Big Show Returns | Brock Lesnar Enters Royal Rumble | WWE Raw 1/6/20 Full Show Review & Results

Big Show Returns | Brock Lesnar Enters Royal Rumble | WWE Raw 1/6/20 Full Show Review & Results

for over 25 years
school 25 years or the reason for success of course that we change with
the times change I made a change change you know just that do you know the time
you change for the time and this plate just like one knows brilliance
brilliance it’s like one man’s creativity
creativity one man’s vision she can do it all by myself anymore no you can’t
Vince you can’t do it by yourself Stephanie yes he said very carefully we’ve been
doing a very good job for you lately really now Stephanie geeze an absentee
management are over as of now the four bus will be taking back Monday Night Raw because the four of us are personally
responsible to ensuring that all of you but the best possible experience that
there is our superstars and all of you empower us importantly we’re gonna give
you what you want see new faces new superstars magic
matchups as of now you are the authority so what you don’t want and more what you
do WWE you will always be then now thank you ladies and gentlemen nearly two years
ago December 17th 2018 ladies and gentlemen vince mcmahon stephanie
mcmahon Triple H and Shane McMahon all came down to the ring and promised us
change promised us fresh faces fresh matchups
they said that we are going to be the authority and they’re going to give us
what we want ladies and gentlemen two years ago they
said this folks I’m still waiting for that change I’m still waiting for the
fresh matchups I’m still waiting for the fresh faces to appear on Monday Night
Raw ladies and gentlemen still waiting it’s fucking 2020 and they promised this
change two years ago and they absolutely fucking lied to us folks because two
years later Monday Night Raw continues to be the piss-poor show that it is
Monday Night Raw continues to be the most uncreated fucking show on the face
of this fucking planet Monday Night Raw continues to be a fucking joke folks tonight’s the first Monday Night Raw of
this new decade folks the new Monday Night Raw of 2020 ladies and gentlemen and I don’t even know where to start
ladies general I don’t I really don’t know where to start folks what I do know
what I do know ladies and gentlemen there is a lot of bad to talk about then
there is good folks that just seems to be a common thing on this show folks
let’s start with the fucking top fuck let’s start right at the top ladies and
gentlemen well your is it what year is it
in the 2005 it’s a 2006 it’s a 2007 now it’s 2014 20 ladies and gentlemen and
you mean to tell me that we waited three fucking hours to see a mystery partner
to tina team up with kevin owens and Samoa Joe we waited three hours of
excitement folks a little bit of intrigue for three hours folks and you
mean to tell me that we get the Big Show returning folks the fucking Big Show
returning folks in 2000 and fucking 20 ladies and gentlemen the fucking Big
Show returns in 2002 20 ladies and gentleman we have the Big Show in the
middle or ring main eventing Monday Night Raw 2020 what a way to start the
fucking new decade with the fucking Big Show returning folks awesome folks we’ve
we’ve been asking for weeks we’ve been asking for weeks who is gonna be the
next opponent opponent for Brock Lesnar’s WWE Championship at the Royal
Rumble folks we true names out there like dramatic and tire we do names out
there like Kevin Owens we through names out there like ricochet we do names out
there like true McIntyre Alistair black now folks
neither of those men are gonna fight Brock Lester for the WWE Championship at
the Royal Rumble Brock Lester comes out tonight he comes out of hibernation
because this man’s been gone for fucking weeks holding the fucking WWE title
hostage he comes out he announces that he is entering the Royal Rumble match
and that he’s going to enter the Royal Rumble match number one you know why do
you guys know why because WWE and Vince McMahon feels that there is nobody on
that motherfucking roster worthy to get in the ring with Brock Lester to face
him for the WWE Championship ladies and gentlemen WWE just said fuck the Monday
Night Raw roster there are all pieces of shit and none of them are worthy to face
Brock Lesnar ladies and gentlemen folks I just don’t get this company I really
don’t I just don’t get this company they have a golden opportunity to create a
fucking superstar to slay the Beast at the Royal Rumble and they choose not to
they choose not to they put Brock Lester in the fucking Royal Rumble match what
does this mean is he defending the fucking WWE Championship in the Royal
Rumble like fucking Roman reigns did a couple
of fucking years ago who the fuck knows is reckless they’re gonna enter the
Royal Rumble match and win the Royal Rumble match folks because WWE just
doesn’t see anybody anybody on this roster that can fucking face him
everywhere humble folks are you fucking kidding me you can take my money if you
put room a guitar in there with Brock Lester I would love to see through
McIntyre claim or fucking Brock Lester to a fucking bolivian and take the WWE
title from him but is it gonna happen at the room Kevin Owens brockless will be a good
match ricochet versus Brock this will be another good match
Houston black versus Brock this will be another fucking good match but no WWE
promised us two fucking years ago that we were gonna have change on this show
that we were gonna have fresh matches ladies and gentlemen that we were gonna
have new faces on this ship what the fuck do we still have two years fucking
later ladies and gentlemen old faces old fucks coming back to returning in a WWE
and Brock Lester still being the WWE Champion ladies and gentlemen having the
WWE title hostage from every superstar on that roster folks where the fuck is
the change that Triple H and Vince Eggman and Stephanie McMahon and Shane
McMahon promised us two fucking years ago where is it I’m still waiting for it
folks I’m still waiting for it ladies and gentlemen what else did we get on
this piece for show folks outside of Andrade and Rey Mysterio putting on a
fucking classic for the United States title what else did we get on this
fucking show folks what else to start the new decade we got the street profits
