Benaam Badsha (HD & Eng Subs) Hindi Full Movie – Anil Kapoor | Juhi Chawla | Seema Deo | Amrish Puri

Benaam Badsha (HD & Eng Subs) Hindi Full Movie – Anil Kapoor | Juhi Chawla | Seema Deo | Amrish Puri

So, how is your
net practice going on? I made a century and
managed to take 7 wickets. Okay, how is Gauri?
Has she got married? Oh! So you still pine for her? Uncle, what is a Commissioner’s
name board doing outside this house? – A crook lives here!
– Really? The Commissioner of this
place fired him… and warned him not to create
violence in the area. But that man, took his name board
and put it outside his house! That means, he played so well that
the ball fell straight in here! – Yes!
– He sure is a great batsman. – Is he in?
– No! But this name board
states that he is in. – I think you are new to this city.
– You guessed it right. If this states in, it means that
chief is inside the lockup! And when it says out, it means
that he is outside the jail. He is inside at the moment but now,
it’s time for him to come out! – Hey! Do you have a light on you?
– No. You cannot afford a match then
why are you holding this rifle? – Is this loaded?
– Yes. Then use it on yourself! – Hey! Give me a match.
– I don’t have a match box. There is no electricity. – What?
– There is no electricity. – What did you say?
– There is no electricity! If you don’t have a match or power
then why have you opened this shop? – Hey, old woman!
Do you have light on you? – No. – Your stove is burning.
– I just doused it with water! Why have you kept the shop opened
if you cannot keep the stove on? May you be doomed!
May God’s wrath fall upon you! Someone please save my child,
he is inside the house!! If he dies, I too will die!! Please save my child!! – How are you, Khujli?
– My name is Bijli. – When did you come back from the jail?
– Come closer! I wish I could honor you with
the title of ‘king goon’. You perhaps lure others with your
talks but, I am not like others. – I don’t wish to take money from
a handsome young man like you! – Oh! But, to sustain my
youth, this will do! – That’s nice! Why are you keeping it
there, is it a safe deposit vault? – No. I have killed all my emotions that
is why, I keep money close my heart! – Stop your lecture!
– What’s the hurry? Chief, few men are coming
this way to beat you up! Beat me? Nobody can
dare beat me up! I think their death
has invited them here! Hey! You put dung
on Mr. Tiwari’s poster? I got money for the job and
I did it, so what about it now? How dare you do such a thing? The poster was on the wall or I
would have done worse things on it! Shut up. Don’t scream so loudly or
you may get into trouble! You will be in trouble,
Mr. Tiwari is personally here… so that he can cover
you with a pall. If you wished to do that then you
should have got some stronger men! Why did you get such men who
can’t even stand on their feet. They are standing with the support
of a stick, how can they fight me? You all go with this boy and
play some game with your sticks! Here, start the game! We’ll start the game with you, it
will be fun when you come down! Hit the rascal! Madam, you get down here. I told you I will go anywhere you
say but not where this man lives! – How much is the fare?
– Twelve rupees. You felt offended when
I put dung on your poster? Chiku. Here it is, chief! Now tell me how you feel? Jyoti, when did you come?
Come inside. Savitri Ma, does that man
always fight in this manner? Don’t speak loudly, you’ll get
in trouble if he hears you. You come inside. Chiku. Chiku. Come in. Come. Hey! Why are you staring at me?
Is there a show on here? Get inside your house or
I will beat you up! Savitri Ma, doesn’t
anyone reprimand him? Nobody dares to look into his face
and you are talking of reprimanding? It is said that a person’s
bad phase cannot last forever… but with him around, we all feel
that our bad phase will last forever! I hope to God that nothing
untoward strikes you! Sister Savitri, who is
this guest in your house? – Is she your relative?
– Does she look like one? If she wishes, she can
buy this entire area. But inspite of my saying no, she
has come to spend her holidays here! I wonder why! Well, actually… I want to write a book
on people living here. If I write out of my
imagination, it will lack facts. That is why, I have come here. You write a social drams, I know
everyone around this place… I will tell you everything. Why not? After all,
gossiping is your occupation. Don’t you dare involve
her in your gossips! Let’s go, she gets offended
whatever you tell her! Chief, can I come along? – Hey, you!
– Greetings! You distribute letters to
everyone then why not to me? There is no letter for you
then how can I give you? How will I get a letter
when I have no relative? – Do you know I have no relative?
– I know it! Then why don’t you post me a
letter, why do you get paid? – How much do you earn?
– Seven hundred and sixty rupees. Alright, post me a letter
worth fifty paise… or send a money order of your
salary, it won’t matter to me! Do whatever that suits you! – I will write a letter.
– Write once a week! Or I will shred you into pieces
and distribute you to everyone! Now go away and keep
your cycle here. This is my personal cycle. So what do you want me to do? Get lost now! Hey, look! Your wheel is punctured. – Who is she? – She has come
to stay in the opposite house. Hold this cycle,
I will deal with her! Chief, it will go against your image
if you fight weak people like her! – I will talk to her!
– Talk to her properly! If she likes to tease men,
she will be in a brothel one day! I will threaten her in a way
that she will never speak again! Have you informed your family
that you will not get back alive? If you wish to live here, stay quiet
or you will be in grave trouble! He is a demon! Sit down. Now tell me, if
everyone is so scared of him… then how do you manage
to stay with him? That was a nice question.
When he gets drunk… he surely bashes up someone. If he doesn’t find anyone
then he thrashes me! So what if I am beaten up
5-10 times in a month… but, if he feels generous, he
shells out 200-300 rupees in one go! A very interesting character. Yes, he is a dangerous man! – Do you have a fifty paise coin?
– Fifty paise? This is one rupee coin,
but you can keep it. Thank you. You don’t worry, it’s in my hand,
he will take care of everything! – Hey! Where are you going?
– I want to meet Mr. Jaikal. Why do you think I am here for?
Tell me whatever you have to say! – No, I want to speak to him.
– Do you know who I am? My name is Vinay Chandra Rathod! In short, I am VCR. Which means a video. If Mr. Jaikal is the television,
I am his VCR, do you understand? If I run the reel, you can see
that picture on his screen! Whatever it is but, I would
like to speak only to him! Why are you stuck like a record? Why are you insisting
on talking with him? VCR! Come on, go! Wonder how many channels
are open to access him? What brings you here, Shyamlal? Thanks for helping me to get
the road permit for buses. I have got the income from the
small shops which sell drugs. I have sold 2,000 sacks of wheat
from the Government godown… this income is from that. In the files I have written that
1,000 sacks were eaten by mice… and the remaining rotted away! Sir, you had given me the
licence to open a liquor shop. So has your liquor killed someone? VCR! Actually, a sub inspector is
harassing me a lot these days. – Don’t you bribe him?
– I do give him on weekly basis. – But now… – Is he of a good
pedigree and asking for more? What is his name? Satyaprakash Varma. Hello! Satyaprakash! Sir.. I mean yes, sir. Why are you harassing Gulabrao,
the owner of a liquor shop? He belongs to my party
and has always stood by me. Don’t you dare accept
any bribe from him! To get you an added income, I have
got you transferred in a good area… what else do you need? Sorry sir, I am very sorry. Sir, henceforth none of my
constables will pass that area! Okay, sir! Stupid fellow. Gulabrao, flies can buzz
around your liquor den… but, the police will
never be seen there! Sir, the man you were waiting
for, has finally arrived. Watch his gait,
he strides like a cheetah! Why did you call me urgently,
do you have to kill someone? I will tell you. – Leg!! – Why are you
always observing my legs? I am talking about his legs! Hey! Are you drugged? Is this
the way to respect your master? Correct! I come here to do my job and collect
my money, not to respect anyone! – Isn’t it, buddy?
