25 FASCINATING WWE Raw Facts You (Probably) DIDN’T KNOW!

25 FASCINATING WWE Raw Facts You (Probably) DIDN’T KNOW!

WWE Raw is 25 years old, so here’s 25 facts
you (probably) didn’t know about the show… 1. Basil DeVito suggested calling the show
“Raw” At one point the working name for Raw was
“Down, Dirty, Gritty, Raw”, but former XFL president Basil DeVito suggested simply “Raw”
instead. 2. Vince initially wanted Raw to look “classy” Vince’s original vision for Raw included
audience members being served elegant dinners at ringside tables at ringside – giving the
show a high-class dinner theater feel. Because nothing says ‘high class dinner’ more
than Repo Man wrestling Max Moon. 3. Raw replaced Prime Time due to Prime Time’s
difficulty One reason for Vince McMahon replacing Prime
Time Wrestling with the weekly arena show Raw was so he could feature interviews with
his stars – who would otherwise be working house shows.
4. Wrestlers reportedly earned $25 per appearance WWE reportedly paid wrestlers just $25 a show
in Raw’s early days. 5. Raw aired a taped show after WrestleMania
9 It’s hard to imagine now we have The Raw
After Mania, but in 1993, WWE aired a telecast of matches taped two weeks earlier with a
commentary track from Vince McMahon and Randy Savage recorded on the day so they could reference
events from WrestleMania 9. And people say wrestling is predetermined. 6. The first title to change on the show was
the Intercontinental Championship The first title to ever change hands on Raw
came on May 17, 1993, where Marty Jannetty defeated Intercontinental Champion Shawn Michaels. 7. The show used to go on hiatus in August/September Raw didn’t just war with WCW Nitro, it also
feuded with the US Open tennis tournament for TV time slots. In 1993, there were four
straight weeks where no episodes of Raw aired because of the tennis coverage. 8. Raw didn’t leave New York until September
1993 Raw’s first 32 episodes were filmed in New
York, with most of the shows taking place at The Manhattan Center. The first non-New
York episode came from nearby New Haven, Connecticut on the 27th September, 1993. 9. Raw used to tape up to 4 episodes at a
time With their In Your House shows filling the
remainder of the PPV calendar year in 1995, WWE ‘did a TNA Impact’, taping four episodes
of Raw in a single night to be aired in the four weeks between pay-per-views. 10. Brian Pillman gun incident almost got
Raw cancelled The sight of Brian Pillman pointing a gun
at the invading Steve Austin was remarkable, but it almost got Raw thrown off the air.
USA Network’s Vice President of Sports Wayne Becker called for its cancellation, but all
McMahon got was a sternly worded letter of concern. 11. WWE almost aired the 1997 Royal Rumble
for free on Raw In one of WWE’s attempts to battle WCW’s
Nitro, they planned to air the entire 1997 Royal Rumble match for free on TV – even running
adverts for the show. The PPV companies didn’t like WWE giving the match away for free while
repeats were still available, though, so they just showed clips instead. 12. The WWF Championship didn’t change on
Raw until 1997 Raw was on the air for more than four years
before the first WWF Championship change, when Bret Hart lost the title to Psycho Sid
on the show’s 197th broadcast. 13. “The Beautiful People” was used for three
weeks as the theme In 1997, for just 3 weeks, WWE used Marilyn
Manson’s The Beautiful People as Raw is War’s theme song. It would later become
the theme song for Smackdown. Clearly Vince is a big Manson fan. 14. Raw gave itself two names for ratings
purposes There was a period when WWE would call the
first hour of Raw “War Zone” [19], and the second half “Raw is War”. This was
so the better rated hour could get premium advertisers. 15. Mike Tyson helped close the Monday Night
War gap Though Raw failed to beat Nitro in the ratings
before WrestleMania 14, Mike Tyson helped the show get its first ever 4.0 rating. 16. Raw last lost to Nitro in October 1998 WCW Nitro’s final head-to-head ratings win
over Raw took place October 26, 1998, by a score of 5.1 to 4.5.
17. Highest rated episode ever was May 10, 1999 The highest ever rated Raw was on May 10th
1999, which pulled an 8.1 rating, which is roughly 9 million viewers. It probably had
everything to do with the Corporate Ministry vs Vince McMahon, The Rock and Stone Cold
Steve Austin main event. Not because the NBA Playoffs forced Nitro off the air. 18. Steve Austin vs. The Undertaker was highest
rated segment ever The highest ever rated segment, however, isn’t
Mick Foley’s This Is Your Life segment – which drew an 8.4 quarter; it was Austin defeating
The Undertaker for the WWF Championship on June 28th 1999 show, which drew a 9.5 – equating
to about 10.7 million viewers. 19. Raw managed to beat Nitro in late time-slots
in 2000 To give you an idea of just how bad things
had gotten for WCW in the summer of 2000, the August 28 and September 4 Raws were taped
and aired two hours later because of the tennis coverage, and they *still* beat Nitro with
ease. 20. Raw was off USA Network for five years WWE is so intertwined with the USA Network
that it’s easy to forget they weren’t with them for five whole years – with the
show airing on Spike TV instead from 2000 until 2005. 21. Raw dropped “is War” in 2001 due to 9/11 The name Raw is War was used for four years,
but WWE dropped the “is War” three weeks after the terror attacks of 9/11. That wasn’t
the only name change in 2001 – with the December pay-per-view Armageddon was rebranded as “Vengeance”. 22. WWE stock dropped when Donald Trump “bought”
Raw As a publicity stunt in 2009 it was announced
that Trump had purchased Raw from Vince McMahon. Despite it being a wrestling storyline, less-savvy
stockholders took the story at face value and WWE’s stock price fell seven percent
in the course of a day. 23. Raw has had eleven different lead announcers Over the last 25 years, the main play-by-play
commentators for Monday Night Raw have been Vince McMahon from 93-97, Jim Ross from 97-2008
and Michael Cole ever since. In between all that we’ve also seen Kevin Kelly, Joey Styles,
Gorilla Monsoon, Shane McMahon, Jonathan Coachman, Todd Grisham, Byron Saxton and Tom Phillips
donn the headsets. 24. The WWE Championship changed hands in-ring
14 times The WWE Championship changed hands 14 times
in matches on Raw between 1997 and 2015. Austin won three of his six WWE Championships on
Raw as well. 25. John Cena has wrestled the most matches
in Raw history Big Match John holds the record for the most
Raw matches with 449, two more than Kane who’s wrestled 447. Chris Jericho holds third place
with 429 and Randy Orton is fourth with 407. What are some of the biggest Royal Rumble
botches of all-time? Click the videos in the centre for more awesome wrestling content.

