Basic Wrestling Moves : Basic Granby Wrestling Moves

Basic Wrestling Moves : Basic Granby Wrestling Moves

Now I’m going to show you a little bit more
of a complicated move. This is called the ‘gramby’ and not a lot of people know about
it which makes it kind of cool. Cause nobody knows what hit them, because when it happens
they’re like ‘what the?’ Then they are on their back. You are going to start off on
bottom right here. And you’re going to do a little first step right here which is, bow-bap-bow,
right here, grab the wrist, a little rolling, there you are, that’s a ‘gramby’. We’ll do
one more, show you how it’s done. Right here, go right here from the bottom, bow-bap-bow,
right there, kick that leg. And you’re going to be pivoted off of this leg right here.
That’s what you’re pushing off of, this leg right here. You’re going to push of that.
So you’re coming, you’re right here, you’re pushing off this leg and you’ll do a side
cartwheel to the left, rolling down right here to this part of your neck. Just like
this, you’re right here, and you go, and you roll. Alright. Alright so that’s the ‘gramby’,
and when you get in the final time, bring the wrist, bring with you, roll, lean back,
keep the arm, have the leg right here, sit back, and they’re pinned. And on bottom in
the referee’s position, and come right here, bow. Wrist, roll, and you’re right here. You’re
sitting back. That’s the ‘gramby’ right there. A little more of a complicated move. It’s
hard to get, I don’t know if you’ll be able to get it. Most people, you have to work at
it, just like anything in life. You might want to try it like fifty-seven times before
you do it in public because you don’t want to mess up.

36 thoughts on “Basic Wrestling Moves : Basic Granby Wrestling Moves

  1. lol you're a goofball. Thanks for the videos though. I'm gonna wrastle my friend tonight and I needed some tips 😉

  2. there isn't nescesarily a different name for those, if you're coach told you that, it was just to clarify. They both work the same, but a flip would probably be more effective because of the speed. but i do agree with you about throwing your arm through though

  3. I was taught diffrently.first u go into tripod position then you cross your legs over and then roll.The way i was taught is muuch easier.

  4. u cant teach a move like this without a proper 2 man demonstration, its like saying "pick em up and throw em on their back" for a scoop slam

  5. dumb, 3 reasons
    1. he wasn't even teaching it properly
    2. his foot work was to exasperated (front foot is suppose to be inline with your back foot not across)
    3. he rolled to the side across his back.

    expert village blows

  6. Where the hell are you from? Everyone in California have been doing granbys forever. I got this down by my third try not 56 or 57

  7. @DannyRobles9596 i agree wrestling is no where close to gay they say that because they cant wrestle. it is a tough sport.

  8. @DannyRobles9596 What do you mean "too girly to wrestle"? Is that a spike against the female gender? Do you know what will happen if you try to get me down with any wrestling move? You 'll end up lying down in pain, not knowing what hit you! I know wrestling is a tough sport, though it's quite slow for my taste. It has to be done right in order to look good. But so does Okinawa Kara Te, for which I have the black belt and 12 dan grades. I am a girl, 17 years old. Now what?

  9. You might wanna try it like, 57 times before you do it in public….awesome. Such a precise number of practices.

  10. i bet money they gave him that shirt and hes just some random guy of the street that makes dumb sound effects

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