– He has no respect for anyone! How can you call him your buddy? That’s because, he belongs
to the same league like me. – Isn’t it, buddy?
– Look at him, the way he talks! His upbringing makes
him talk like that! Correct! What correct? Tiwari, the one whom
you covered with dung… belongs to my party. But he is from a separate group. We both want our men to
become the chief minister. The votes on either side are
equal, now your job is… to get Tiwari’s three
M.L.A.’s on my side. So that at the time of elections,
he falls short of three votes. And my man easily becomes
the chief minister. I will charge thirty thousand
rupees for this job. Accountant.
– Yes? He is asking for too much! Your existence on this earth
is also too much! Don’t worry, Koochu.
I will not kill you… because, I have yet not
got any money to kill you! Why did you call him Koochu? That is my term for
a weak hearted rascal! Correct! Take care of your man. He has still not completed the
work and you paid him in advance? He is like a bullet which operates
only with the power of money! I have ignited the fire and
he will not miss his target! Tiwari didn’t do the right thing by
sending just 1 woman amongst 6 men! How are we supposed to share her? In the same way as we share
the wealth of our country. Lego! Lego! – What is it? – You wanted
3 men, I have got 6 of them! Pick your choice
and throw the rest! Here are your car keys. Disco! Disco! Look, I’ve earned thirty thousand
rupees, you can keep five hundred. That’s a lot of money! Now we can
enjoy for the rest of the month! Of course not! I am going
to blow it up tonight! “Have a blast!” “I am enjoying myself,
you also enjoy yourself!” “Whether you do a good
deed or a bad one…” “but, do it only for cash!” “Have a blast!” “I am enjoying myself,
you also enjoy yourself!” “Whether you do a good
deed or a bad one…” “but, do it only for cash!” “Have a blast!” “Have a blast!” “Learn the quality of being happy…” “you will not achieve
anything by being unhappy!” “Learn the quality of being happy…” “you will not achieve
anything by being unhappy!” “What I actually mean to say is…” “don’t die before your death!” “Have a blast!” “I am enjoying myself,
you also enjoy yourself!” “Whether you do a good
deed or a bad one…” “but, do it only for cash!” “Have a blast!” “Everything is available
in this world…” “you can buy love…” “Everything is available
in this world…” “you can buy love…” “love is not important” “Don’t sigh if
you are hurt in love!” “Have a blast!” “I am enjoying myself,
you also enjoy yourself!” “Whether you do a good
deed or a bad one…” “but, do it only for cash!” “Have a blast!” “Have a blast!” “Have a blast!” “Have a blast!” “Have a blast!” “Have a blast!” “Have a blast!” Good night, sir.
– Good night. Good night,
– bye, Good night. Goodnight. Thank you, sir.
– Here. Good night, sir. Bend down again! Do it once more! Good night, sir. Once more!!
– Good night sir. Don’t move, now cackle like a cock! – But sir, it is still dark.
– No, it’s dawn! – You are right!
– Now cackle like a cock! Loudly!….Keep all this! Keep this for you. Thank you. Chiku thought this money would last
for a month but it’s blown off! – Hey! Bend down.
– As you please! Sister is here!! Sister. Let’s go! Oh, Uma. – Uma, happy birthday!
– Many happy returns of the day, child. You really are looking
very pretty today. Me?!…Not at all! Come on,
let’s cut the cake. Cut the cake, child. Are you waiting
for Ms. Kaameshwari? – Yes. Sorry, dear Uma. The minister had called and I was
talking to him about the donation. – You cut the cake.
– Take this. Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, dear Uma. Happy birthday to you, No child, first give it to Jyoti. No, she is like a mother to you… you have been a mother to them,
not the in charge of an orphanage. That is why, you deserve
the first piece. Ayah! Uma, look what I have got for you. I hope your life
glows like this lamp. Uma, please accept
this small gift from me. I desire to see you
married at the earliest! Hey! Why are you crying? People who cannot talk, express
their emotions with tears. – Can I ask you something?
– Ask me. Why do you have so much
affinity for these orphans? That’s because,
I am also an orphan. I have all the riches
of the world… but, I don’t have my parents. I know that you don’t have a mother
but, you do have a father. Yes, he is there but, he is
not like any other father! Jyoti! Jyoti, come here, my child. Let me introduce you
to your new mother. You have got married once again? I had to! You know that today is
your deceased mother’s birthday… and on this day, I couldn’t get
a better gift for my daughter? You can think that
your mother is reborn! You have tried doing the
same thing twice before! How can I be blamed for that?
Your mother passed away… the other two women ran
off with some men… that is why, I had to
marry the fourth time. If she too will run off with someone
then I’ll marry the fifth time! You don’t hesitate before
even uttering such words? Why should I? When Draupadi
could marry five men… then why cannot I marry five women? You don’t even realize the women you
marry are as old as your daughter. How long will you keep exploiting
other’s lives with your money power? So, do you expect me
to marry their mothers? If she dies or runs off
with someone… then I will marry
a girl younger than her… and you will not say a word! If you wish, you can
also marry an old man. I too will not interfere. Darling,
come, let me show you the bedroom. I don’t have anyone who is mine! They all are orphans but, they
all have each other for company. I am not as fortunate as them. I am an orphan and I am lonely too! Don’t say that, I am with you! I may not be able to wipe your
sorrows but, I can share it. After my mother, you are
the one who has loved me. Henceforth I will
call you Savitri Ma. Mother Savitri. Good that you have got a
dumb girl here, Kaameshwari. I don’t have the fear that
she will spill the beans! Go. Come on. I have the habit of
asking the people for something. Uma, my child, how did we lack
in our love that you left us? If you had to consume poison,
you should have given some to me! What compelled her
to commit suicide? The poor girl could not tell
because, she could not speak. Did you file a complaint
in the police? If I would do that then they
would ask for a postmortem. I had thought of dressing her up
as a bride and getting her married… then how can I get
her body mutilated? No, how can I be so cruel? I have raised them as my children,
I haven’t married because of them. How can I tolerate this? It’s said that on a child’s death,
a witch cries more than the mother! Kaameshwari is doing the same! Is she shedding tears for
Uma or to mislead us? No, that’s not the case. There surely is something due
to which you are not even crying! Please tell me. Why are you quiet? Uma couldn’t speak, now
her soul will be unhappy… because, after her death,
you could not open your mouth! Enough, Jyoti! Even if I am
sacked, I will not keep quiet now! Kaameshwari is a witch… whenever a girl in
this orphanage grows up… she trades the girl’s honor
in the hands of a rich men! Uma was a decent girl and she didn’t
wish to live a disgraceful life! That is why, she committed suicide. Uma’s death will not go unnoticed,
it will stir a rebellion! No other girl’s future
will be destroyed here! Hello! Police station! Please come to the girl’s
orphanage right away! Savitri Ma, what is
this commotion for? You are forgetting about that demon
who creates a ruckus all the while! – You go to sleep.
– Let’s go and see what is the matter? – It’s not right for us to go there.
– Let’s go and see! Look, he is hitting a woman! Leave me please, don’t hit me! You women indulge in such activities
and then say don’t hit me! Do you want me to worship you? You shouldn’t be hitting
a woman like that! That’s right! Here come the judges of our society! You are getting angry because,
I am hitting a woman? But the cause of all
trouble is this child! I will finish this child! Please don’t kill my baby! It is my fault…I’ll tell the truth. I had illegitimate
relations with someone… and because of that,
I conceived this child. Now I am getting married, I thought
this child would be a problem! You realized this after carrying
the child and delivering it… that he would be a problem to you? Did you think about it when
you were with your lover? Why didn’t you think then? Every day you come across various
contraceptive advertisements… didn’t you ever see them?
