Are the stakes raised for Hiromu vs Naito 3/3? (New Japan Road)

Are the stakes raised for Hiromu vs Naito 3/3? (New Japan Road)

I can read him, just by looking at his face.
I’ve known him for about…10 years? I can easily tell if he’s feeling confident
or how good his condition is. Well… Okada…
Ospreay… Guys in the title picture- Hey, Naito, Hold on a minute.
This is my time. Oh, you’re making comments? Sorry.
I’ll just sit here and wait. Okada, Ospreay, although they’re here- You’re not saying anything important. Hold on.
TRANQUILO Okay, I’ll sit again. OTRA VEZ Even when this man faces guys like that,
he shows confidence, That’s how I taught him. What I’m saying is that I did
an amazing job teaching you. I didn’t know you were going to praise me! Sorry for interrupting you when
you were going to be so nice. TRANQUILO. You gotta relax.
I’ve been saying this for a decade, right? But Naito, you told me something when
I debuted. Did you forget? No. You said that it’s up to me after I debut. That you’ll let me do my own thing. You told me that. Sorry, I was watching the
other match on the screen. You took very good care of me before my debut. I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you. But after I arrived, I did everything on my own. I’m a self-made man, right? I suppose so. Right? Yeah, I think so. It’s true, isn’t it? So, I want to tell you one thing, Naito, Do you remember what I asked the chairman
last week, that if I beat you… That I should get a spot in
the Tokyo Dome main event. I heard you said that. The chairman still hasn’t answered me. That means I don’t even register for him. Chairman Sugabayashi, I’m truly
sorry for my irresponsible behavior. But! But! But! But! Why does this say, ‘Naito’? I’m damaging you, even now. This will hurt tomorrow. But listen to me, seriously, I’m being serious! I am listening to you, very seriously. Little Hiromu thought about it,
and came to his senses, Naito, if I beat you on March 3rd, I can be the next challenger.
That’s enough for now. But I want you to call me out. You want me to provoke you
into challenging for my title? Well, you can just say that the
next challenger is Hiromu Takahashi. You said that if I beat you
I might as well get these titles. But Hiromu’s smart.
He knows the company won’t go for that. The company never listens to you. Correct! But our singles match is set. So, I guess
your pull in the company is improving. You earned more power in Osaka-Jo Hall. So, if I beat you, it’ll be
easy for you to call me out? Should be easy. But I have to beat you twice to take these
from you. That’s a hell of a lot of work. The company might want more
than one title match. That’s true, right? Yeah. I’m not getting them. Unfortunately, they won’t listen to me. They won’t give me both titles. Then you
should return one. No, that would be lame. However, you have to call me out. Call you out. That should be easy, right? Sure. I’ll choose you. Can I ask you one question? No way . Why? Bye. Why? He just says what he wants, huh? He really left. Whatever.
If he beats me, I was actually going to give him the belts. But since New Japan won’t let me,
I’ll call out Hiromu as my next challenger. I’ll do it.
But I still don’t know if they’ll listen to me. Well… Maybe it’s just me but I feel
like I’m taking a big risk. This isn’t a contenders match
for Hiromu Takahashi, right? He isn’t going to treat this
as a warm-up, will he? What will Hiromu do if he loses? Hiromu-chan, are you thinking about
what happens if you lose to me? What exactly are you putting
on the line in this match? He’s smart, maybe has an idea. I wonder if he tells me tomorrow, after the match. And I wonder how I’ll respond to that. Looking forward to what he’ll say tomorrow. Well, I’ll see you all back here
in Korakuen Hall tomorrow. ADIÓS

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