Best of the Super Juniors Night 3 (May 15) Backstage comments: Match 9

Best of the Super Juniors Night 3 (May 15) Backstage comments: Match 9

I’m happy! I am- It’s my birthday- Thanks. It’s his birthday. “Today is my birthday.”
Got it. It’s his birthday. Good for him. He won on his birthday. Sorry, I don’t speak a lot of Japanese, but…
日本語があまり話せなくてゴメン。 But I want to at least speak from the heart…
でも心から、こう言いたい。 I’m so happy to be here in Japan.
日本で闘えて本当に幸せだ。 I’m glad to be in this for 3 years now.
3年連続でSUPER Jr.出場できてることも。 This SUPER Jr…
今年のSUPER Jr.は… Wow!
ワオ! There are so many strong wrestlers.
強敵揃いだ。 I’ll keep saying this,
繰り返すが、 Wrestling is like mathematics,
プロレスは数学に似ている。 You always learn something new.
常に新しい問題が降り掛かる。 Today I learned a lot from SHO.
今日はSHOについてたくさん学んだ。 There are so many great wrestlers, in both Blocks.
どっちのブロックも素晴らしい選手で溢れてる。 There’s a lot more to go.
まだリーグ戦は始まったばかり。 Liger… I’ve only got respect for you. You’re a legend.
Liger…あなたに対して尊敬の気持ちでいっぱいです。 Thank you.
ありがとう。 Thank you very much. He’s very happy to be able to be here, in Japan. And he talked about how wrestling is
a learning experience that doesn’t end. I’m feeling so many different things right now… First off… I have to say this… Dragon Lee…
Happy birthday. I know how much you miss Hiromu Takahashi.
I feel the same way too. He was last year’s winner. But he’s not here, this year. I wonder if the fans are having a good time… And El Desperado, who faced him last year,
is also absent, now. And we don’t have KUSHIDA, either. I know it’s not quite the same
if some guys aren’t here. It changes things.
I’m well aware of that. However, even if they’re not here, right now, And even if I’m not here, someday, New Japan will always be amazing and fantastic. That was pretty good.
すごかった。 It’s my birthday!
誕生日だ! It’s also my 3rd year in the SUPER Jr.
そして3年目のSUPER Jr.だ。 And I’m glad to celebrate with the Japanese fans.
日本のファンの前で祝うことができて嬉しいよ。 SHO is a damn good wrestler.
SHOはマジで素晴らしいレスラーだ。 He’s always had my respect.
選手として心から尊敬してる。 Our actions yesterday, they weren’t personal.
昨日の場外乱闘に…個人的な感情は一切ない。 We’re professional out there. It’s all fun.
俺たちはリングの上ではプロのファイターなんだ。 He knows that I respect him.
もちろん俺のリスペクトは彼にも伝わってるだろ。 Did you see us after the match?
試合後の俺たちを見ただろ? We shook hands, like good friends.
友人として握手で称え合った。 There’s a lot more matches to go.
リーグ戦はまだまだ続く。 But I’m ready. And I’m very content.
でもコンディションも良い。満足のいく試合ができてる。 But more important than wins or losses…
でも勝敗以上に… It’s about the fans leaving satisfied after a great match.
みんなを満足させられる試合をすることが大事だ。 Every day…
毎日… I always give it my all in there.
いつもそう思って全力を尽くしてる。 Everything. Sweat. Love. Passion. Blood. Tears.
血と汗と涙、全てを捧げて闘ってる。 All for the love of wrestling.
それだけプロレスを愛してるんだ。 That’s all I’ve got to say.
今日は以上だ。 Thank you.

27 thoughts on “Best of the Super Juniors Night 3 (May 15) Backstage comments: Match 9

  1. El desperado and hiromu
    Juniors that we can't wait for their in ring return
    Hopefully they be a team together when desperado switch from Suzuki gun to Lij to show his true self not the heel side

  2. SHO once again proved to bring out another 25 minute war and is one tough SOB.

    The Main Event was the best match this night. The rest were reasonably well placed for the combatants in mind.

    Given what has happened, I think my theory for Block A can be confirmed: They will have Taiji Ishimori and Shingo Takagi crush all opposition or at least maintain the same record to setup the build for the final match of Block A (June 3rd, Ishimori vs Takagi).

    I will probably need at least until Night 5 or 6 to see how Block B will go as there are too many variables.

    The winner of that is going to win the BOSJ but odds are they will lose at Dominion so they can setup Lee vs Takahashi at either Kizuna Road or the final day of the G1 Climax.

  3. DRAGÓN LEE: 2-2
    SHO: 0-4

    Felicidades Dragón Lee. Qué Dios te de muchas bendiciones más y a tú familia. Sigue luchando con pasión. 🙏

    SHO, don't let these first loses affect you. All you have to do is start winning by beating that f- I mean that all-talk Romero to go to the finals of BOSJ. You can do it. 😊

  4. SHOは去年のBOSJでも強かったけど今年のSHOのが去年よりさらに進化してるしパワーもスタミナも打撃も全て磨きあがってきてる。

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