Then why didn’t you use it? Those advertisements
are not mere gimmicks! You thought if you would keep
him here, he would die? No, a sin never dies, he is always
alive in the form of an orphan! Then the world inflicts wounds
and makes him a violent man! Let her go, she has apologized. Even if she left the kid, were
we all dead, we would take care! Of course! After all
we all are human. Silence! I am aware of
your double standards. There are very few who actually
can empathize with someone’s pain! Where were you all when I was
thrown into a garbage bin? Where was your humanity
and sympathy then? I cried out to everyone… I cried for food, just a morsel! But nobody gave me food. I was abused and thrown
away from your doorstep! Desperate with hunger, I tried
taking a rich man’s dog’s biscuit… do you know what
I got in return? This scar! You call me a monster! This is the
scar which turned me into a monster! This is the scar which brings
back all my past memories. Go away from here! You can throw this child wherever
you wish but, remember one thing… I wish to be the last one
to face such a fate! “My dear baby, go to sleep!” “My dear baby, go to sleep!” “Who is my mother?
Who is my father?” “Who is my mother?
Who is my father?” “I have no idea, I have
never seen or heard of them!” “Who is my mother?
Who is my father?” “I have no idea, I have
never seen or heard of them!” “Nobody ever rocked me
in a cradle,…” “nobody ever embraced me!” “Who is my mother?
Who is my father?” “I have no idea, I have
never seen or heard of them!” “Who is my mother?
Who is my father?” “My dear baby, go to sleep!” “My dear baby, go to sleep!” “I was never nurtured
with mother’s milk…” “I was never nurtured
with mother’s milk…” “thus, to survive, I had
to drink my own tears!” “I wonder when my
childhood passed by me…” “which was filled with
thirst, hunger and poverty!” “Who is my mother?
Who is my father?” “Who is my mother?
Who is my father?” “I have no idea, I have
never seen or heard of them!” “I have committed
many thefts in my life…” “I have committed
many thefts in my life…” “but, I could not steal
a mother’s lullabies.” “I indulged in
every possible vice…” “but yet, I could never
overcome my sorrow!” “Who is my mother?
Who is my father?” “Who is my mother?
Who is my father?” “I have no idea, I have
never seen or heard of them!” “I was thrown
into a garbage bin…” “I was thrown
into a garbage bin…” “again, I was picked up
from a garbage bin!” “There is no love, only
venom exists within me!” “There is poison flowing
in my blood stream!” “Who is my mother?
Who is my father?” “Who is my mother?
Who is my father?” “I have no idea, I have
never seen or heard of them!” “Who is my mother?
Who is my father?” “Who is my mother?
Who is my father?” “Who is my mother?
Who is my father?” Like everyone, even you couldn’t
give milk but, you gave this to me! What is all this? Who has done it? Why doesn’t anyone speak up? “10 paise for sweeping
outside your door step” “10 paise for sprinkling water.” “45 paise for making a
‘rangoli’ outside your house” “Local tax 5 paise” “Total is 70 paise,
pay the money in time” “Credit is the cause
of all problems” “From your opposite window” I will teach you a lesson!
Hey! What is all this? If you act smart with me,
I will break your house! Get lost! Hey! Listen everyone. Nobody will ever make
a ‘rangoli’ in this area! If anyone dares, I will
bury that person alive! O snake God, your devotees
are losing faith in you… the quantity of milk
is reducing day by day! Will you have it? – There is a letter for you!
– I joked and you really sent one? Don’t be so good or
you will die very soon! I haven’t sent it, I think
your relative must have sent it. Do you know my relatives are
garbage bin, darkness, hunger! And they don’t need to write,
they live with me! – This isn’t my letter, take it and go!
– It is for you! Stop peeping, tear the
letter and read it for me! If this is my letter… why did you do that? – Didn’t you tell me to tear it?
– And you tore it? – Hey, you!
– What is it? Read out this torn letter. Sure, why not! Give it to me. It says, ‘how are you, my prince?’ ‘I know that my love annoys you… but, I am in love with your anger. ‘It is a very courageous act
to fall in love… if you have the courage
then you fall in love… from, the window
opposite your house!’ Good that you ran off or I would
have caught you by your hair! Don’t you dare flirt with me!
You explain it to her. Who owns this?
I am sure it is ours! Your majesty, King Digvijay Singh
from Chavni is arriving! Yes, raise it more! I will
watch from the balcony. – Minister!
– Yes, your majesty. – I cannot see the chief minister.
– He called up to say he’ll not come. Because, he has lose motions today. Lose motions? Good! Or else, we would
get into trouble. Okay my dear subjects, tell me,
did it rain well this year? Hey! You are the king and you don’t
know, where were you when it rained? Okay minister, does anything
lack in my kingdom? There is a major shortage of
liquor, will you get enough supply? Even I don’t get enough! Your majesty, a beautiful maiden
has come with a grievance. Get her immediately! Plaintiff come in! Hey, she is Khujli! Please sit. Hey, Khujli! Aren’t you doing well in your
work that you have started acting? She is feeling shy! Lady, our peace is at stake,
quickly tell your dialogues! Your majesty,
this man is my neighbor… and he flirts with me! Hey! He cannot even kill a bug,
how will he flirt with you? Move, move. Hey you, move away! Khujli,
assume I am your neighbor. Now tell me,
what do you have to say? Lady, didn’t I tell you that
our peace was at stake? Tell me your grievance quickly
but, sing and tell me! Hey! Were you born in
a radio station? Move away! “My bachelor neighbor
does not sleep in the night!” “My bachelor neighbor
does not sleep in the night!” “Don’t ask me what antics he
plays throughout the night!” “My unwed neighbor does
not sleep in the night!” “My unwed neighbor does
not sleep in the night!” “Don’t ask me what mischief
takes place throughout the night!” “My bachelor neighbor
does not sleep in the night!” “My unwed neighbor does
not sleep in the night!” “I think he has fallen for me!” “I think he has fallen for me!” “He sighs when he looks at me!” “He makes passes at me
standing at his window…” “with his hand close to his heart!” “My bachelor neighbor
does not sleep in the night!” “My unwed neighbor does
not sleep in the night!” “I like the way she looks
at herself in the mirror…” “I like the way she clings
the bed while sleeping.” “I like the way she looks
at herself in the mirror…” “I like the way she clings
the bed while sleeping.” “I like the way she holds
her pillow and sleeps…” “I hope now you all
understand my condition!” “My unwed neighbor does
not sleep in the night!” “My bachelor neighbor
does not sleep in the night!” “Wonder what has
happened this year!” “It has changed my gait!” “We both are in a similar state!” “Then why don’t you get your
wedding procession to my house?” “My bachelor neighbor
does not sleep in the night!” “My unwed neighbor does
not sleep in the night!” – I can see one scene,
nephew. – What scene? There is a similar tea shop in a
small lane of a city with 2 chairs. – And two people are sitting on it
and yapping away! – Just like us? Absolutely! Such a scene
exists in every city! Exactly. But under this situation,
how will the country progress? It will be the same as the Indian
cricket team faced in West Indies. Quiet! I’m worried about Bharat
and you are worried about cricket! I want Bharat to progress a lot! Uncle, I don’t understand
your spin balling. – Are you talking of a film?
– No, I am talking of my son! Please give some donation. – For what?