versus OSI versus the Viking raiders for the meaningless tag team titles ladies
and gentlemen don’t give two fucks about this match because the titles shit the
titles are shit Charlotte Flair versus KFC Sarah Logan KFC Cheryl Logan folks
Sarah Logan I’d even know she was to implode to WWE folks I still didn’t know
she was employed with the fucking WWE Sarah KFC Logan folks true McIntyre
versus fucking no way Jose and their fuckin conga line folks alistair black
versus shelton benjamin a six-man tag match Steph Hall is in the AOP vs kevin
owens samoa joe and the fucking big show ladies and gentlemen Marlana and bobby lashley car beach aj
styles versus fucking Tazawa Erick Rowan versus another fucking jabra
folks mundane error all has not changed its 20/20 the first Monday Night Raw of
the decade the first Monday Night Raw of the year and Monday Night Raw continues
to be a fucking joke ladies outside of Rey Mysterio versus Andrade Seon Thomas
for the United States title the rest of the show was fucking utterly utterly
fucking boring I just don’t get this company ladies in general I don’t get
this company we have all these stars in the back that you could have picked to
team up with Samoa Joe and fucking Kevin Owens and we bring out the fucking Big
Show steal the spotlight go right ahead and steal the spotlight from a fucking
ricochet that wasn’t even on this fucking shell
tonight ladies and gentlemen that’s a fucking crime in itself you have one of
the best fucking rest is in the fucking world
fucking AJ Styles 2.0 and you don’t even give a match on Monday Night Raw
fucking absolute criminal ladies and gentleman then we get Brock lesner
return announcing he’s gonna be in the Royal Rumble because there’s nobody
fucking worthy enough to face him at the Royal Rumble folks what a fucking joke
this company is folks I think it was gonna come on after he was gonna get
interrupted by fucking drew McIntyre I thought I was gonna get interrupted by
Kevin Owens I thought he was gonna get a rant interrupted by Alistair black
challenging him at the Royal Rumble no we didn’t get any we didn’t get any we
get brought to us dancing the Royal Rumble match folks what an absolute joke
this company is absolute but if you guys like the beginning of this Monday Night
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and gentleman but enough of that let’s get into this Monday Night Raw review
folks we start the new decade off Legion Widow video package of last week’s
fucking disaster segment the worst segment in the history of the WWE folks
lana bobby lashley and Rousseff’s fucking wedding storyline bullshit right
off the bat we’re seeing this fucking video package and i’m like do we have to
start the show with this video package of last week’s lana and bobby lashley is
wedding my god I had nightmares for fucking a whole week about this fucking
segment here we go seeing this segment again just start the
fucking year awfully gentleman I wanted to take my remote control and slam it to
my fucking television when I saw this fucking goddamn clip again be in play
folks then we go to the show the show starts and the first thing we hear is
Brock Lester’s music I’m like okay Brock nice to see you let’s see what do we
gonna well let’s see what he’s gonna do who is gonna be announced to face him at
the Royal Rumble folks WWE Champion brockless 2 makes his way down to the
ring with Paul Heyman the crowd boos them and Heyman says well happy New Year
to you too bitches I absolutely laughed my ass off when Paul Heyman called the
fucking crowd fucking bitches Flo absolutely great Heyman says Brock wants
to kick off the new decade by making him because that’s what Brock Lester does he
makes history Heyman says that nobody on the Ross magda nor NXT roster is man
enough to step into the ring with Lesnar at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view Heyman
says Brock has conquered everyone in his path so far so he’s going to try
something new at the Royal Rumble Brock Lester will enter the Royal Rumble
elimination match as the first entrance Heyman says Brock will take the ring
first and he’ll be the last one standing in the ring at the end of the night he
says Brock will conquer the Royal Rumble and that’s a spoiler Heyman and Lesnar
head up the ramp ladies and gentleman so Brock Lester is
not gonna face anyone he’s not gonna face anyone he’s gonna
enter the Royal Rumble match number fucking one what a fucking joke Vince
McMahon basically said fuck everyone on the roster no one is gonna challenge
Brock less for the WWE title no one’s gonna get that spotlight to share the
ring with Brock less because there’s nobody worthy ladies and gentlemen Vince
McMahon has no faith in any fucking superstar on that roster nice job what a
fucking joke moving on Andrade seen Ami’s versus Rey
Mysterio folks this match was a great match it was a great match folks Raymond
hits the Canadian destroy and destroy your Raymond pains foot goes for the pin
for the three-count but Selena pulls on try his leg onto the rope as the ref
sees it he says this match must be restarted because there was a
three-count and fucking Andrade’s fucking foot was on the rope so they
fucking counted one two three San Ramos tier won the match but in doubtedly he
saw Andrade his fucking foot on the rope so he had to restart the fucking match
folks the bell rings again in the match is officially restarted ray goes off the
top rope but Selena pulls on Girardi out to ringside ray drives towards Andrade
but Andrade dranks it and catches ray current crashes right
into Salina rain looks remorseful and Andrade attacks him from behind then
takes ray back into the ring they seem to be some confusion between Ray Andrade
and the referee now the rep pulls ray out to ringside and pulls ray back into
the ring ray checks on Salina then he gets back into the ring as soon as ray
gets back in the ring Andrade kicks ray and hits a hammerlock
DDT for the three kind of folks this match was great but there was a lot of
confusion in this match folks far as where mr. your pains on Girardi he puts
his foot on the rope and then the referee restarts the fucking match then
Rey Mysterio runs into Selena Vega he goes back in the ring and then he comes
