COVID-19 cases in military quadruple in less than a week

COVID-19 cases in military quadruple in less than a week

100 thoughts on “COVID-19 cases in military quadruple in less than a week

  1. Wow that captain should be relieved for letting the sailors get off the ship in Vietnam 3 of them effected 24 three days ago 24 effect how many. If a radar specialist contaminated his whole team now what. There not all radar specialists on a ship

  2. What is going on with the Harvard professor that was arrested last month for collaborating with that same Wuhan research lab ?
    As we see , a long incubation period that exist in the respiratory system early on and with little to no symptoms makes a very good terror weapon , it doesn’t even have to have a very high mortality rate to be very effective.
    Especially on so called , “ free societies “ where it is very difficult to control the general population.

  3. Jesus set the captives free! Be a warrior for the gospel of Jesus Christ in love, truth and peace with God forever.

  4. China virus we lost 16 trillion and thousand plus life and freedom
    Because trump underestimate the China bio weapon

  5. Is America ever prepared for anything,? ever,? World Trade Center, Sars, Avian Flu, Hong Kong Flu, Corona Virus,? Never prepared, how come. Oh, and our Hospitals, never ever prepared, how come. Lest we forget Hurricane Katrina, what a mess New Orleans became, and not a drop of emergency supplies, nothing, not prepared, how come. We let disease ridden foreign dirt bags in this country through our air ports and do no quarantine what so ever, how come? . America, wake up, there's more to come and we better wake up.

  6. The US, today, leads the world in number of covid cases. OVER 82,000!!! with 1,200 dead! That's more cases than China had! …. oh, but lets focus on the economy …. it's not that bad, right Donny??

  7. what if china attack us at south china sea or invade taiwan at this Time? Xi Jinping is crazy man could do everything you could not image!!

  8. Covid 19 is brutally exposing the weakest countries on the planet. US now has the most cases. In order to restore strength it’s science!

  9. It’s a shame we have trump as the president. So many more people will die because he spent so much time downplaying this virus instead of listening to his advisors earlier on. We knew about this threat at the same time as South Korea, Japan, so on. Remember when it was a democrat hoax?? And now as we have skyrocketed to the most cases of any country in the world, yet he’s still hoping to get everyone back to work by Easter! Even without that happening, we will all but definitely be double the amount of cases as any other nation on earth very soon ..that will tell it all right there. He needs to stop trying to negotiate with science! It doesn’t work that way. Sorry if I offend anyone, but you won’t hear the full story if you only watch fox. Be safe, be strong everyone. We can get through this together. We are strong.

  10. USA now the epicenter of the virus overtaken China. so don't bring them back here safer out at sea fox news 4 weeks ago its all a joke trump it will blow over it's his hunch

  11. I think the Chinese are counting on this and when our military is down and our hospital systems go down and our economy starts to crash I wouldn’t put it past him to drop a nuke on Washington and be done with the United States

  12. Wow not the no..I am beginning to wonder if this virus is an biological weapon or something? Well I am sure our country will overcome all of this..pray people we are a strong nation and we shall overcome.

  13. The more people are tested, the less deadly the virus becomes. Simple statistics done correctly unlike those of the WHO

  14. Oh NOOOOO,,, 280 service members out of 1.5 million now have a cold…. the world is coming to an END. Perhaps we should just surrender. Has everybody lost their minds? This is nuts. Fundamentally changing America. Humm where have I heard that phrase before?

  15. This seems like a strategic attack. We were flaunting our big D by flying our fighters fragged close to red borders so they made us go limp. Take out the economy, healthcare and strategic military components then move in as saviors of a situation they created and manipulated turning civilians against their own flag..

  16. Why would we report about infections in the military. That's just stupid. No one needs to know this, moreover no one especially our "enemies".

  17. This is exactly why the Red Chinese government released this virus….i personally believe the chinese are going to attack.

  18. Donald trumps best achievement so far: he actually made the US the Number one, the best of all, the most infected country in the world….. more than China, more than Italy..soon more than other galaxies….thank you, you piece of crap!
    And no the subsequent hunger will rid of the survivors….

  19. Deaths USA 1184 As Of Today
    Canada 35 x 10 = 350 Canada Pop.1/10th of USA
    90% of Canadians live within 100 mi of the
    border. Trump is responsible for this.

  20. Yes, panic and start letting this bull sh!t lie begin to effect our military operations too – because destroying the economy and sending civies into a panic is not enough!!