– Last night, I dreamt of one scene. Two men were yapping away sitting
on a chair outside a hotel. Under such circumstances,
the country will be doomed! I have thought of forming a new
party for India’s progress! That is why, I need some donation. You need donation? You do one work. Can you see that man
lying down? Go to him… tell him three times that
you are his father… hearing that, he will give you so
much that you don’t have to buy… any liquor or weapons
at the time of elections! – Really? If he can do so then I’ll tell him
hundred times that I’m his father! Wow! In that case, you can assume,
he will take care of everything! Please go! Do you think he will
actually give him money? He hates his parents so much that
if someone just tells him… I am your father, he will take out
all his pent up anger on that man! My hands are itching a lot today! Chief, that means today, you are
going to get money from somewhere. Son!! Son!! I am your father, my son! Are you really my father? Yes son, the mother you who kept
you in her womb for 9 months… I am the husband of that woman! – You are my dear son!
– Are you really my father? Admit it once again! – Why are you crying?
– After a while, you too will be crying! Why should I cry when
I am meeting my son? Am I not right, son? Why don’t
you also call me your father? Swine! Rascal! Rogue!! Please help me!! – Please don’t hit me!
– Why shouldn’t I? You have come here today but, where
were you when I needed your help? Where were you when
I needed your protection? If you were my father, you would
not throw me in a garbage bin! I’ve become a beast because
of your bad deeds! I will not spare you! – I am not your father!
– Then why did you say so? They said you would give me
donation if I would say so! You rascals! There is light everywhere but, the
place which is dark is our house! But chief, I can see
light in your house too! ’40 lamps for 8 rupees
and oil for 15 rupees.’ ‘Wicks for 1 rupee 60 paise
and amount due was 95 paise.’ ‘Total is 25 rupees 55 paise’ ‘A special discount
of 55 paise for Diwali.’ ‘But you have to pay 25 rupees.’ ‘Credit is the cause of trouble,
from the opposite window!’ You think you are too smart for me? What do you mean by staring at me
from the window and writing letters? You thought you can lure me easily? Don’t try these antics on me! If I need a woman, I can buy her! Why are you staring at me? I don’t
need your love or your letter! Tell her not to
interfere in my matters. Or else, I will beat
the life out of her! All women are alike! They like to
trap any young man they come across! I told you that this place
was not right for you! I didn’t want you to stay here
but, you did not listen to me! Why did you want to get friendly
with that drunkard? You even wrote letter to him? We actually, he is the hero
of story I am writing. And he is not aware what love is! I wrote to him to see
how he would react… if some girl expresses
her love to him. No, there is something more to it!
You are hiding something from me! It’s time to fill
the water, I am going. You can do that later,
first answer my questions! Savitri Ma, I have
told you everything. Jyoti! Jyoti! Savitri! Goga. – What are you doing here?
– I have an answer to your question. First tell me, what is
Jyoti doing here? She is staying with me
since past few days. And she is attracted towards
the goon who lives next door. She evades my question but, I am
sure there’s something more to this! I know her secret. This is Jyoti’s wedding procession. She is the same girl
who sent you to jail. She is getting married
to a well known doctor. – Get up quickly, brother?
– What is the matter? There is an urgent work for which
you will be paid five thousand. I am not like the public to be
lured by a minister’s fake promise. First give me the money
and then tell me the work. Here it is! She is getting married today but,
before that she should be deflowered. Wow! Your talks
have intoxicated me. People usually pay money
for crippling someone! You are the only one who has
given me the best assignment. – Brother, where are
your feet? – Here! Why? – I want to bow down at your feet!
– What will you do after that? That same that is done
to any great man. His statue is put on the road
and left neglected… so that the birds leave
their droppings on it! Brother crow, this is no time
to leave your droppings! This man is yet alive! Let’s go, the groom has arrived. Brother, you don’t worry, your
daughter will be very happy with us! Who are you? You ruined my life!! How did I harm you? I was given five thousand
rupees to deflower you. You ruined my life only to
get five thousand rupees? – Who gave you that money?
– Don’t play smart. You want me to tell you the name
and address of that person? I may be a bastard but,
I am not a traitor! My character is that you can
pay me and get any work done! What if someone pays you and
asks you to rape your sister? Such dialogues have an effect on
people with families, not me! I have no family! I am sure you must have had
a mother, she too is a woman! The woman who cast off her son
thinking of him as dirt… such a person is neither
a woman nor a mother! If I ever meet her, I will
shred her into pieces! Now, can you say any further? Haven’t you fallen short of words? Listen, there is a goon
in the bride’s room. She is screaming for help! I think the guests are coming here,
if they ask what happened… say that your clothes spoiled in the
struggle but your honor is intact! Then you can marry that man! In any case many girls have sexual
relation before marriage. Did you know that man? Go and take a shower
and dress up again. Or, we’ll lose the auspicious
time of our wedding. This wedding cannot take place! I
don’t want a defamed daughter in law! Father, how is she to be blamed
for whatever that happened? Stop this nonsense and come with me! If you don’t then I’ll consider
that I never had a son! Father, I would prefer being a
good human being and a nice doctor. A person cannot be left to die
if he meets with an accident. The person needs treatment. You
get dressed quickly and come down. It is said that for a wife
her husband is like God. But for me, God himself has
come here to be my husband! But withered flowers cannot
be offered to the deity! The sacred marriage rituals cannot
perish out the stigma on my name! I cannot get married! I’ll not. Jyoti, you are making
a wrong decision. Please forgive me. There are few people whose sickness
cannot be cured by the doctor. Leave me at the mercy of God! You rascal! You ruined
the life of an innocent girl. God will punish you for your sins! I have already been punished. Kaameshwari threw acid on my face
for a small mistake I made. That day itself I decided,
I will manage to live somehow… but I will never harm anyone,
that’s why I took up a driver’s job. Jyoti cannot get back her lost
honor with your repentance! I pray to God to fill
happiness in Jyoti’s life! I will continue doing so. Besides
praying, what else can I do? By changing the pot you
cannot change the water! What do you mean? You cannot change the reality
by creating a fictitious story. What is the matter with you,
what are you talking about? I know everything! The man
in whose house you light lamps… was the one who spread
darkness in your life! – Who told you?
– That doesn’t matter but, isn’t it true? It is! The other fact is that he ruined you
but, you have finished yourself! Inspite of everything if the groom
wanted to marry, why did you refuse? Because, I did not wish to live
with a stigma attached to my name. I wanted to wipe it forever. A stigma attached to a woman’s
name can never be wiped out! It can be, Savitri Ma… if the person who has done it,
comes forward and wipes it off! You want to live with
the man who raped you? Yes, I want to marry him. How can you marry that beast? Please don’t get carried away
and make your decision. If I would have to do that,
I would have done it long back! After my wedding procession left,
I would have committed suicide… or I would have handed him
over to the police. But by doing so, I would
not get back my lost honor. That is why, I have thought a lot
and arrived at this decision. Have you thought of the disgrace
your family will face? In the name of family,
I just know my father… and he is such a debauch man that
if his own daughter is in a veil… he will propose her without
even seeing her face! I would prefer living my life
with this beast than my father! Atleast, he makes no pretenses
about his character! Do you think he will
agree to marry you? No, I am not sure. Then why do you want to ruin the
remaining happiness in your life? A day after your marriage, your
husband ran off with your jewelry… he has never returned, you don’t
even know if he is alive or dead! But yet, you dress up
like a married woman. Isn’t it because you have the hope
that he may reform someday… and will return back to you? Even I am living
with the same hope. Savitri Ma, I did not
say this to hurt you. I had to say because, being a woman
you couldn’t understand my feelings. Jyoti, for the second time,
you have shook my conscience! I will not give you another chance! Don’t laugh more or hunger… Is this my house where I can
see food served out for me? This girl has made
my life miserable. Was it necessary to send
this along with food? What do I do now? But,
the food looks delicious. Chief, why don’t you read
what is written in this letter? She must have worked out the costing
of the food and written in it. Her last sentence must be
‘credit causes trouble!’ No chief, this letter
states something else! Read it out. – ‘How are you, my dear?’
– What did you say? – It is written in this.
