24/7 Title chaos erupts at the OB/GYN office: Raw, Aug. 5, 2019

24/7 Title chaos erupts at the OB/GYN office: Raw, Aug. 5, 2019

85 thoughts on “24/7 Title chaos erupts at the OB/GYN office: Raw, Aug. 5, 2019

  1. What's the point for R-Truth to take back his 24/7 Championship, when he will just get chased/stalked ENDLESSLY again?!

  2. I am very disappointed that Maria didn't hold the championship for a long while. She could have been amazingly annoying for weeks. LOL

  3. Sooo… here's what I don't get. Maria has been badmouthing Mike for a while now, basically giving the impression that he'd be lucky if she ever let him touch her again. And she loses the title by letting him hug her??? What, did pregnancy brain make her forget that she hates him? And that she can't trust anybody, least of all the guy she thinks is worthless, forced to lay down for her, and had no other claim to fame in WWE but the title she took from him? That just made no sense to me.
    And am I nuts or did that ref look and sound like Nattie's twin sister??? Very inventive way to get the three count though, for a second I was like, "who is attacking him while he hugs his pregnant wife?"

  4. that don't count anyway on the fudge yeah live action fatness wiki like that after maria lost the 24/7 belt to her own husband the pregnancy part of that girls muffin top 13 years ago in the life savers commercial gosh though

  5. Also Paul heyman is the guy who is doing the script and writing the matches back the he use to do smackdown but now he is doing raw

  6. 😆😂 these folks at the👀 doctor's office! Truth? Man this guy is a G to the first degree for that one! Smh

    House of Medicine

  7. In about 3-4 years from now, R-Truth will be inducted into the hall of fame for breaking Edge’s world record of most Championship wins.

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