Everything you need to know before tonight’s Raw: Oct. 7, 2019

Everything you need to know before tonight’s Raw: Oct. 7, 2019

88 thoughts on “Everything you need to know before tonight’s Raw: Oct. 7, 2019

  1. AEW 7:00-8:00 pm only on TNT
    NXT 7:00-8:00 pm on USA network
    Lucha libre AAA todos los viernes a las 3:00-4:00 pm por azteca 7

  2. Seth getting booed. You people suck!! AEW sucks. Kofi loses the title In 9 seconds… knowing it’s a storyline. It’s not Kofi fault. He is on contract. He has to follow rules. Shame on the people who writes the script. I just watch and shake my head if it’s something I don’t like. Maybe they bring in Stonecold and The Rock to help with ratings some.

  3. Sorry im not got good at english) What if seth rollins has let the fiend in.
    A german wrestler (thumbtack jack) noticed that at the point when rollins stars to attack the fiend with chairs and sledgehammers rollins not tries to
    cover him anymore and wyatt just lays there all the time without moving. So what if the fiend is a demon or something that is allowed to go in other bodies and controll them if they let him in. At a WWE Main Event Show tue fiend loses to seth because he didnt stopped to attack him he was disqualefied because the fiend dont cares about titles or something he just wants to destroy. Dave Meltzer said that wwe wants bray first as a heel and than as a face, what if at the end the fiend goes into the Body of seth rollins and bray has to defeat him. At last i wanna say that the end of hell in a cell was not a Disqualifikation it was like in ufc or something when you cant defend yourself anymore you lose.

  4. The only thing dropping on tonight's show is ratings. Once again the focus is on some side show with a boxer and not on the UC angle. Oh, wait. They have made every belt irrelevant except the women. Just watch the last 3 minutes of HIAC. That's the best the creative team can up with? A DQ in a no-DQ match. Two nights before Brock Lesnar literally threw Kofi out of the Staples Center before winning the HC. The 3 hour show tonight will be 2 hours of commercial breaks during live matches. Thank God Monday Night Football is on and MLB playoffs are on. At least they wait until there is a timeout or between innings for commercial breaks. Can you imagine waiting until a true break in the action to have commercials play. Will they even touch how bad the PPV was or sweap it under the rug and act like it never happened. Why not promote infidelity instead. That's original.

  5. They didn’t even say anything about it at all usually raw after a ppv they talk about the main event of the ppv 😂 trying to avoid getting booed ..

  6. My prediction for raw:
    1: They gonna chant vince f***ed up

    2: they gonna boo Seth

    3:Cain Velasquez comes out and fans will be happy

    4: The fiend will attack Seth during a match

    5: idk what else

  7. If wwe really wants to make the Fiend feel special again after what they did last night… have the fiend attack Becky Lynch in retaliation for what Seth did to him at HIAC. Imagine the crowd pop… it would be brutal but glorious.

  8. My prediction for what will really happen on raw
    Fans chant VINCE FU*KED UP
    r truth comes out everyone is happy
    Fiend comes out everyone pissed again
    Fiend might attack truth people be pissed
    Me O I'll be watching the highlights lol

  9. RAW started with no reference to last Night HIAC SHAME! NO RECAP ,NOBODY MENTIONED ROLLINS OR THE FIND YET! SHAME!

  10. I think the only way Vince will listen to us is if we get past security one day, collapse the ring and beat up Micheal Cole….

  11. #1 Is the Ref can call a match in Hell in a Cell which is supposed to be the most brutal match to settle any dispute. Hell in a Cell is a joke of a match.

  12. I’d like to see how many whiny children are “hate watching” raw tonight thinking that if they spam some other company that they’ll be heard.

  13. "Hell in a cell is on the books, and all of the fallout begings tonight on the red brand" . Yeah, hold on to that thought..😂

  14. They were smart not to include Rollins in this episode. They must’ve knew he would’ve gotten it worst than Reigns after WM 33

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