– Okay, read further. ‘I have cooked these
things for you myself.’ ‘You need not pay me for it.’ What, I don’t have to pay? Why do you say that so late?
Now you can go somewhere else. Chief, when one crow finds food, he
calls out to his other brothers. And he eats after
everyone else finishes eating! Chief, I was talking about
the crows, not you! When a donkey is eating and
someone stands in front of him… then do you know what he does?
– What? Turn around, he kicks
that person on his backside! – Who is Jyoti?
– It is me! – A letter for you.
– Letter for me?! Who can write to me,
this cannot be my letter. Looks like even you talk
like that bearded man next door. – Aren’t you also bearded?
– I will shave my beard today! Such a shameless woman! You don’t
let a young man bathe peacefully? Stop ogling at me
and turn your face! O Chiku! I always see you in a torn trouser. That is why, I have got a
new set of clothes for you. Open it. People often use the help of kids
to improve their love story… even you have found a very
good way of impressing me! Okay, I am impressed! Do you want
to give a letter to the chief? No, I have come to say that
today he has sent me a letter. He really has changed a lot
and I had to share my joy… so I got you this dress,
I hope you are happy! Hello, Mr. Chiku. O Chiku! Greetings, Mr. Chiku. Why did you suddenly start laughing? I posted one letter on behalf
of chief and I got a half pant… if I would post two letters,
I would surely get a full pant! You had written that letter? – Yes! – Even you played
with my sentiments? You must have really enjoyed
doing it, isn’t it? Laugh some more! You like to play
drums before a corpse, isn’t it? Assume I am a corpse and I have
paid to play drums in front of me! Come on, play it! Sister, please forgive me! Henceforth, I will do as you say! – Chief! – What is the matter,
why are you screaming? Everyone is making a ration card,
why don’t you also do the same? If I add my name in the voter’s
list, I can earn some quick money… I cannot earn any money if
I add my name in this list. What will we do with a ration card? If we rent out our ration card,
we can earn some money on that! – Are you saying the truth?
– Yes, chief. In that case, I’ll make two cards. Hey! Where are you striding
past me? Come here! – Yes, tell me.
– Do I have to pull you towards me? I want to make a ration card, the
address will be of this place. – It is already made. – Did you
see the advantage of being a goon? The work is done before you
ask for it. Give me the card. Your card has already been issued. – Whom did you give it to?
– To your wife! – His wife?!
– Yes, she said her name is Jyoti. Okay, you can go now. – Who is Jyoti?
– The window opposite your house! If anyone is at home, come out! What is it? Shut up! I have been observing that you are
trying to play smart with me! You are even going around
saying that I am your husband. You think you are strong enough to
combat me? You will be wiped out! I feel the same about you! Looks like what I did before has
not brought you to your senses! Do you want me to repeat
that scene once again? What scene? And why are you beating
about the bush, are you scared? Tell everyone what you did. A woman tries to hide such things
but, she wants me to tell everyone?! Chief, these are modern times! But don’t worry. Be brave. I am not afraid of anyone!
Listen everyone… when she was dressed up as a bride
and about to get married… I raped her! Now you tell me, shouldn’t I
be calling you my husband? She has given him
a befitting reply! You are free to bash up anyone… and if someone questions you,
you can start abusing… and justify it by saying
that you are an orphan. No justice was meted out on you! Today, I am asking you for
justice, not for myself… but, for your child
that I am carrying. Jyoti! If you don’t accept me then when
this child asks his father’s name… then whose name should I say?
Like your mother… I should also discard
this child in a garbage bin… so that he becomes an orphan? So that he becomes an orphan? Listen, we may be poor but,
we lead a very respectable life. You can leave this place! Savitri Ma, don’t say that,
I was thrown out from my house… if you also throw me out
then where will I go? Go in the opposite house. The one who ruined you
will give you refuge… and what can I do if he doesn’t? From now on, my doors
are closed for you! Will you all watch silently? Isn’t there a single person who can
give me justice and speak for me? You can hit me if you wish but,
I will surely ask you… the other day, when a woman
was abandoning her child… you hit her and abused her but,
why are you silent today? Even today, a child’s
future is at stake! You are not being fair with her! That is right! Chief, nobody had the courage
to even look at you… but see now, children younger
than me are also against you! This is because, that girl
is standing outside… if she steps in your house, they
too will go back to their houses! Fearing these people you
want me to get her here? That will not end my problem! Chief, it is a serious situation.
Listen to me and call her here. How will that help? That we will think later,
first ask her to come here! He won’t call me home because,
he will have to feed me. He can feed you with thrashing
but, not a decent one time meal! I wonder how you are feeling
listening to these barbs… but, I feel like committing suicide. She wants food, right? Okay, I will
feed her three times in a day! I will feed her so much that
she will have to run away! That we will see later but, shall
I call her in on your behalf? Alright, call her in. Silence! Keep quiet,
this is not a market. After a very heated debate, my chief
and I have arrived at a conclusion… ..she can come and stay in his house. Very good! Very good! Okay, have you finished clapping?
Now go to your houses! – Where are you going?
– To have some liquor. Keep her here, I’ll
come back in some time. After I come back, I will
settle all my scores with her! Hey! Are you willing to come? – Will you go to Hanuman Chowk?
– Yes, sir. Then go, why the hell
are you sleeping? Someday, you will surely meet
with an accident and die! Hey! Where are you barging? Why don’t you move this side? How dare you attack from behind? Listen to this news, 400 people
died of severe cold in Bihar. Atleast some population
of this country reduced! Sir, there is one more news… Center has sanctioned 5 millions
to help the flood victims! We should get atleast
10% from that amount. – One of our man has been killed!
– Munshi, I have got the news! We must go to the
hospital to see him. – Not at all!
– Our rival, Tiwari, has killed him! Munshi, you will never understand. If our man dies, I can slap a murder
case on Tiwari and finish him! Correct? And if he gets back alive, he will
hunt for Tiwari and kill him! Correct. Thus, we stand to gain
both the ways! No, Tiwari’s death is certain! Correct? – Doctor, here is the injection.
– How did you hurt yourself? I must have hurt myself while
running, I’ll go and get warm water. Jyoti has taken care of everything
required by you since past 3 days! She has stayed awake in
the nights and wept for you! Actually, you are alive because,
she served and prayed for you. You must have done good deeds
in your last birth. Look at this man, he is
battling for every breath! Like you, he too was
a don of some area. But today, he has nobody
who can comfort him. If a man is alone, he can
combat life but, not his death! I wouldn’t want you to go
through the same state! I don’t expect you to become
a noble man overnight. But I surely expect that you
will try to lead a decent life! There is darkness in this
country just like this area! – But there is light here!
– That’s because I am here! Hello! Long leg, short leg,
square leg, silly point. Shut up. Is there cricket world
cup being played here? Can’t you see he has returned
back after many days! Please keep some quiet. Chief, have this ‘biryani’! Eating. Eating. I think someone must
be remembering you! Yes. There is no water! – The pot was full yesterday.
– I finished it off! Were you born in a
drought stricken area? And did you have fight when
God was imparting knowledge? Didn’t you know that there
was nothing to eat at home? If I wouldn’t drink water
then what else would I do? You don’t care about my hunger, you
are more concerned about water! Why couldn’t you go to
Savitri’s place for food? Women are not like men,
who can go and eat anywhere! How can I live here and eat
food at someone else’s house? You want everyone to know
the state of this house? You may perhaps not
feel ashamed but, I do! Thanks for taking me to the
hospital and saving my life. The matter ends there. Now don’t
expect me to provide you anything! Besides, did I tell you to come
and stay in my house. Okay, I agree that I came
here on my own… henceforth, I will not
ask you for anything. If you get something to eat, I will
have it or I will sleep hungry! But remember, if you eat out alone,
you surely will get a stomach ache! – Pack a ‘biryani’.
