big issue again…TRUMP IS SCAMMING THE AMERICA PEOPLE.

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