Everytime the Boogeyman Has Returned to WWE

Everytime the Boogeyman Has Returned to WWE

– [Zach] While he may not
be your typical wrestler, the Boogeyman definitely
stands out from the crowd. He was released from WWE in 2009, but he still finds ways
to show up now and again. Let’s go through every surprise appearance from the eater of worms. The first time we had seen the Boogeyman since leaving WWE was in December of 2012. During the Slammy Awards,
Booker T was presenting the Tell Me I Did Not Just See That Moment of the Year Award. After showcasing the nominations, the lights went red, fog began to form, and Boogeyman’s entrance
music started playing. Then, from behind the Titantron, the monster himself came crawling out. Once Boogeyman got to his feet, he grabbed the iconic alarm clock and smashed it over his head. He continued to move
around amongst the fog and he even pulled out some worms before the show went to commercial break. When Raw came back, Boogeyman was gone and Booker T continued with the award. The face-painted monster
didn’t do a whole lot here, but it was cool to see him, his entrance, and hear his music once again, especially since it had
been over three years since we had last seen him. A little over two years after that and we’d see the
Boogeyman back in the WWE. During the 2015 Royal Rumble match, Bray Wyatt was dominating early on. By the time entry number
seven was about to come out, Wyatt was all alone in the ring. Luckily, the Boogeyman showed
up to keep him company. Just like before, Boogeyman crawled out and slammed an alarm clock over his head. After rolling into the ring, Bray Wyatt and the Boogeyman stared each other down. Not wanting to be showed
up, the Eater of Worlds bent over and started
crawling on all fours. Unfortunately, for the Boogeyman, it was all downhill from there. The worm-eating wrestler
came running towards Wyatt, only to get knocked
down with a clothesline. And after that, all it
took was one strong throw and Boogeyman was sent over the top rope and eliminated from the match. This was a fun appearance, but I wish Boogeyman did just a bit more. It was also a shame that there was no fog during his entrance, but at least we got to see
a bit of in-ring action. Fast forward another three years and our favorite muscle monster returned. Specificity, he showed up on
the 25th anniversary of Raw. Early on in the show, Kurt
Angle appeared backstage. A whole group of WWE legends and Hall of Famers come into his office, when all of a sudden
the Boogeyman showed up. He gave everyone a creepy stare while chowing down on some worms. Being the nice guy that he is, he shared a few with Jonathan
Coachman before heading out. No in-ring action this time around, but for what it was,
I thought it was okay. It didn’t take too long for
Boogeyman to show up again, as his most recent appearance
happened on the Raw Reunion. Shortly after winning
the 24/7 championship, Drake Maverick rang into the locker room and was about to leave, only to discover worms in his suitcase. Immediately after the realization, Boogeyman’s music started playing, followed by an appearance
from the man himself. Boogeyman went on to say
his signature phrase. – I’m the Boogeyman.
(Drake yells) And I’m coming to get ya.
– No, no, no no! – [Zach] Which sent Drake
Maverick running away terrified. In the chaos, the general
manager of 205 Live tripped and fell down. With the 24/7 champion on the
ground, Pat Paterson came in and used the opportunity to
win the title and ran off. Unfortunately, the Boogeyman just kinda disappeared after that. He did make one more appearance
at the end of the show. All of the legends got on stage and eventually, inside
the ring for a toast, and the Boogeyman was one of them Unfortunately, no one
supplied any worms for him. Which appearance was your favorite? Share your answer in the comments and if you wanna relive
the Boogeyman’s first and last matches in WWE,
check out the video on screen. I’m Zach from Tap Out
Corner and take it easy. (upbeat rock music)

66 thoughts on “Everytime the Boogeyman Has Returned to WWE

  1. Happy October! Which appearance was your favorite? For me, it was probably Royal Rumble 2015 just because we got to see Boogeyman and Bray Wyatt face off.

  2. Boogeyman was always one of my favorites, we still will probably see him around because of his Legends contract but I wish we could see him wrestle more

  3. My favorite was his recent appearance having a beer with stone cold
    Like for boogeyman in the future hall of fame

  4. They need to push more guys like these. Not necessarily this kinda gimmick but at least something more interesting than just a dude in underwear

  5. Man boogeyman could of been a big star in wwe he was one of my favorite characters I wish he could come back for one more run

  6. Becoz of cry baby audiences…boggieman was not given a contract…as other website suggests that kids were very scared.

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