– Alright. Parcel! Yes, he is parceling food
today, tomorrow he… Nephew, I can see a big
change in this person! This… I will break my fast with this
‘biryani’ you have got for me! Oh, yes! I wanted to ask you since
the time I have come here… that how come a goon has hung a
picture of Gandhiji in his house? One day, some people came to
this area with this picture. They garlanded the picture,
gave a speech, applauded… sweets were distributed and when the
meeting ended, everyone went home. This picture was
left behind all alone. I asked someone whose
picture it was… from him I learnt that he was
the father of our nation! I thought that like me, this
picture also did not have anyone… so I got it home.
I don’t have a father… so I thought I will make do
with the father of the nation! Nephew, this time I am going
to do a better play. You’ll see. Tell me about your drama, uncle. You just wait and watch! Which drama? O uncle, now I understand. What are you doing,
why have you closed my eyes? Uncle, such a nice
drama was going on. I want to see the drama. Please. – We are dead!
– Nonsense! She is full of life! It’s not me! I am quite
old, he is young. No, I am a kid in a half
pant, he is an old man! Uncle, he has gone! Who spoilt me by making me
drink this alcohol? – Don’t talk about spoiling?
– Why shouldn’t I? If a man falls into this habit,
he is sober the next day. But if a woman gets into this
habit, she is looked down upon! Don’t worry, there are many
who will try to uplift you! Shut up! Kameshwari. You have had a lot,
go and sleep in the bedroom! Even I have had a lot, shall I
also go and sleep in the bedroom? VCR! I cannot sleep until I don’t
take revenge from Jyoti! You have taken
your revenge! Come on! I haven’t avenged
my insult completely! Only when I slowly torture her
to death, will I feel at peace! Jaykal! O Jaikal! Hey! Don’t say Jaikal, say sir. Call him master! He may be your master, he is my
lover and a son in law too! I was always his and later, when
I got the charge of the orphanage… I have always provided
him with the best! Jaykal, tell me, haven’t I provided
you with more girls.. ..than the chickens you
have eaten until now? And to top it,
I posed as their mother! Tell me if I am lying? What a sight! Shut up! Where is Jyoti? The man I sent to ruin her life,
she is staying with him as his wife! She may consider herself
as his wife… but that man must be surely
treating her like his mistress! He is my man! You want to see Jyoti being
doomed further, isn’t it? Alright, it will be done! Now go and sleep. Jaikal, it’s been long
since you have visited me. Why don’t you come today? When a lion is hungry, it
does not graze on grass! Where can I find a lion
who grazes on grass? I will graze not only grass,
I will eat hay too! I am talking about
a lion, not a donkey! Correct! You are so beautiful, I feel very
bad seeing you work like this! Mr. Jaikal has sent
thousand rupees for you. And he has said that
you should get Jyoti along. – Do you chew tobacco?
– Yes. When you mix tobacco with lime,
can you separate it again? – No!
– Then quietly, leave this place! Or else, I will mix you just
like the tobacco I mentioned! Forget death, you will
not be born again! Why are you getting upset? You
haven’t still got married to Jyoti. She is living here
like your mistress. If you put her in business, it will
be easy for you to run the house! Wait!…Today, a man abused me
and you could not tolerate it. Why? Isn’t it because, I have made
a place in your heart too? I want you to tell
this to everyone! Put this around my neck! If you refuse, you will
be deceiving yourself! Son, take this vermilion
and put it on her forehead. May you always be happy, my child! Congratulations!! Every husband gives something to
his wife on the nuptial night. All I have is darkness. No, there is light, you
feel the darkness because… you’ve turned your back
towards light! – You turn this side.
– Why? First you turn then I will tell you. Now tell me, what is your name? Nothing! Parents name
their children… but, my useless parents… Okay tell me, how do
people address you? – ‘Buddy’, ‘pal’, ‘chief’…
– That’s enough! Alright, let us think
of a nice name for you. – Alright! – Oh, my!
Look at my misfortune. After marriage, husband and wife
decide the name for their children… but here, I will be
naming my husband. Isn’t it good that you
have got this opportunity? And if you’ve to name me then think
of a name that has a heavy impact! A powerful name?! – I have just thought of
such a name. – What is it? Napoleon! – Napoleon! – He is
an old friend of mine! – How is that? – When I am
loaded, I drink Napoleon brandy! – Where are you?
– What are you looking for? There was an old bottle
of Napoleon brandy here. His picture is on that bottle. There is no need for it anymore! You forget about the bottle
as well as the brandy. I have thought of one more
name, Deepak. How is it? It’s a lovely name! He is the
lamp and you are his light! – Chief, it’s a superb name!
– Go away or I’ll beat the life of you! I came to say there’s good programme
on television, do you want to see? Hey! Will you go or not? One child per family.
It will ensure a happy family. “Give me a kiss!” You said that you were
carrying my child. – But you seem to be fine.
– I did not say anything! What? You lied to me? Yes, so that I could reform you! Why are you getting upset?
Why aren’t you turning this lie real? Don’t stop me! Just think
now, this is my wound! This is your gift to me
on our nuptial night! I wonder what you have
taken away from me, Jyoti! What have I taken? You have killed a monster! With great pride you said
that you would ruin Jyoti. But look what happened,
your man was bashed up! And you are just sitting here
and rocking yourself! Watch your tongue! A woman watches her tongue when
she know the status of a man. You lowly woman! How dare you
talk to me about my status? Have you forgot the day when you
traded yourself for mere 50 rupees? Have you forgotten how you supplied
me to the officers for your work? You used to fix 50 rupees with me
and then give me only 40 rupees! – You did not even deserve that!
– But you deserved pimping for me! But I am not as cheap as you! Look at me, see where
I have reached! And look at you, you still are the
same, a commodity in the bedroom! And you are the servant who
takes care of that bedroom! First you used to pimp
for small time officers… and now, you pimp
for the ministers! Even you are still at the same
place from where you started! – Silent! – The pimps are supposed
to be silent, not the whores! They are supposed to
listen to everything! You will have to fulfill the
promise of ruining Jyoti or… – Or what? – When I outgrow
my clothes, I rip them apart! “My hut caught fire.
I feel like singing.” Look at him shaving, it must have
hurt his wife in the night. She must have fired him that is why
he is shaving early in the morning! Now he’s looking good. Why don’t you come here
and see how my face looks! Let me see! Oh, wow!
You are looking very handsome. – But what is this?
– I cut myself because it’s my first shave. – Get up and come with me!
– Where? – What are you doing?
– Sit here quietly! Why couldn’t you sit
inside and shave? Why you sat outside to shave? People have cast
an evil eye on you! Sit straight! Sit straight I said! Hey! Sit straight! He has learnt my language
in just one night! Good.. Good morning. This is nothing! My mother used to
beat up my father in a fit of anger! Go and teach her this!…Hey,
wait! Where are you going? – To teach her about beating
you up! – Oh, I see! – Just turn around.
– If I do that, you will kick me! Even if you don’t turn,
I will yet kick you! I will kill you if you tell
anyone about this incident! And don’t you dare try to create
a rift between husband and wife! Get lost now! Rascal! Came here to spoil my day! Listen, the chain around
your neck is very small. Wear this instead of that,
it will go very well with you! Even you have started
joking with me? No, this is a cycle
chain for a goon! Yes! Now this makes you look
like a complete goon! Listen, what is this? Do you
think you are a film actor? Listen, what is this? You think you are a film actress
that everything will suit you? – How are you?
– Stop there! Answer my question, I sent my man
to get that woman in your house… why did you bash him up
and send him away? Were you shaving at that hour? I think you must be
drunk at that time! You are right!
