Alexa Bliss NOT ALLOWED Near Sasha Banks & The Four Horse Women After TENSION RISES AGAIN? | WWE

Alexa Bliss NOT ALLOWED Near Sasha Banks & The Four Horse Women After TENSION RISES AGAIN? | WWE

What’s going on guys and welcome back to
wrestling world! Wwe backstage continues to actually gives
us a lot of good content and material from the superstars One of the recent guests was Alexa bliss and
she had quite a lot to reveal and actually got fans heated with another thing that she
said First of was the Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross
story line Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss first crossed
paths in 2019 Alexa picked Nikki Cross to replace her in
a match because she couldn’t compete that night Now you might have noticed that their relationship
was different towards the beginning This was because Alexa was originally going
to be pretending to be nikki’s friend and just use her to get back into the title picture Alexa had this to say about the cancelled
story line “Nikki and I pitched to work together. Nikki went to Vince and was pitching him all
these ideas. I remember as soon as she walked out of Vince’s
office, I walked in…I told him, ‘I know I’m not going to be in the title picture
right now. Let me work with Nikki. Can I work with Nikki?…” “I feel like she has something awesome.’ At the time, I wanted to pitch me manipulating
her and getting her to do what I want, but then, instead, Vince gave his blessing and
we started to work together. It became this odd tag team that somehow works…” “It’s amazing and we travel together and
work on everything together. It’s been such a fun dynamic. I’m super happy with us both going to Vince
and everyone, they gave us that opportunity.” So the team of Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss
wasn’t WWE’s idea, but they made it work once Alexa and Nikki had pitched it to them And WWE originally was going to use Alexa’s
pitch about her manipulating Nikki and using her If you can can recall back to mid 2019, Alexa
ran into Nikki backstage and asked her to fill in for her since Alexa didn’t have
her ring gear Nikki was excited and joyful to be working
for Alexa, but Alexa still had this stuck up attitude towards Nikki and you could tell
she was only interested in using Nikki to benefit her own career That’s what the story was originally going
to be, leading up to a one on one match between the two of them But wwe changed the plans with the two of
them actually becoming best friends and due to them spending so much time together, they
have become close friends outside of the ring as well Alexa and Nikki have also turned face recently,
which is actually Alexa’s first babyface run since 2014 Alexa also found herself in the middle of
some controversy from the four horsewomen fans for her answer to a specific question Alexa was asked to named the best 5 female
wrestlers she has worked with Alexa answered by naming Ember Moon, Asuka,
Charlotte, Peyton Royce, and Billie Kay So Alexa did pick one of the four which was
Charlotte Alexa also claimed that Charlotte did help
her a lot throughout her career, so there’s nothing but great feelings there But take a look at who’s missing from her
list…Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks, and Bayley Some of the top women wrestlers and even the
champions of the division were left off of her list Of course her not mentioning them wasn’t
offensive, but majority of fans took this and understood it as a sneak diss towards
Sasha, Becky, and Bayley Fans already know why Sasha isn’t in her
top 5, that comes as no surprise at all, but it’s interesting to see that Becky and Bayley
don’t even crack her top 5 as well This of course started some heated back and
forth between fans on social media on why she left them off the list But you can’t really be mad at it, it was
an opinion based question and she just gave her honest answer Can it still be seen as a sneak diss though? Yeah, It probably could Alexa Bliss did have a great feud with Becky
Lynch back in 2016 which even resulted in Alexa capturing her first wwe championship Alexa also had a feud with Bayley On both
raw and Smackdown, so they have a lot of history as well Alexa and Sasha Banks also have a rich history
with one another, not only all the backstage drama between the two of them, but also their
history in the ring Alexa and Sasha made history together by having
the first women’s wrestling match in Abu Dhabi Alexa and Sasha also main evented Monday night
raw for the raw women’s championship a few years ago Then the only horsewomen in her top five,
Charlotte, did have a pay per view match with Alexa back in survivor series a few years
ago as well So Alexa Bliss has so much history against
the four horsewomen and even a lot of success against them as well, but they’re still
not top 5 to her Now you look at the rest of the superstars
she mentioned being Ember Moon, Asuka, Peyton Royce, and Billie Kay and they just haven’t
had any real historic moments or stand out matches with Alexa bliss, so it is a bit strange But it still doesn’t seem like a full blown
diss, Alexa was probably just using this platform to help elevate some other talents that she’s
a real fan of The four horsewomen absolutely run the women’s
division right now, so Alexa was possibly just trying to shout out some other women
besides them But what are your thoughts on this situation? Do you see Alexa leaving Bayley, Becky Lynch,
and Sasha Banks off of her top 5 as a sneak diss or just a regular answer? Leave your comments, don’t forget to subscribe
and leave a like if you enjoyed! Thanks for watching guys!

66 thoughts on “Alexa Bliss NOT ALLOWED Near Sasha Banks & The Four Horse Women After TENSION RISES AGAIN? | WWE

  1. It's an opinion based question so there's no need to be upset with Alexa Bliss' list, but a lot of fans discussing this topic and was curious. Do you think there was a subliminal diss between Alexa's answer and what are thought on Alexa and Nikki's origin as well? Leave your comments, don't forget to Subscribe with notifications on so you won't miss any new videos! Thanks for watching guys! 😀

  2. I’ve heard that Alexa doesn’t have a good relationship with Becky bayley and ofc sasha (duh) but I still love them all

  3. I can see why Alexa not having Sasha in it with them not liking each other going back to there time in Nxt. With bayley they have had there good and bad moments. Becky had a good fued there first time on Smack down. Now won’t the Icconic s that was a good small fued over the women’s tag titles.

