27 thoughts on “G1 CLIMAX 28 Night7 (July 22) – Post-match Interview [9th match]

  1. I'd like to think that the 'Poison' Tanahashi was referring to, was the part of Page that killed Joey Ryan. (Allegedly)

  2. Even in defeat, Hangman Page is still one of the best performers in the G1 Tournament and I think he can win the next couple of matches to stay in the mix.

    Hangman Page vs. Jay White is the match I am looking forward to as the G1 progresses each night.

  3. Oh shit… Tanahashi training Page as his successor or some sort of apprentice would be an AMAZING story. I hope this isn't just a one off thing for this promo.

  4. I hope Tanahashi's promo isn't just some bullshit he said that won't happen. Imagine Tana training Page. Holy cow!

  5. Im starting to become a huge Page fan. He has so much potential and hes finally coming into his own and not judt the BC goon who never gets the title. Hangman is coming

  6. I am Japanese wrestling fan. I think Page become big star in this wrestling business. Page have potential. No Omega, No Cody, Only Page is future icon.

  7. I like the fact that Page was surprised that Tanahashi, who constantly uses the dragon screw, went after his leg 😂😂

  8. Is it bizarre I could imagine a BTE episode where Tana performs an exorcism on Page making a new babyface Adam Page who signs full time for NJPW instead of RoH.

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