back out the ring to fucking help Selena Vega
I mean absolute confusion on dryness tsunamis actually went for the double
arm DDT and the referee fucking stopped him from doing it I guess they missed a
spot they missed their cue the referee said no you gotta go check on Louie
before you go first before you fucking in the match that’s exactly what
happened folks the referee stopped on Johnny tsunamis from hating this
hammerlock DDT and told ray Mysterio to go outside and check on Selena Vega are
you fucking kidding me who the fuck produced this fucking match
folks that was an absolute botch in the match folks besides that the match was
great but Andrade wins he is still your United States Champion folks after the
match Andrade rips raised mask off and gives it to Selena Vega at ringside so
apparently we’re gonna get a fucking mass versus hair versus hair match this
match has been rumored for fucking weeks we’re probably gonna get at the Royal
Rumble is not the roll room we’re gonna get at WrestleMania
moving on Kevin Owens Samoa Joe are backstage for an interview Owen says
that he and Joe don’t play well with others
but both both of them together but both of them together will Jill says that he
has a partner tonight for him and Owens to take on Steph falls in the a Oh penis
six-man tag match Joe won’t tell Owen who their partner is just tell Owen and
he tells always not to worry folks so then we’re in
we’re like who is it gonna be it’s gonna be seeing Punk it’s gonna be John
Morrison it’s gonna be fucking room an edge is it gonna be John Cena we’re all
sitting there and waiting so the fucking final hour the final minutes of money
never all so we can see who it is folks so we can see who it is moving on the
street profits versus the OC versus the Viking raiders for the fucking worthless
tag team titles ladies and gentlemen the Viking raiders retain their steer your
raw tag team champions do you fucking care ladies Jim these tactics has was so
fucking worthless that you could have got the fucking double is the demolition
versus fucking Legion of Doom versus the fucking Steiner Brothers versus the
fucking Hart Foundation and I still want to care about these fucking raw tag team
titles folks these tag team titles are absolutely we go backstage for an
interview with Samoa Joe Jill doesn’t want to reveal who the partner is yet
even den Steph and AOP are die even if deaf and ALP are dying to know
Owens tells Joe that he would also like to know because he has beef with a lot
of people around here Jill tells Owens he’ll show him and they walk away back
from the break Joe walks Owens to a room and tells him look inside Joe stops the
cameraman from being able to see in um see Owens looks so ins closes the door
and he looks happy with the choice of his mystery partner ladies and gentlemen
Mojo Riley approaches Erick Rowan backstage and he acts to see what is
covered in the cage Rowan says to go ahead but he can’t tell
anyone else mojo peeks under the sheet and he acts
her head hum he acts terrified he acts what the hell is wrong with Rowan mojo
runs off and Rowan smiles laced gentlemen at this point I don’t care
what is underneath air groans it’s fucking cage ladies Jim
I don’t care I don’t care anymore they absolutely wasted this storyline folks
absolutely waste this storyline AJ Styles versus our meaningless match
folks AJ Styles beats to sour who cares bobby lashley and fucking Alana come out
of the ring and the same wedding official from last week is in the ring
they say that last week’s ceremony was ruined they’re going to get married
right here right now the wedding officially gets right to the points and
precedes them as man and wife folks Lana kicks the official out of the ring
and she gets on the mic says she she says that this is supposed to be the
happiest day of her life but other people ruined it Lana and
lastly trash the fans and rusev now rusev appears on the big screen rusev is
standing in front of a beach sitting on a green screen rusev says they think
everyone else is miserable miserable miserable but it seems like Lana and
lastly are the most miserable people in the arena rusev says he forgot to give
them a wedding present so he put together a wedding fucking album l’chaim
this fucking storyline could get kidding any fucking worse we see a video
highlight package of them all ruined wedding ceremony last week Lana screams
and rusev and tells him how much she hates him for ruining everything
Lana tales lashley tells Lana to shut up and he calls out rusev lastly says if
rusev has any balls left heel should show up next week on Monday Night Raw
so last you can rip them off and shove them down his throat rusev says he will
return next week but he will return by no one doing
I’m breakable things to Lashley folks he’s gonna do unbreakable things to
bobby lashley folks do you fucking care about bobby lashley versus rusev next
week ladies gentlemen do you fucking care the answer is absolutely no they
have to end this fucking storyline what is the cliffhanger what the fuck is the
cliffhanger to this fucking show – this fucking storyline folks
somebody answer me this question comment section folks if you know what the
cliffhanger is please let me know in the comment section down below lace Jim
Charlotte Flair versus Sarah Logan – a no contest do you care
the answer is no true magnet a versus no way Jose do you care the answer is no to
my catarrh wins claymores fucking no way Jose his fucking head into the fucking
temper Oh Alistar black black mass Shelton
Benjamin’s head to the fucking temper Oh I was the black twins – meaningless
matches and the main event of the show Steph Rollins and ALP versus Kevin Owens
Samoa Joe and the returning fucking Big Show listen gentlemen what a fucking
absolute fucking joke please Jenna Kevin Owens Samoa joined the Big Show win the
match folks it’s 2020 we have the fucking Big Show in the main event of
money they’re all folks that doesn’t tell you how fucked up Monday Night Raw
is I don’t know what to tell you folks I don’t everybody talk but that’s all I
got ladies and gentlemen if you guys like the video hit that like button
subscribe to channel don’t forget to hit that Bell for all notification when I
upload a video and I will see you guys next time thing you guys so much

