5 WORST WWE PPV Endings Of All Time

5 WORST WWE PPV Endings Of All Time

Goldberg took on The Undertaker in the 2019
Super ShowDown main event in Saudi Arabia in a match that could probably be best described
as decades too late… Two 50+ year olds going at it, what could possibly go wrong? Not long
into the match, Goldberg suffered a concussion after busting his head open when he collided
head first into the ring post. From this moment, Goldberg could be seen struggling throughout
the match which led to an improvised chokeslam finish due to Goldberg botching the tombstone
piledriver. The whole thing was a disaster and Taker’s face at the end just said it
all… The match could have been so much better had it been 20 years earlier… The ending of the 2015 Royal Rumble saw Roman
Reigns stand victorious much to the disgust of the fans in attendance. The turning point
came from Daniel Bryan’s elimination which caused the WWE Universe to became hostile!
When it came to the final two, Roman Reigns and Rusev, fans were even cheering for Rusev
who was an anti-American heel at the time but it was Reigns who secured the win. Although…
Curtis Axel was technically never eliminated… It’s safe to say it was not a result the
fans wanted as shortly after the event; the WWE Network online cancellation page had crashed
as there were too many people attempting to manually cancel their subscription. Not even
The Rock could save the situation… Often regarded as the worst WrestleMania of
all time, WrestleMania 9 received overwhelmingly negative reviews and was criticized for how
poorly it was booked. The main event saw Yokozuna successfully defend his WWF Championship against
Bret Hart after Mr. Fuji threw salt into Hart’s eyes. After the match, Hulk Hogan, who had
no relationship with Hart, came down to the ring to check up on Hart which then led to
Mr. Fuji issuing a challenge to Hulk Hogan to fight Yokozuna for the WWF Championship
despite never earning a title shot. Hulk Hogan would go on to win the championship in just
22 seconds much to the annoyance of the fans who started to grow tired of The Hulkster
as his whole win felt nothing more than just an ego boost for him. If there was one event that The Undertaker
shined and proved his dominance for nearly 30 years it was at WrestleMania, which is
why his loss against Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 33 just didn’t feel right. Don’t get me
wrong, I’m all for legends putting over young new talent but Reigns’ disappointing
and sloppy performance on the night as well as The Undertaker’s made the match very
difficult to watch. The arena was filled with boos after the result and on the next night
on Raw! Also, having The Undertaker return to WrestleMania the following year despite
having a “retirement” angle at the end of WrestleMania 33 took out all of the emotion
in that match and left it with an embarrassing mess. The main event of Hell In A Cell 2019 saw
Seth Rollins take on The Fiend. But, the finish of the match had fans and critics in complete
uproar which saw the event trending worldwide for the wrong reasons as well as the hashtag
#CancelWWENetwork. The controversial finish saw Seth Rollins hit The Fiend with a sledgehammer
causing the referee to stop the match despite Hell In A Cell rules stating that it’s a
no disqualification match. It just made no sense… To make matters worse, the WWE even
tried to justify that controversial ending…

100 thoughts on “5 WORST WWE PPV Endings Of All Time

  1. After watching that terrible ending of Hell In a cell, the next day I Binged watched all of the 2004 PPV's. At least those were entertaining and Had mostly good main events.

  2. The Fiend vs Seth Rollins at HIAC was the worst one for me. As a Rollins fan, man oh man that was just terrible.

  3. when daniel bryan got eliminated , goldust entered with his titantron reading "a shattered dreams production"
    literally felt like vince was giving us the middle finger

  4. This list is fucked up the WrestleMania 33 main event was literally one of the greatest main events in the PPV's history and the only reason the Royal Rumble 2015 is on this list is because this channel is obviously one of the hypocritical smarks who BTW cheered for Roman Reigns the year prior in the exact same match yall are just so FICKLE Roman was obviously the right choice and also Hogan's here because apparently this channel despises him for some reason

  5. The fiend is invincible buddy Seth Rollins is not but the fiend was ok! Restart the damn match! Ok wwe hell in a cell has no do

  6. A few of you have correctly pointed out, there is a mistake at 3:22. We label the tag title as the WWF championship. Also, Yokozuna did not successfully defend the title at WrestleMania 9. He won the title against Bret Hart and then lost it. Sorry about that. It's not been a great week for us!

  7. But then again, Hornswoggle was never eliminated from the Royal Rumble match in 2008, so he's still in it over a decade later.

  8. If The Referee Called For The Bell, It Means It Was For The Wrestlers Safety, Even If It Was A Falls Count Anywhere, Last Man Standing, Steel Cage Or Hell In A Cell, The Referee Has To Call The Bell If He/She Thinks The Wrestler Is In A Life Threatening Situation, It Wasn't A DQ, It Was A Safety Call.

  9. Taker vs berg match wouldn't have been that bad if it weren't in ksa
    The different time zones and the exhaustion from travelling must have been a factor

  10. ye if fiend is winning the rollins give him a hammer on head to despite more injury but it did not see well thefeind mandible claw rollins and lead to bleed for rollins in hiac anyways iam fan of thefiend

  11. Haven’t watched the video yet but I feel Wrestlemania 16 deserves to be on here. Also, 5 seems like a small number when you have dozens upon dozens to choose from.

  12. The Fiend vs Rollins wasn't a match, it was supposed to be a horror film, that stoppage was the stereotypical moment where the bad guy gets shot and they think he died but he didn't the referee played the role of the scared one who thinks things went too far, that's why he stopped, not a dq, a stoppage, not a match, a horror film

  13. Refrees when sombody breaks bones in a HIAC match:Nah thats fine.
    Refrees when somebody gets hit with a sledgehammer:Oh damn he dead?

  14. If it would happened 20 years ago it would be like roman vs lesnar today..which is infact common… their old age and their past records make them legends


  16. The thing that makes me sad is that most of the fans lay out their anger on the WWE superstars when Vince is the guilty one for the poor endings.

  17. How about:
    1. Dean Ambrose vs Bray Wyatt at TLC match with a exploding television? Remember that?
    2. Brock Lesnar winning Money in the Bank last year?

  18. I think the problem with the Roman Reigns situation is that Vince is doing what HE wants to see, and not what the FANS want to see, which is not how this kind of entertainment business works

  19. Okay, What About Hell in A Cell 2018? Braun Cleanly Pinned Reigns 1 2 3 And Roman Kicked Afterwards But Referee Said its 2. And Brock Lesnar Distraction 😑

    Well, Great Video

  20. You're an Idiot, sitting behind a computer criticize what these people put their bodies through for what your stupid comments and video. Get your butt out there and do what they do see what happens to you!

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