Beyond Dragon Ball Super: Gogeta Vs Vegito Rematch! Unlimited Power And An Unexpected Finale Twist!

Beyond Dragon Ball Super: Gogeta Vs Vegito Rematch! Unlimited Power And An Unexpected Finale Twist!

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Dragon Ball Z make sure and smash subscribe to unreal end gaming with both Gogeta and vegeto now agreeing
to a rematch following their first encounter after Gogeta had used mastered
ultra instinct the two fusions looked to finally settle the score as seen on the
previous manga chapter video with Vegeta insisting on having another rematch
right here right now the question lingers with both fusions having to run
an incredibly short on time given what they know and what they’ve done which
one of the two fusions is going to be the last fusion standing by the end of
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Dragon Ball fan mangas as we kick off the beyond Dragon Ball
super fusion what if manga chapter finale with Gogeta and Vegeta having to
be shown speaking to one another following the conclusion of their battle
as Gogeta went alone to ask shall we do this right here right now Patara or
should we wait until we fuse again as Vegeta went along to respond why wait
there’s no telling when we’ll be able to do this again and I’m not really the
patient type if I knew you use ultra instinct I would have responded
accordingly but let’s not waste any more time and do this so it was Vegeta’s
original idea that he wanted to go on ahead and commence with a rematch right
away considering the fact that he felt as if Gogeta wasn’t being fair by using
ultra instinct but now that Vegeta knows he’s calling for a rematch because he
wants to see if he could defeat Gogeta now that he knows that he’s able to tap
in some ultra instinct as we then go back to beerus and wheeze beerus went
along to then comment so the fusion dance wins it’s interesting how they
were able to use the power of ultra instinct as a last resort to beat the
potaro fusion this was a very good fight wheeze as wheeze went along to respond
it sure was my lord I’m glad you were able to enjoy yourself at the expense of
Goku and Vegeta’s fusion fight until then out of nowhere least then suddenly
realizes something as he goes on to comment hold on now now I see what’s
going on I figured this would have happened lord beerus there is something
I must attend to with the fusions I am going to consult them for a moment I
will be right back I need to inform them on something that they are both unaware
of so this will only take about a minute as beerus went along to respond this
better be good as we only then go back to vegeta when Gogeta Gogeta went along
to the Nazca mijito say Patara warrior do you notice anything strange between
us fujita then looks at his hands he then
goes on to reply other than you cheating by using ultra instinct I do our bodies
feel different this feels strange it’s been quite a while now since we fused
but yet we’re still fused together we are supposed to diffuse by now but yet
we haven’t why I still feel as if I have lots of power left within me but yet
after all that our bodies are still intact this feels different than the
times we’ve used the Patara earrings before as Gogeta also then went along to
comment I feel it too our body feels different than usual and being that we
use ultra instinct we were supposed to diffuse minutes ago but yet I can still
feel myself holding back lots of power your fusions should also have burned out
after us but yet we aren’t separated so something strange is going on
considering the fact that both fusions seem to acknowledge that they were both
supposed to be fused minutes ago but for some strange reason they seem to be
intact and they’re fusions are still hold as only then we ends up arriving on
the battlefield as he went along to tell them now I know what you might be
thinking and I just remembered that I needed to tell you both one very
important thing which is why you are both wondering as to why you have in
defused now the technique that vegeto son had used just now has a different
effect on your fusion than before normally a stunt like that would have
resulted in you defusing seconds after using it but since I even your time to
make it fair your body adapted and due to this effect no matter how long you
use it it won’t cause you to diffuse with Fujino then quickly turning around
he then went along to come it you’re not joking are you alright that’s perfect
Thanks wheeze as Gogeta went along to comment wait hold on a minute that’s not
fair at all how is that right as we went along to respond now I wouldn’t worry if
I were you go Dida son this applies to the fusion you are using as well so
because of your super same blue evolution power increase this effect
allows you to also remain as you are without D phew
it shouldn’t cause you to diffuse so as long as the timer effect for both of
your fusions is in effect which means you both can use whatever you’d like
without burning outs so you’re both safe which ultimately means that we’s had
allowed it to wear go jito and vegeto can use power increases such as kaio-ken
and even Super Saiyan blue evolution without the risk of them having to
defuse given the overall fact that power increases like that tend to burn out the
time at the fusion hold or at least so it’s assumed so in a nutshell
we’s had allowed it to wear both fusions are evenly balanced and both fusions can
use whatever power they would like without the risk of having to diffuse a
lot quicker than the other and with the fusions acknowledging this Vegeta then
went along to comment so we can go as far as we’d like then would you look at
that as Gogeta replies so by using massive amounts of power it won’t cause
us to diffuse like we normally would and with Vegeta looking down on his hand he
only then went along to comment well then since you put it that way as he
only then went along to clench his fists he then replies let’s finish this as
Gogeta went along to reply just so you know now that I know I can’t diffuse I
don’t plan on holding back anymore I’m going to use everything against you as
this prompts vegeto in transforming into a Super Saiyan he only then went along
to reply as will i if you think kaio-ken times 100 was my highest wait until I
push myself even further beyond that your ultra instinct won’t work this time