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  1. Normally love the videos and podcasts but God that background music was awful. Had to stop watch after a minute. #sortitout

  2. Raw 25 rumor: WWE signs Adam Blampied and Oli Davis (Wonder Oli) and they create a stable along with Wonder Braun and they’re known as “The Wonders” and will face the Bàlor Club at Mania.

  3. Correction (maybe)
    The 24th fact I guess is wrong
    "The wwe championship has changed hands 13 times" according to wwe's Instagram story. (In the video it was said that it is 14)

  4. I thought the Big Show or Undertaker would have wrestled a lot of matches close to Randy Orton, Kane and John Cena hhhhmmmmm interesting 😮😮


  6. I really liked this list luke! also I saw you wearing a primus shirt a few times. I am also a primus fan…what are your top 3 primus songs?? mine are 1. dmv 2. my name is mud 3. lacquer head

  7. FunFact
    Orton,Cena,Jericho And Kane Are Still Belongs to Smackdown.
    Raw daft jericho for miz.
    Cena, Orton And Kane Was Part of Smackdown in 2016 Draft.

  8. If I remember right i saw an interview with Jeff Hardy where he said he was paid $250 per show and Michael PS Hayes would take a huge chunk as a management fee leaving them with not alot. But more importantly many of the top stars requesting the hardys as they made them look good.

  9. Is one of those fascinating facts that magically in Stephanie's mind, 25 years of RAW is longer than 29 years of the Simpsons?

  10. #crapgimmick THE BEST CRAP JOBBER GIMMICK (and maybe something more)

    He gives everybody one superpower. Oli's crappy superpower of calling the finish of the match right before it happens. (Yes, that's how long ago I wrote this) He calls himself Scape The G.O.A.T. (it's a pun, how fun)

    His finisher is a submission hold called 'escape the goat'. As he's applying the hold, he repeatedly yells 'escape the goat' and everybody does. He's always baffled when they do, because he thinks he's the G.O.A.T. as his name would suggest, while actually, just being a goat, a scapegoat to be precise and not realizing it, always loosing by getting hit with his opponent's finisher while just standing there, being the only person surprised his opponent got out of his hold as even the commentators say something crappy along the lines of 'this is what he always uses right before he looses' or 'why yell at the guy to get out of your submission'. Not even his opponents get over by beating him because they just beat the biggest jobber in the most predictable way and that's important so no one gets over and everybody on the roster stays crappy. I'll leave you guys to choose the actual submission he uses right before he looses.


