CGR Undertow – WWE 2K14 review for PlayStation 3

CGR Undertow – WWE 2K14 review for PlayStation 3

You can look at this game three different
ways. First, how f*cking dare you play CM Punk’s theme to a picture of The Rock? F*ck
you, WWE 2K14. Sorry about that. And secondly, you could look at this like, “Eh, it’s
fun, but…there are some pretty serious flaws, too, and the commentary and the audio sucks.
Blah, blah, blah, video game criticism.” Or…you could look at this like a toy box.
If, like…back when you went to college, your mom didn’t have that yard sale. The
one that took your Ric Flair and Randy Savage action figures, and future endeavor’d them.
To that…ungrateful little sh*t from down the street. And to me, that’s what this game is. Yeah,
it’s a cool wrestling game, I guess. But more importantly, this is a collection of
memories. And even more importantly, it’s an interactive collection of memories. Hence
the toy box. With WWE 2K14, you can pick up all those childhood moments…and actually
play with them. Don’t…keep ‘em in the box. Are you crazy? You don’t keep the Nature
Boy in a box. Yeah, yeah. I know. I just reviewed the Xbox
360 version…of WWE 2K14. Here’s the deal, you guys. I dig wrestling. When a wrestling
game ends up on my desk, I’m not gonna not play it. You kiddin’ me? That’d be the
worst attitude ever, to have. So here we are. I’m reviewing the PS3 version of WWE 2K14,
and obviously, it’s pretty much identical to the other one. We could probably end it there, but…the
Hitman’s not done yet. So in our other review of this game, we talked
a lot about one of the modes specifically. It’s the 30 Years of WrestleMania mode.
And it’s basically…it gives you a ton of matches from previous WrestleManias, and
you get to actually play through them. And it’s awesome, it’s definitely the highlight
of the game. But there’s another WrestleMania mode, based on The Streak. It lets you either defend the Undertaker’s
undefeated streak at WrestleMania, by beating a gauntlet of wrestlers…or you can try to
end the streak. Speaking of which…spoiler alert, for WrestleMania 30. The Dead Man’s
gonna learn not to hinder Jinder. Jinder Mahal beats the Undertaker, celebrates. You know, it’s a cool mode, but…I do feel
like they could’ve done more with it. Instead of the gauntlet, it’d be a lot cooler if
you had to go through time and beat the actual opponents, at the actual WrestleManias where
the match went down. Something more historical, instead of this glorified endurance test.
But still, it’s a lot of fun, and it’s a cool supplemental mode. And I didn’t mention this in the Xbox review,
but…a game like this really makes me hate this modern trend of everything being DLC.
I’m sorry, but it’s total bullshit that you drop 60 bucks on a WWE game and you don’t
get Fandango, or Summer Rae, or Big E Langston…and the nWo, for that matter. It’s a game that
celebrates the past, but you have to pay extra for one of the most popular factions in the
history of the business. I mean, DLC can be cool, but…for things
like that, it kind of irritates me. You’re paying for things you should already have.
You know, but virtue of spending 60 freaking dollars. Anyway, I’m not gonna go too much into the
gameplay…I’d basically be repeating the same things I said in the Xbox review. So
watch that, for more. But generally, if I’m complaining about anything with this game…it’s
really a couple things. One, it does get a little annoying, the focus on counter attacks.
The gameplay just feels like a long quick-time event, sometimes. Two, the gameplay could definitely be simplified
a bit, for my tastes. It’s still good, and it’s definitely fun…but there’s a lot
to learn. That learning curve is steeper than it has to be. And three…the game could use some polish.
There are definitely issues with things like glitches, and collision detection…especially
when you put together your own Money In The Bank match. All the bodies and ladders…things
get strange, sometimes. Then again, I’ve got…Dolph Ziggler, Ricky “The Dragon”
Steamboat, Chris Jericho, Shawn Michaels and Edge…in the
same freaking ladder match. Can you imagine how awesome that would’ve
been? Actually, you know what? You don’t have
to. Because with this game, you can see for yourself. WWE 2K14 isn’t perfect, but it’s
a terrific reminder of all the reasons you love wrestling. And the moments that made
you love it. Check out our Xbox review for more, but…spoiler alert. I like wrestling, you guys. And I like WWE

26 thoughts on “CGR Undertow – WWE 2K14 review for PlayStation 3

  1. How i play the ladder match
    1. take the ladders with them to the stage
    3.drop them 
    4.get back 
    5.let the carnage begin!!

  2. The problem with the WWE games is that it's been near enough the same game for 4+ years just with a few new wrestlers and a different story mode. Hopefully 2k15 will have something different.

  3. That's my problem with newer wrestling games compared to No Mercy on the 64, everybody in this game looks like they're flopping around like fish out of water.

  4. I still don't understand how 2K15 is coming out in October and we haven't seen a single snippet of gameplay. 

  5. I don't like how they keep changing the control schemes without an option to set it back. I really like the right stick grapples. Not a big fan of the counter system though.

  6. "a collection of memories" and that is why I still play this every once in a while. we all know coming in that this is just WWE 13 slowed down and with more legends, but what the heck.

  7. The other annoying thing I noticed. Was the universe mode likes freezing for some reason after awhile….and…they never addressed it. It's the one reason I don't play it, to this day, and I'm a rather huge wrestling fan. <—Doesn't bother me either that I like wrestling, and have since I was like 5-6 (Note: I'm 29 now)

  8. I agree that the game is too difficult even on easy.  Too many reversals!  They added a few things but I still think SVR 2010 is the most fun & overall best wrestling game I have played.  You can create 50 guys too add current stars.  Get it for $7 or so.

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