Dragon Lee names his next challenger, and El Phantasmo sends a message of his own!

Dragon Lee names his next challenger, and El Phantasmo sends a message of his own!

60 thoughts on “Dragon Lee names his next challenger, and El Phantasmo sends a message of his own!

  1. バレットクラブだけど相手の事をリスペクトする辺り好きだなあ石森

  2. 今回のスーパージュニアは 優勝候補 ドラゴン・リー 石森 エルファンタズモ オスプレイ デスペラードだな 高橋ヒロムを期待している自分がいます。

  3. welcome to bullet club EL phantasmo you did your job you take what you want BULLET CLUB will reign again in new japan it be just TOO SWEET

  4. Anyone told Dragón, to he can't choice his next challenger after a Tournament was very soon??

  5. You have to wonder what David Starr must be thinking this changes the complexity of the upcoming first time ever ladder match in rev pro for undisputed British cruiserweight champion is undisputed British cruiserweight title coming to Bullet Club?

  6. no more Mr. Nice guy

  7. Ospreay wants El Phantasmo's sweet Canadian ass?
    I'm fine if Dragon Lee doesn't drop the title until Hiromu comes back… but I want it to STAY with Ishimori in the long run. IT'S… REBORN!

  8. Junior heavyweight.
    Bright lights jacket
    "No more Mr Nice Guy"

    All about this guy screams OG Finn Balor aka Prince Devitt.

  9. Dragon Lee. You should not ignore Bone Soldier like that. You must give opportunities to all juniors. And you can't pick them. The office handles it.

  10. Desperado vs Dragon Lee was one of the best matches from BOSJ's last year.

    I like the bitterness from Ishimori about being overlooked for Hiromu. Might be something to put in our back pockets for the future.

  11. なんかバレットクラブどんどんメンバー増えてきたな

  12. It's fitting ELP went from Defiant Wrestling to being a "defiant" wrestler in NJPW via the Bullet Club.

  13. I just finished watching the match. I didn’t want to look up El Phantasmo until I saw him in this match. He’s great and new in the ring to me. But I loved his attitude the most. I can see the Devitt comparisons. The attitude, the swearing, the look. That’s what took me the most though. His attitude. His antics during and after he won were Bullet Club to me. I liked him in the ring but his attitude is great for Bullet Club. No more Mr. Nice Guy. I’ve heard that before. I want to see him team up with Tama or Switchblade so they can put him over as well in these backstage promos.
    But now wow we got a lot of members in Bullet Club! And on Tuesday we find out who’s in what block for the best of the Super Jrs. Damn it’s gonna be great. Also we’re gonna have either El Phantasmo vs Bone Soldier or vs The Sniper In The Skies. Or Bone Soldier vs Robbie. Shit is crazy.

  14. no more Mr. nice guy発言といい、あの光るジャケットといい、なんかデヴィットに似てる気がするなぁ。

  15. クールに入場して自分のプロレスで沸かせて

  16. I like what I have seen from El Phantasmo in his debut match. Cannot wait to see how he will do in the Best of the Super Juniors tournament.

  17. ファンタズモの光るジャケットはデヴィッドリスペクトじゃなくてジェリコリスペクトだと思ってたわ

  18. Phantasmo is like the Anti-Ospreay in this match. As if Ospreay is fighting someone with someone that fights like him but much dirtier. BOSJ 26 will be really interesting.

  19. Phantasmo I need to see more, but he has some talent & I see that, plus an attitude, lol. Dragon Lee & Ishimori killed it night 1

  20. Phantasmo pulling a Canadian Finn Balor.

    Really excited to see the feud between him and Will Ospraey. The Junior Heavy Weights are always kick ass to watch!

    Also BUSHI has the best theme, imho.

  21. エルファンタズモ、確かにいいレスラーでも本当に推すべきはイシモ・リー

  22. Good intro match in NJPW for ELP, enjoying the new heel image, will be some excellent matches in G1, looking forward to it.

  23. ¿¿Are you Serious?? El Desperado??? OMG!!

    BTW, Welcome to the REAL Bullet Club Phantasmo!! 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

  24. エルファンタズモ

  25. 3 Juniors in BC Robbie Eagles, EL Phantasmo and Taiji Ishimori. Junior Heavy and Junior Tag Team Titles coming to BC soon.

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