Should I get her here? Why do you have to ask me?
You should have got her today. Take this five thousand
and get her here! This is not sufficient! Take this ten thousand
and get her here! Take this ten thousand one
and send your wife to me! How dare you talk to me like that? The same way even I got angry… because, she is my wife! Don’t forget, if you ever
try to peep into my house… then I will hang your
skull outside my house. Correct! Why didn’t you tell me
that she was his wife? Okay, let us forget these things. Let’s discuss business.
Will you kill someone? – Whom?
– Kaameshwaribai! She is the same lady who wants
to ruin your wife at any cost! Not once, I will kill her
as many times she is born! This is your fees. You are great, you are a king! Where did you get this money from? Even if I wouldn’t get money, I’d
rip apart and kill Kaameshwari! This witch is your enemy
who paid me to rape you! She did a good thing or you
wouldn’t have come into my life! Okay tell me, how do you address
the woman in the opposite house? – Tailor’s wife. – And the one
who lives next to the temple. – The priest’s wife. – And the
one who lives next to her house. – Postman’s wife! – Do you
know what they call me? A goon’s wife! I will kill the woman who
dares to call you that! Why do you have to get angry
when I can handle them? Even I gave a befitting reply saying
that so what if my husband is a goon? He earns five thousand at one go
and he can earn ten thousand too! To which she replied that she does
not mind if her husband earns less… atleast he does hard work! She said that the earning from hard
work gives a lot of happiness! Deepak, what is so special about
earning money by doing hard work? The food earned by hard work
has a different flavor? And if it is so then why don’t we
also earn money in the same way? If you cannot manage it then you
can start this work again! Then every morning, while parting
from you, I will live in the fear… whether you will return
back alive or not. And when you will return back
in the evening… then I will start living
normally once again! This process of dying and living
will create a lot of trouble… but, you will earn a lot of money! I have unnecessarily troubled you.
Get up and take a wash. Look at him, there Kaameshwaribai
is storming up against us… and here, this man is
busy beating away iron! Have you used up the money
to set up this shop? VCR! Hey! Come with me. – Take your money.
– What does this mean? Look, if you need more money,
you can take it… but, I don’t like this
sudden change in you! If you had to change you should
have given a notice to the master. No man knows of his birth or death! Do you think our work is like
a prostitute’s brothel… that whenever you wish, you
can quit it and settle down? Look, we have the complete
list of your crimes. If we tell the police,
you will be arrested. Even there I will not give up
because You think about yourself, if I
tell the police about you… then you will be
in a very bad state! Are you threatening me? If need be, I can also do it! Jaikal is an evil and a wicked man! He kills the person
who has a tiff with him… but, have you created
an enmity with him? If Jaikal and you are
aces then I am no less! But if I join hands with you then
you will become more powerful. How is that possible? I can give you enough evidences
that you can expose him publicly! Then he will have no place
to hide himself! In that case, I will give
you the price you demand! – Is it a promise?
– Promise! “When you’re hungry, you must eat.” Jyoti, is the food ready,
I am very hungry. Yes, the food is ready
and so is your wife! For the moment, I want only food! Here it is! Is this food edible?
Is this the way to cook? Why is it so sour? The salt
is excess! It tastes awful! But I have put as much
as I add everyday! Am I lying? This rice looks
as if you cooked it yesterday! – I have cooked it just now!
– Shut up! I don’t want this food,
you can eat it! Don’t you dare leave
a single morsel behind! Even if you don’t feel like
eating, stuff it in your mouth… but I will not let you get up until
you don’t finish everything! Come on, start eating. My mother died when I was small… that is why I couldn’t
learn the domestic chores. The first time I had cooked
food for you was on Diwali. And now, I am cooking here. I am sure I have not cooked
it properly, you are right! Please forgive, if you don’t forgive
me then I will not be able to eat… nor will I be able to live! No Jyoti, it is not your fault! The rice was not sufficient
to satiate our hunger. And you served everything to me,
if I would eat, you would be hungry! Besides, you are pregnant,
you need to eat more than me! Why didn’t you tell me before? We could have shared the food. I wanted you to eat everything that
is why, I behaved like this! Nephew, I was feeling terrible
before going in but now, I am fine! Uncle, even I am
feeling at peace now! – Where are you going, shameless
woman? – Why, what’s the matter? Uncle, it is known that men stand
and relieve themselves anywhere… but look at her audacity, she
is entering the men’s toilet! Blind men! This is the
ladies toilet not gents! – And you are shameless, not me!
– Hit them more! Why are you hitting me?
I am new to this place! He is saying the truth. Hey, everyone!
Come here and hit them! She doesn’t even let me touch her
in her 6th month of pregnancy! She wants me to sleep
on the next bed! What can be done? I do not get
anything to eat at home. And my heart won’t allow
me to go and eat outside. Suddenly I have become
a very ethical man! – But how long will this go on?
– What are you blabbering? – Nothing! – I have noticed that
you start sulking in the evenings. – What else can I do? – Come here
and eat the mango pickle with me! Look, don’t make me angry,
you don’t care about me at all! My shirt button is broken and
you don’t have time to look at it? You are getting hassled
for such a small thing? Remove your shirt, I
will stitch up the button. – I will not remove the shirt.
– Alright, don’t remove! Why are you sitting at a
distance, come a little closer! – No! – Did I break the button
so that you could sit far away? – Did you break the button? – Yes,
I wanted you to sit next to me! If that was so, you should have torn
this button, I would come closer! That won’t take long!
There it goes! I love you more when you play
these small little pranks! Jyoti! Rajni, come in.
How are you, Chanda? – I am fine.
– What brings you here? Jyoti, it’s my child’s naming
ceremony tomorrow, you must come! Brother, you are also invited. – Me?! – Yes, please
come with your wife. – It is difficult to fill water
everyday! – You should get married. How is filling water
related to marriage? If you get married, your husband
will fill water for you! Till you find a husband, you can
tell me, I will fill the water… and pour it for you! – Why does he have to talk?
– It would be better if he dies! If you both don’t come tomorrow
then we will not come… for your child’s naming ceremony! We will surely come! We’ll definitely come. Hey! What are you doing? These women who just came here… used to abuse me
and pray for my death! But because of you, they
came here and invited me. I have got so much respect
only because of you! I ruined your life… but you have gifted me
with a new life! I have no words to thank you! “If a small child cries…” “if a small child cries, I can sing
a lullaby and put him to sleep!” “But what can I do for
a kid with a mustache?” “But what can I do for
a kid with a mustache?” “if a small child cries, I can sing
a lullaby and put him to sleep!” “But what can I do for
a kid with a mustache?” ‘But what can I do for
a kid with a mustache?’ ‘If a small child cries… ‘Which film song do you
want me to sing for you… my hero, how can I please you?’ ‘If it was a small child… if it was a small child, I could
have narrated a fairy tale… but, what can I do for
a kid with a mustache?’ ‘If a small child cries… ‘Do you work in a circus?’ ‘Are you my husband or a joker?’ ‘If a small child teases me… if a small child teases me,
I would whack him,… but, what can I do for
a kid with a mustache?’ if a small child cries, I can sing
a lullaby and put him to sleep!’ ‘But what can I do for
a kid with a mustache?’ – What happened, Jyoti?
– We have to go to the hospital. Hospital! But.. I’ll get the vehicle but,
how will you stay here alone? I will be fine, you please go! Okay, you lie down,
I’ll come back soon! Please stop! I have to go to
the hospital, I’ll get my wife! – I don’t wish to go. – Don’t say
that, I won’t get another vehicle! I suggest you lie under a truck,
people will carry you there! I don’t have a beard anymore then
why are you crying seeing me? Son, stop crying or
your father will come! He was a well known
don once upon a time! He’ll take you away. I’ll just come! – Who is it?