    I've also booked an optional crappy storyline

    After Scape The G.O.A.T.'s latest of many losses, after his opponent has left ringside, country music starts playing (something even crappier than his entrance theme) and a man dressed as a farmer comes out and is introduced as The Goat tamer and says he'll manage (or tame, if you will) Scape The G.O.A.T. to his first title. He pulls out a leash and puts it around Scape's neck, symbolizing he's tamed him. Tamer only takes off his leash when Scape has his matches. Everything he does in the ring is the same because The Goat tames is a crappy one, except one thing. Right after the failed submission, as Scape The G.O.A.T.'s opponent is about to hit his finisher, The Goat tamer provides a distraction. Now, it can go two different ways from here and again, I'll leave it to you guys to decide since you're the McMahons of the CGR.
    One is, Tamer's distractions are always unsuccessful and he continues being a jobber. The other is, he starts winning all his matches via distraction roll ups (and calls them goat ups, another fun pun) and goes on to win the belt and become the even less credible champion than a certain champion on Smackdown as the promotion tries to expand to the farmers market (I've got puns for days). The most important thing here is, as I said, his match finishes are always done in the same crappy way so nobody gets over.

    By: your biggest (and probably the only) fan from Serbia

  11. Excited for tonight but feel old as shit I remember watching the very first Raw took a break from '03-'13 been watching it since & about to take another break while they're rehashing authority storylines on both shows again again again again.

  12. So if Kane wrestles 3 matches, one each week, on Raw, and they can keep John’s televised wrestling matches exclusively on Smackdown and PPV’s/Special Events, WWE could theoretically have Kane hold the record for most Raw matches. At least until another talent can break it. I’m envisioning a “Superstar” who’s gimmick is multi-personality disorder with 3 wrestling personas that each wrestle at least one match an episode and is able to stay over for a decade or more….

  13. Luke is wrong. The first hour was raw and the second hour was the war zone. SOMEBODY TELL OLI!!!!!!! THIS IS FAKE NEWS LOL

  14. I'm a little surprised that the highest rated match wasn't the Rock and Austin vs. the NwO, quite possibly the biggest main event in the history of Raw.

  15. You forgot one I think it was the Raw after the Rumble in 2015 there was an blizzard so they had to cancel Raw and then they put the entire Royal Rumble 2015 Show on

  16. Crap Gimmick:
    Name: C.C. Roadblock ( C.C. stands for concrete)
    C.C. Roadblock is a giant of a man… But he is more than just a man! Painted entirely grey, C.C. Roadblock is made out of Concrete! Wrapped in Caution Tape his ring gear is designed to remind his opponents to have CAUTION!
    Unfortunately… Due to being made out of concrete, his limbs lack articulation meaning he can only move his arms and legs back and forth, like a cheap action figure.
    What he lacks in maneuverability he makes up for in invulnerability, making him a perfect sub-boss for the championship or the final Roadblock for mid carders to move into the main event.

  17. I like that list. The only thing that they did get wrong though was that it was actually the second hour that was called the war zone. I have been watching old episodes and it was the second hour that was called that.

  18. #22 is what made me originally stop watching wrestling, I liked Donald Trump a lot better when he was at Wrestlemania instead of the White House.

  19. So they changed Raw Is Raw because of 9/11 I'm tired of tv shows changing their shows because things happening in real life it makes no fucking sense.

  20. I remember that raw was off USA and on spike for five years, it’s interesting, spike actually had aired wrestling for a very long time, they had ecw before raw and tna afterwards.

  21. That picture of all the WWE past and present stars without the legendary iconic Great One Dwyane rock Johnston is lame tbh

  22. Vince walked into the room and saw a bunch of big sweaty men. And with a Grinchly smile on his face, Beautiful People started playing in his head

  23. Sir can you please explain about the vague statement made by the undertaker at raw? Is he there this wrestlemania or not?

  24. Anyone else having problems with watching wrestle talk tv video which I mean playing it coming back and it starts from the beginning I not you if it just wrestle talk tv video or YouTube just thought I'd ask

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