  4. Uh… That Alexa Bliss interview on WWE Backstage happened like a month ago. How's that new? And Just because she didn't name Sasha, Becky or Bayley as one of the best female talents she faced in the past, that doesn't mean there's drama going on.

  5. I'm trying to ball my eyes out. I felt horrified. I feel like someone's stabbing me. It's just heartbreaking Ashley Fliehr sees talent in Lexi Kauffman. It's just the way i am around the Alexa Bliss problem. Such an wonderful career. I felt sad for myself. I'm so sorry Lexi Kauffman. LET HER LIVE MERCEDES VARNADO!

  6. Simply put, you CAN'T expect everyone to get along with each other on the roster let alone LIKE each other. In my opinion, Alexa Bliss is STILL fuming over the fact that she NEVER had an NXT Championship when she was on the NXT roster. Alexa has had an excellent run on BOTH RAW and SmackDown Live since her main roster call up. Unfortunately, she's been in the title picture for SO LONG, she thinks she should be on top ALL the time. She strikes me as a BIT jealous and somewhat petty!

  7. Poor Alexa that she will never get Women title shot again until these damn overrated Four Horsewomen rules the Women division on both RAW and Smackdown

  8. Great that Alexa did not name Becky as one of her favourite female wrestler in her list because she is damn overrated

  9. Even Alexa Bliss said and admitted that these Four Horsewomen are the overrated and overpushed star in Women division

  10. Oh lord. Billi is a good wrestler for Alexa?? May be yes. Because Alexa has got no in ring ability. She will never be like Sasha Banks. She did mention Charlotte cause Charlotte did help her to come to WWE NXT.

  11. I honestly believe she was not being some type of way about her answer…… the 4 horse women are the rave right now and it's not bad for her to want to mention some of the other talent on the roster. She really don't have to but that's a classy move, in my opinion . Actually saving us from the 4 house women getting stale on us.

  12. I don't know why but i always have the feeling that Sasha banks bayley and maybe Charlotte/becky don't like Alexa bliss in real life

  13. Alexa bliss and Becky lynch have let it be know that they are good friends just like alexa bliss is with all the horsewomen. Just because they aren't in a top 5 matches doesn't mean she doesn't like them. STOP MAKING VIDEOS THAT ARENT FACTUALLY TRUE CAUSE ONE DAY THEY WILL START SOME DRAMA

  14. Even though i'm a fan of one of the Horsewomen, i wouldn't be offended about her answer. It's funny how the three Horsewomen weren't in her list when Alexa had her most feuds with all of those three

  15. Old news, and not even a story. But putting Sasha and Alexa in a thumbnail and making a story out of nothing generates clicks, right?
    Channel is trash bruh.


  17. Weather or not it was a diss she promoted people who have good in ring talent she was probably promoting them cause if the fact I dont know oh yea because the horsewomen literally get pushed more than anyone else does

  18. She wasn't going to leave her friends off of the list just to put a couple on the list that she doesn't like her choice big deal

  19. Why is everyone blowing up over this? Alexa is literally friends with all of those people she chose. Literally loves the iiconics, ember and her are besties and I didn't know about the Charlotte flair until she explained why she likes her. I don't see this as a diss at all tbh. Just because a match isn't memorable for us doesn't mean it isn't for them

  20. I think in my opinion . alexa bliss does give the other four horse women credits its just she never feuds or does a story line with them . and when she does. Those feuds or storylines never last long and some don't make any sense.

  21. Probably left Sasha and Bayley off of her list cause they are untalented. Becky was just an oversite probably or maybe she is sixth on her list…..

  22. It was just a regular answer they could have ask any of the superstars or divas the same questions and yall still think its a diss.

  23. She left those 3 “horsewomen” off her top 5 list because well Sasha and Baylee are whack and are not entertaining at all and Becky she left off cause she just got done fueding with her and it would have broke kayfabe if she mention Becky so she gave some love to the girls that she has the most fun with in the ring… No fault to Miss Bliss at all, I actually agree with and like her top 5

  24. I'm sorry was the question: the best 5 females she work with..or the name the 4 horse women. Plus BAYLEY just sux a$$ so I get why ALEXA would leave her out..

  25. She’s barely even worked with Charlotte so idk why she’d even bring her up?💀💀 Alexa doesn’t have a good relationship with Becky and Bayley. Sasha, Becky, and Bayley all dragged her on Twitter after WrestleMania ever since that fallout happened she’s been bitchy towards them.

  26. Except Charlotte, I believe if it wasn't for her injuries I believe Alexis Bliss was way more better than Baylay Banks and Becky

  27. Omg this video is putting me to sleep, you basically spent 7 whole minutes explaining something we have all already heard on WWE backstage last year. There's no drama

  28. Wrestling is not fun anymore. Everybody's acting like they're in High School. C'mon, stop victimizing Alexa Bliss and make her grow a thicker skin.

  29. Its funny that they asked her to name five female wrestlers who she has wrestled against who were the best, and she only named four.

  30. Besides Sasha seems she better then one else and she so ungrateful like when she beat paige she seem so ungrateful

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