– It’s me! – What are you doing?
– I have yet not done anything. But I am about to do
a very good deed. – What? – You will know
when I complete it. But don’t come in
before I complete it. Alright. You can come in now! Now tell me what you were doing? “The curtain goes up.” “If I don’t remove this curtain..” – What is this? – The black thread
will save him from an evil eye. And this will cover his honor! With this, he will be
ventilated and covered too! Male children don’t
need such covers! Then why don’t you keep it? For our future daughter! You care for your future daughter
but, you’ve never got me a gift! Hey! I never thought
of this before. You tell me what you want? Forget it, there is no need
to get anything for me. – Please tell me.
– No! – Will you tell me or not?
– Okay, I will! I like the tinkle
of the toe rings… can you get that for me? Alright! We’ve to make some more posters,
what should be written on them? Write ‘a woman is
a boon to this world!’ ‘A woman is worth worship!’ ‘A woman is a creator!’ Burn down the dowry system!
Stop injustice on women! Burn down the dowry system!
Stop injustice on women! We want Jaikal as our leader! Tell me, didn’t you murder
Kaameshwari and Tiwari? – That’s a lie!
– No, this is the truth! Admit, you have murdered them! I have left that job or I would
have murdered you by now! And Kameshwari would
have died long back. I had taken money to kill
Kaameshwari which I returned back! Who gave you the money? Jaykal! Jaykal! How dare you accuse
a decent man like Jaikal? Stop! I always suspected that
Jaikal was behind this murder. And now I am sure! But your statement is not
enough to punish him. I have to gather more
evidence against him. And until then, you have
to keep your mouth shut! Let him go! – Who gave his bail?
– Inspector Arun Yadav! Yadav! – That means… – He has
confessed everything against you! And inspector Yadav is thinking
of arresting you on that basis. Before arresting me, he has to do
a postmortem of that man’s corpse! Sir, if you permit me, I will
shoot him in the middle of the road! He will die but when and where,
only his fate will decide! Tell him to finish everything and
not to leave anything behind! Don’t worry, I’ll see to it
that he eats in front of me! And listen, ask him to get
some flowers on his return. – I have to go to the temple.
– Is it a special day today? Today is our marriage anniversary. Wow! Then you will
cook up a feast today? Hurry up and go now! This smells good, I am sure
we’ll have a great lunch today! As soon as you get a chance,
swap the tiffins! Correct! But why don’t you check what
is in this before I swap it? You fool! There is
death in this tiffin! – What happened?
– Death?! It is Deepak’s death! As soon
as he opens this tiffin… the bomb inside this will blast! This is a good chance,
take this and go! “You’re neither for the earth.. ..nor for the sky.” Chief, sister has asked you to
get some flowers on your return… she has to go to the temple. Stop working, wash your
hands and sit down to eat! I don’t feel like eating, today is
our first wedding anniversary… for the first time, she has
asked me to get her something. But I think I won’t be able to
gather money for her gift. Brother, can you fix up
this wheel quickly? The way he sounds I feel he wants
to get the work done free of cost! I am busy, can you come later? Please do it, it is very urgent,
I will pay you hundred rupees. Hundred rupees?! Don’t watch my
face, run along and get some tea! – Is this the time to have tea?
– Don’t argue and get going! Give me the money and come back
after a hour, your work will be done! Get lost! – Is the tea strong enough?
– I know your boss’s taste! I wonder where Chiku has gone? I am quite hungry, let me
eat first, I can work later. You asked me to get tea and
now you were about to eat? You got late so I thought of
eating, let me have the tea! Here, have it. I want to say something but,
you are too small… I wonder if you will understand. Tell me whatever you have to,
I may come up with a better idea! Assume I give you hundred rupees and
you buy toe rings and go to Jyoti. It’s an absolutely useless idea! She asked you to get it and
you want me to take it to her? Okay, I will keep them in this
tiffin along with the flowers! I will not tell her, when she opens
the tiffin, she’ll get a surprise. This sounds okay but you
cannot think the way I do! What are you thinking? Oh yes,
I have thought of another idea! – In the night when…
– Now you are on the right track! In the night when my son
goes off to sleep… I will get up slowly
and go near her bed. I will go and sit close to her feet. – Then? – Then I will quietly
slip the rings on her toes! – And what if she wakes up?
– Let her wake up. Then I will kiss her toes. – Oh, my! – Shut up! Then she will
be pleased and she will get up. – Then? – She will hug me and
kiss me! How is the idea? It is a superb idea! Love makes a person
very imaginative! It’s 5 p.m., your father must be
on his way. We’ll go to the temple then we’ll go
to a studio to click a photograph! – Stop crying, child!
– What plans are you making? You have a very long life, I was
just talking to him about you. Why is he crying, let me
hold him. You hold this tiffin. This is quite heavy, have
you put the flowers in this? Don’t open it! If you
open it, you may get upset. I did not eat the food
you had send for me. – Why didn’t you eat? – I had lot
of tea which killed my appetite. I will have it later. – Where are you going?
– The food will get spoilt in this. Let me put it in a vessel. Today is our anniversary, you
can ask for whatever you wish! You want a brother or a sister?
I’ll make arrangements tonight! But I cannot help if you keep
crying! Hey! He has done it! Jyoti! Coming! – What is the matter?
– He has soiled his clothes. Give him to me,
I will change his dress. Wonder what is wrong with him,
he is crying a lot today. Even I asked him and he said
that he wants a brother. Now you tell me, how can I help
him alone if you don’t help me? All you do is talk about that! I have to after all,
it is our anniversary today! Don’t you want to go to the
temple? Go and take a wash! – Look at your face!
– I don’t care how I look! You have taught me that while going
to a temple, mind should be pure! Chief, I am ready
since past half hour… but you people
are yet not got ready? This boy wasn’t
letting us do anything! He has never cried so much before,
I wonder what is wrong with him? That is why it is said that you
should have a child late in age. I am sure you father used
that advice on himself. And that is why, he died
before you grew up! – Can I carry him?
– Oh! I forgot to carry his milk bottle. Give me the keys and hold him! Son, leave me,
I will come back soon. I am not going away, I will just
go and get your milk bottle. Please don’t cry! Stop crying, come back soon!
Both of us cannot stay without you! Today is our marriage anniversary… it is not possible that he
has not got any gift for me. He wants to give me
a surprise tonight. Stop crying, you are fortunate
that can cry for milk… at your age, I used
to cry for a mother! Jyoti!! Jyoti!! Jyoti!! “If someone else cries…” “if someone else cries,
I can console him…” “but, where can
I hide my own tears?” “but, where can
I hide my own tears?” “If someone else cries…” “Don’t stop me from crying today…” “Don’t stop me from crying today…” “let me douse the fire within me
with the help of my tears!” “Or I may burn up the entire
world with my tears!” “but, where can
I hide my own tears?” “If someone else cries…” “Why did your dear son have
to suffer this fate…” “I was born orphan but,
even he has become an orphan!” “If he will ask me, I will
have no answer for him!” “but, where can
I hide my own tears?” “if someone else cries,
I can console him…” “but, where can
I hide my own tears?” I don’t wish to take any names
but, few of our leaders… remember the masses only
at the time of elections! But for me, the masses
mean everything! They are like God and that is why,
I spend all my time serving them! I understand the plight
of the masses! Applaud. Our country is facing
a lot of danger… we all have to unite and fight! We have to do something
to fight our problems! Someone stop this man!
What are you all watching? This man is advancing
towards me, stop him!! Stop him. Catch him!
– Save me!! Deepak, promise me that you will not
take a wrong step in a fit of anger. I promise you!

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