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  2. After tonight, this just goes to show that this entire company is Absolutely Fucking Clueless. The FUCKING BIG SHOW was a indication of that. And Brock Lesner as WWE champion entering the Royal Rumble and breaking the Tradition of the match because wwe have no Fucking plans. #FUCKTHISCOMPANY

  3. Raw was a waste of everyone time. Aew & nxt was laughing thwor paints off at raw when they saw the big show.

  4. The big show
    The big show
    Main event Monday night raw in 2020 holy shit the last thing we need I big show main event Monday night raw 😠😠😠

  5. Every single time Brock shows up he is paid almost half a million. He comes stands in the ring and leaves. To announce what Brock was going to do at the PPV, they could have just had Paul Heyman come out and say it. What an absolute waste of time and money !!!

  6. Now if only AEW NJPW and TNA combined forces to destroy Monday night raw and Friday night suckdown it would be beautiful. So many endless possibilities. Idk why willow the wisp comes to mind in particular with AEW lol but if the fiend was in AEW and they book the fiend and willow in the wisp would be epic lol

  7. How can Brock Lesnar be in the Royal Rumble Match if he is the wwe champion!!? Are we back in year 1989 or something when the rumble wasn't about the championship? The rumble is supposed to be about a wrestler earning a title shot at wrestlemania. Even if brock were to put the title on the line in the rumble match like Roman Reigns did in 2016 it still doesn't make sense. I know brock probably won't win but if he did win what would happen then? Would he just challenge for the Universal championship and try to become Brock Two Belts? Sure wouldn't want to see that! I just think it's yet another dumb idea from Vince McMahon!

  8. 21:17

    Actually, I’d label this as Andrade (c) vs Rey Mysterio in a Title versus Mask match for the United States Championship at the Royal Rumble with the following stipulations:

    1. If Rey loses, he must unmask indefinitely

    2. Andrade can lose the title via a count out or disqualification

    3. Zelina Vega is banned from ringside

    4. If Zelina Vega disregards her ban from ringside, Andrade will immediately lose the title

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