  21. Our prayers our with you Veterans ☮️🇲🇾💐🌹🌷🇱🇷❤️❤️❤️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️praying for you!!!

  22. They are not telling secrets , this was inevitable , I have been expecting this and if you have paid any attention you would have as well.

  23. Come on everybody you all know whos true fault this is. tRumps so worried about his election he did not take the virus serious and now our navy is comprised SAD.

  24. The U.N., China, Russia, North Korea, Iran, are all waiting with baited breath, ravening wolves licking their chops. I can't see a storm cloud in the sky, but I can sure smell the rain.

  25. Good thing we have 11 of them suckers… Not as big a deal as people think. We have 21 if you include non-nuclear


  27. That's because you, fox news, and your orange idiot Boi president, has convinced your followers that they are immune(they are not) plus none of you assholes are taking this seriously which is KILLING YOUR OWN PEOPLE…

  28. So many people here saying its a biological attack. Guys, get real here. If it was a biological weapon, it would be way more deadly and would have started in Shanghai or Beijing to spread faster(Shanghai is a massive city of more than 24 million people and Beijing is a massive capital of over 20 million) Also, its being proved months ago that the virus jumped from a bat to a pangolin to a Human, and that it was not a biological weapon or another virus that mutated. And no, its not just China thats saying it: Europe and the WHO are too. The thing is, the virus is very contagious, even more so than the common flu, and is about 17 times more deadly (the flu kills about 0,2% of infected and Covid-19 kills about 3.5% of infected)

    Conspiraty theories wont help anybody while NYC hospitals are at their breaking point.

  29. Faux News strikes again. NWO AGENDA MUCH? SPREAD THE PANIC! Soo how many deaths from the flu this year!? Losers. You expose yourselves for the RATS YOU ARE! Tucker…your still the man…they will probably fire you soon.

  30. Trump : nahh it is just a FLU FLU FLUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU. Worst president ever. America need a real man as president, not a casino gambler.

  31. Any institution will have problems like this. Why do you think they shave their heads of hair. Close quarters. Democrats brought that virus here. A-holes practically live in China.

  32. Wow of course! they need to get someone back out there to watch China… why are you publicizing this..? What if China tries to attack us! Disinfect the dam ship!! Virus chills on crap for over 17 days in some cases!!

  33. Omg this Is all bull. Recalling ships to control ports and shipping military hardware all over the United states. Grey state here we come.

  34. Fire all the US commanders who allowed the ships to go to Da Nang, Viet Nam, allowed many officers to go on tours at Da Nang, Hue, Viet Nam and eat local Vietnamese foods ,Vietnamese baguette sandwiches, amid the corona pandemic. So many Chinese people from Wuhan and other towns not that far away, flood to Viet Nam due to corona and ran away and hid in Viet Nam. What a reckless and stupid US military !! They were stupid THEN and they are stupid NOW! They had badly betrayed their very good friend and ally: The South Vietnamese government and The South Vietnamese people. and now are trying to hypocritically making friend with their enemy, the Viet Cong , Vietnamese communist who killed 58,000 of US soldiers and service individuals !! All the Viet cong need is money from the US. If they are good friends they would suggest the Us Navy Carrier to wait for a better time to visit Viet Nam and NOT to eat Vietnamese food in the local town at Da Nang and Hue, Viet Nam at this time !!!.

  35. So what? Was this unexpected? When you quarantine hundreds of service personnel, where do they go?
    I would like to see the media step back from the precipice they've created in this matter. Take a deep breath, and stop beating the public over the head with meaningless information.

  36. The Roosevelt can be cleaned, made ready and depart for it's next station in less than a week. It will not languish in port like the cruise ships.

  37. Hey people are you that stupid to announce to the world that our military is now weakened by the virus??? Don’t you think some country would want to take it vantage of that you’re keeping us really safe duh!

  38. Stop worrying about the news reporting the “weakness of our military “ You realize it’s 1/3 that are public. A carrier of sick soldiers comes nowhere close to weakening the US military, we could still launch a ground, air or sea invasion like the world has never seen by morning if need be.

  39. The military has a problem. It depends on a continuous stream of thousands of new recruits to replace those leaving. Recruits are crowded close together in barracks and stand in tight queues, e.g. the chow line is "nuts to butts." And it goes on after boot camp. Aboard ships and especially in submarines, living quarters are cramped. Once corona gets going, it's going to infect them ALL. Brace for impact.

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