with both fusions acknowledging the fact that they do have some time remaining
and given this time factor they can actually increase their power to any
lengths they choose to do so without the risk of defusing and the first person to
actually lay it all down is Vegeta as he went along to further tell Gogeta no
matter what it is you do I’m going to show you a power far beyond kaio-ken
times 100 now that I know that I have no risk of defusing but even then when
going back to beerus beerus then went along to come up are they
planning to continue their fight or not I want to see more of what they can do
especially if they plan to use ultra instinct as a weapon of choice so hurry
up I’m getting bored and I hate waiting around maybe it’s time for me to go back
home since I already have an idea of what these warriors can do in a fight
unless they fight now I’m leaving weights as he then spots something all
of a sudden he then goes on to continue come to think of it where do those two
kids run off to they were just here a minute ago and now they’re gone
strange I could also sense an unusual presence here as well could it be
because the boys were with beer is just a minute ago in watching their fathers
fight and now all of a sudden they’re gone but even then when going back to
Gogeta and vegeto we get to see how they’re both in fighting position as
Vegeta went along to comment okay with Gogeta telling him go for it as they
both leave towards one another’s direction and they both then went along
to shout out let’s finish this once and for all so they both still have
tremendous amounts of power left they both seem to want to settle this now
once and for all and with the fusions than having to make physical contact in
knocking one another away all of a sudden there is a voice that then cries
out hey you that’s enough with beerus having to acknowledge this he spots two
people on the battlefield as he went along to comment Oh No as we saw so
comments well this isn’t good they’re in trouble as we then get to see how two
pairs of legs are standing over Gogeta and vegeto Vegeta then went alone to
come and uh oh wait just a minute now as Gogeta replies this isn’t good as
only then standing across them do we have Bulma and chichi holding on to
Goten and Trunks infuriated as chichi went along to
shouts I knew it I was wondering where you were and here
you are training as usual did you really think you could get out of helping me
around the house fusing and training with another you won’t say
as Bowman went along to also shouts that goes for you too Vegeta for goodness
sake just what are you two doing what a ridiculous battle you guys are involved
in and on top of that you still have lots of things to do at home with both
Gogeta and Vegeta having to be shown incredibly disappointed go Jaden went
along to them comment home know just when things couldn’t get any worse this
is a fight I don’t think we can win despite how strong we get it with Vegeta
commenting this is bad just what in the world are they even doing here and how
do they find this all the way out here as only then goats in the trunks went
along to comment well this really sucks trunks we were so close as trunks
comments I know now we’ll never be able to use the po tourists who feels like
our dads can we and with their mothers having to shout no you will not feels
like your dad’s Vegeta only then went along to chime in well I mean I don’t
think it would be a bad idea I think you should let them do it even through a
little bit it would be fun we will be long it would be nice to see them fuse
as chichi went along to them shout at the G no I don’t care what you have to
say if I say no then no means no as Bulma also went along to question this
she went on to comment and why are you guys out here anyway why would you even
come to a place like this to fight as Gogeta and vegeta went along to respond
well you see it’s not our idea you see it was beer it but then as soon as they
were gonna rat out beerus what beerus ends up doing is swooping on in in
literally pummeling Gogeta and vegeta will cross the head because by no means
does beerus want to be scolded by Chi Chi and Bulma as he then went along to
tell them rat me out and I will eradicate your souls along with this
entire planet quicker than you can imagine
the last thing I want to deal with is the mouth of your wives this is your
battle to settle not mine as Chi Chi went along to comment now which one of
you is the Goku from this time with boma also asking you to Vegeta up
things never change as the narration goes on to tell us and with that the
mightiest fusion warriors place their rematch on hold the curtain closes as
goku and vegeta defuse for now beerus remains pleased but the score remains to
be settled between Gogeta and vegeto until they meet again
the heroic fusion battle closes its curtains for now as the manga chapter
finale then comes to a close now this was without question one of the most
entertaining fan mangas created within the community and for now since their
rematch is placed on hold one can only speculate the next time we’re going to
see this go down and when this goes down at least we know for the time being
it’s going to be entertaining for bears because he wants to see them fight again
and Gogeta and vegeta seem to have a score to settle
considering the fact that now that they know that they could use exponential
amounts of power to get the job done against the other ones not willing to
hold back anymore so I want to get your thoughts in the comment section below if
these two were to engage in a rematch knowing what they know now who do you
guys think would win in an unrestricted battle would it be Gogeta or would it be
vegeto I want to get your thoughts in the comment section below again thank
you all so much for watching thank you all so much for your time the full story
is going to be released on the channel in just about two days to where you guys
can watch the entirety of this manga chapter special from start to finish so
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  9. This was an alright chapter, in my opinion, anticlimactic but I don't mind. Lol, I don't have too much to say about it, but the Bulma and Chichi thing was kind of funny to me.

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