A New Era

A New Era

At the end of January, I will resign from NJPW. Brand new sheet of paper, brand new chapter, brand new book that we like to call… All Elite Wrestling. Breathe With The Switchblade! Welcome to MY NEW ERA! To everyone… I love you! In New Japan Pro-Wrestling… I will make it rain! Tranquilo, Assennayo. New Japan Pro-Wrestling… I’m staying! I want to compete against the best heavyweights. It’s REBORN! New Japan Pro-Wrestling is heading off
to Madison Square Garden! I believe the New Japan’s ring… …is the best in the world. From all the world, I love NJPW the most! We are, undeniably,
the best wrestling company in the world.

58 thoughts on “A New Era

  1. Beautiful work my man! This is so far one of my favorite MV's of this year. Also good luck against Argi😂

  2. Man, you literally never dissapoint. Incredible video as usual. Btw are you planning on making a highlights video for Johnny Gargano vs Adam Cole from Takeover New York?

  3. Amazing !!! Njpw is full of great performer like tanahashi , okada , ospreay , despite the departure of the elite njpw is and will still be relevant, this video is one of my favorites on your channel!!!

  4. Edit: Sorry for the rant but Great work P1. Those "fans" aren't real fans. They're fans of The Elite. A couple people don't make a damn company. EVERY wrestler has a part to play. NJPW is AMAZING The Elite didnt change anything about it. Now I love The Elite and it was sad to see everyone grayed out with only Marty and Kota left but I KNOW they wouldn't want their "fans" tearing down a place that basically HELPED them START AEW. I hate "fans" who think they know what's best for a company in a business they've never WORKED IN. (Arthur voice) "FUGGIN MARKS!"

  5. Great video and great point. As much as I miss Kenny and the boys in Japan, NJPW will always thrive no matter what.

  6. Es lo que más me ha molestado de ver, gente diciendo, NJPW necesita a The Elite para llenar en US, The Elite perjudicó un montón de cosas para su favor (La BC Civil War, el impulso de Juice, la World Tag League) todo para que la gente dejara a NJPW y fueran a AEW, lo bueno esos fans ya tienen a su empresa y por fin dejaron NJPW, el Hate a está por parte de fans de WWE ha ido bajando y el fandom de NJPW ha vuelto a ser calma y paz tras la salida de estos.
    Also buen vídeo.

  7. New Japan is way better off without the Elite especially Bullet Club cause now BC can go back to being a dominant faction it still is

  8. Honestly, I was one of the people worried about NJPW when Omega, KUSHIDA, etc. left but man they really don't need them. Love this video. Shows off all the incredible talent still left in NJPW.

  9. If you're the type of person that actually believes New Japan has no credibility without the Elite or Kushida or Kenny Omega then you're just as retarded as Nick Dinsmore(Eugene) while he's in character.

  10. I'm so glad someone give New Japan Pro Wrestling lots of love. I'm so tired of wwe taking all the attention. I would prefer NXT take the spotlight but they aren't on that level yet. I just hope New Japan can get more and more successful from here on out and not screwed over by WWE

  11. Johnny wins the NXT title and regain his friendship with Tommaso and now this phenomenal tribute to NJPW.
    I think it's the first time awesomeness makes me cry

  12. Wow man Best NJPW MV i've seen this year, what a great work !
    NJPW is the BEST i can't wait for the next shows and BOSJ 26

  13. Awesome work my boy. Vídeos like this reminds me that pro wrestling it's suposed to be Fun. And NJPW emphatizes that, despite people saying that It dosen't

  14. Now this is what u call a phenomenal tribute. Phenomenal content P1. Can't wait for your next vid. Keep up the Phenomenal content.

  15. Fantastic video and a great idea man. Although I miss the Elite especially Kenny, I never felt like NJPW's quality has ever gone down since they left.

  16. njpw survived the departure of aj styles and nakamura before
    they always survive and find substitutes no matter what

  17. Absolutely fantastic. New Japan will truly thrive no matter what, and they are still easily the best wrestling product in the world no matter how you twist it. I really hope you win the MV competition because with this beautiful ode to New Japan's greatness you really deserve to.

  18. Njpw is best company and no one can compete with it nor WWE. or Aew for me njpw is always top of mountain. BELIVE THAT;

  19. This is Awesome my man! NJPW is certainly growing a lot, and now it's going to have the AEW, which everyone is waiting for. This video for those who do not know the NJPW already give to have a little knowledge. Congratulations bro!

  20. No matter what anyone says, NJPW is still my fave wrestling company. Even before the arrival of Kenny Omega, NJPW was alreadt enjoying success with the Tanahashi vs Okada rivalry, Kushida's rise to the Ace of the Juniors, Naito's journey to being Tranquilo, Suzuki-gun taking over, and more. That said, I want to see AEW successful too.

    Simply phenomenal!

  21. NJPW hasn't been too good as of late, even with or after the Elite, but it has hope, with Jay, Juice, Finlay, YOH, SHO, and the young lions. It's not been too good for awhile sense Dominion 2018 in my opinion, but we can rebuild and come out once again as the best wrestling in the world! Better than NOAH, Better than AJPW, TJPW, STARDOM, DDT, BJW and many more, we will be the BEST again!

  22. There is something special about njpw . Everytime I watch it I feel like I am watching real sports. All other wrestling companies just cant give me that sporty feeling (including aew) . That's why njpw will always be my favourite.

  23. Awesome video love it this is a new era for new japan and now you add moxley to the mix I think the best is still yet to come

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