Becky Lynch and Natalya trade words before their SummerSlam Submission Match: Raw, Aug. 5, 2019

Becky Lynch and Natalya trade words before their SummerSlam Submission Match: Raw, Aug. 5, 2019

100 thoughts on “Becky Lynch and Natalya trade words before their SummerSlam Submission Match: Raw, Aug. 5, 2019

  1. If they almost convinced me showing this dark side of Nattie, they took away all the doubts….Seriously? How bad was nattie's response?! She didn't even point out some of the things becky said in hers, it almost seemed like the promos were recorded separately…who's writing these??

  2. Isnt that red hair chick dating one of the wrestlers?? Wonder why thwy dont talk about that or make it a storyline or something

  3. What a minute did I just hear the name Natalya? She’s back for more in wwe oh I can’t wait for summer slam

  4. Pay attention to the intensity of the promos between both women.

    Becky Lynch's promo was taking a straight shot of Proper Whiskey.

    Natalya? It felt like having a can of Miller Lite.

  5. Becky Lynch with these promos, my god!!!! The Man is a BEAST on the mic. Her promos are freaking fire!!

  6. when you realize they are turning Natalya into the female Big Show with all her face/heel turn switches at literal random

  7. Gosh, ever since I watched Becky's special on the Network I'm completely in love with everything about the woman. What dedication.
    It's weird, but she put a little bit of "hope" back in me, to kinda keep going, because it only gets better from here.

  8. Wow. This is about as good as a promo can get (Becky). And also, unfortunately, as bad a promo can get…

  9. Becky killed it with the promo but natalya is one of the best wrestler but her promo it ain't that good i think she should be having an aggressive tone than a calm anger but hopefully natalya gets better her best was with Nikki Bella (jealously anger) and charlotte (2nd fued)

  10. Why do y’all keep on talking about how dire Becky did that promo?🤔When y’all should be talking how we need a tag team match including Becky Lynch,Lita,Ronda Rousey,and Trish Stratus(doesn’t know how to spell her last name)

  11. Becky needs to go against a star. WWE consecutively gives only Charlotte a star like persona. They need to build the good wrestlers and mic talkers who can be stars! Not Natalya, her mic skills are horrible.

  12. Becky was vicious! Don't worry Becks, us Canadian's don't need a new hero, you are already are our hero! And also Trish Stratus… also can you and Trish have a match someday?

  13. Becky Lynch Going to win at Summerslam She going to use the armbar on Natalya Becky Lynch Retains her title at Summerslam that’s My Prediction Becky Lynch Win Baby I Think Becky Lynch got Some Beautiful Lips Becky Lynch going to Win ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️💙♥️💙

  14. Everything Becky said is true. Natalya is vastly overrated, not over and has completely gotten by on who her father and even more so her uncle are.

  15. Becky's promos are always phenomenal as she knows how to play her character. I expect no less from anyone who makes puns on the fly. Now give the women an adequate amount of time to do proper matches. They don't have to be high-flying and intense like AEW, but at least progress or enhance the story.

  16. Come on guys we all know that becky will win. Natalya isn't as talented as becky is. She cant even run in the ring because of her killos .and furthermore doesnt know how to make good promos.
    The only one that becky should compete is nikki cross in my opinion. She is extremely talented and funny and knows how to entertain the wwe universe. This match would be 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  17. There are times where Nattie can pull a very good promo but it’s very rare, just like the one she pulled against Nikki Bella. This one is kinda meh but I know she can cut a good promo. Just kinda depends I guess

  18. I think that when they will face eachother, Becky will hit her with a dis-armer then rowdy rousey music will play and she will come out distract Becky then natalyia will put her in a submission and Becky will tap out

  19. If there was one woman who had the right and deserved to hold that woman's Title
    It's Natalya she shoulda of had a very very long time ago… I respect the Man but it's not the plan it's Time For The Queen Of HEARTs to rule.
    P.S WWE what you did to Sasha Banks look like you're getting ready to do it to Ricochet 😔
    Much love to the WWE Wrestlers but Not Management..
    Gotta Go AEW is On!!!!

  20. As a supporter of both , but who is rooting for Becky a bit more . I expect their summerslam match to be breathtaking and nerve-wracking ! can't wait !

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