15 Behind The Scenes Incidents (Backstage Incidents) With WWE Wrestlers That Came To Light Recently

15 Behind The Scenes Incidents (Backstage Incidents) With WWE Wrestlers That Came To Light Recently

Today we present you with
15 Behind The Scenes Incidents
(Backstage Incidents) With WWE
Wrestlers That Came To Light
Just Recently 15. Orton gets caught on tape Randy Orton may be one of the most
recognisable stars in WWE history but things weren’t always as good
for the Apex Predator. Joining OVW in 2001, Orton had the
wrestling business in his blood, being the son of Cowboy Bob Orton and the grandson of Bob Orton Sr. But despite this pedigree, the future
Legend Killer was not sold
on the business, with Jim Cornette once revealing a
time when Orton was in OVW, he said he was only going to the
developmental brand for the money, and had no intentions on
becoming a Superstar. Little did Orton know, was that the
entire rant had been recorded, and was later shown to several
backstage officials. After a meeting with higher-ups
and a $750 fine the issues were resolved, and Orton quickly learned something
about respecting the business, before becoming a 13-time World Champion 14. Roman sends a message to CM Punk Roman Reigns and CM Punk may
both be former World Champions, but have come from very
different worlds. Punk came up from the independent scene, and was reportedly told he’d never
make it in WWE, whilst Roman joined the company
with a wealth of support, and has become one of the
WWE’s top stars. A locker-room leader from his
football days, Reigns has taken this role in
WWE seriously, even kicking Enzo Amore out of
the locker-room, after the certified G became too
unbearable to fellow Superstars. But before he even entered the
main event the Big Dog new there were
big things ahead for him, and has even admitted he told CM Punk that he would be the next
locker-room leader, and would lead it better
than he found it. Harsh words for sure, but to be fair, there’s not too many Superstars
with bad things to say about the Big Dog. 13. Carmellsworth Begins If you’re going to make it in the WWE, you need to be behind your character
100%, no matter what. One shining example of this is Carmella, who changed herself entirely
when she turned heel, not long after joining SmackDown Live. Not just satisfied with a new
look and moveset, it was the Staten Island Princess’ idea to bring James Ellsworth on board
as her manager, following his storyline with
AJ Styles and Dean Ambrose. Ellsworth loved the idea, as the
company agreed to partner
the two together with the Chinless wonder proving
to be a crucial part Carmella’s time as a heel. Even the biggest victory of
Carmella’s career, when she became the first Miss
Money In the Bank, came
thanks to Ellsworth proving how well they worked together. 12. Kevin Owen’s singlet With his larger frame and intense style, many thought that Kevin Owens
would never make it to WWE. But when Owens signed a
deal with the company in 2014, those doubters were proven wrong though was worried about
making some changes. The biggest of these changes, came
when WWE requested Owens
wear actual wrestling gear, instead of his standard baseball
shorts and t-shirt he had rocked as Kevin Steen
on the indies. But for all his flaws, it was Enzo Amore who saved
the day on this occasion telling the future Universal
Champion to be himself and ditch the awful singlet he
was going to wear. Thankfully, Owens agreed, though the
image of seeing the Candian
Superstar in a tight singlet would have definitely scared plenty
of his opponents into submission,
before the bell had even rung. 11. Jericho botches the Shooting
Star Press For over 20 years, Chris Jericho has
amazed fans with his incredible skills, with Jericho being
famous for 1,004 holds. But when he was breaking into
the business with Lance Storm, Jericho tried to add to this list,
believing he needed
some high-risk manouver to get over with the crowd. After being suggested the Shooting
Star Press by Ultimo Dragon,
Jericho believed he could hit the move, as he had done it plenty of times
off a diving board. Now, as many of you will know, a diving board and a wrestling ring
are two very different things as Jericho would attempt the move the
day before a show run by Jim Cornette. In one of his biggest mistakes, Jericho
landed terribly, breaking his arm, but somehow still went on to compete
with one arm the next night, showing that he was a true professional
through and through. 10. Goldust levels the Hot Rod
with his car When Dustin Rhodes left WCW for
the World Wrestling Federation he knew he wanted to stand out. And stand out he did, as the bizarre Goldust, who blurred the lines of what
was acceptable, long before the Attitude Era. Unfortunately for the Golden One, this envelope-pushing identity left many WWE Superstars hesitant
to work with him, with Roddy Piper stepping up to face
him at WrestleMania 12. In their now-infamous Backlot Brawl,
the bout saw many real incidents occur, including Goldust requesting a
real punch by the Hot Rod, with Piper breaking his hand on
Rhodes’ head. Things would go from bad to worse, as Goldust, driving his own car
(painted Gold of course), ran down Piper, who was supposed
to dive out of the way. Whilst the match would continue, and
be one of the most memorable bouts
from the show, Goldust has admitted thinking he
had genuinely murdered his
opponent at the biggest show of the year. 9. Zayn’s tearful bike ride An established star on the
independent scene, Sami Zayn reached the pinnacle
of his career in 2013, when he signed a deal with the WWE. But before the ink had even dried
on the contract Zayn was forced to go under
a series of changes, including moving to Florida so
he could live near the Performance CENTER. The worst change of all though,
was finding out that the company would not be using
his ‘El Generico’ character, which Zayn had used for years on the
indie scene, and had been a massive
success. While in a seminar on cutting promos, the future-NXT Champion would
flex his talents, dropping an epic monologue where
he retired the character. Overcome with emotions, Zayn has said he road his bike back to his new
home in tears, but has maintained the story that
Generico left wrestling in 2013 to help some orphans in Mexico. 8. The Rock runs out the clock We all know that Dwayne Johnson is
one of the biggest Superstars
in wrestling, and in Hollywood, with his incredible
physique natural charisma and gift of gab helping him become a huge success. But according to the Hurricane, The Brahma Bull wasn’t afraid to
bend the rules in the WWE to help younger talent. In an interview, the WWE Superhero
said that the Great One would repeatedly
mess up his lines during a pre-taped segment between
the two, much to the shock of all those in attendance. When Hurricane asked about it,
Rock told him that he was making
sure the segment would have to be filmed live,
allowing both men more time. Instead of a 90-second pre-taped
segment, the live version went
nearly four minutes long, allowing the Hurricane to get one over
on the People’s Champion, but proving that the Rock, truly, is in
a class of his own. 7. Dawson nearly calls it quits As a member of the Revival, no-one can deny Scott Dawson’s
intensity, in or out of the ring. Even before joining the WWE, Dawson
was a hard worker, juggling school, work and wrestling before moving to Japan to get
some experience.After his time
in the country was over, Dawson has said he was ready to
quit on the squared circle, and planned on living a normal life
with his wife. That was until William Regal e-mailed the future NXT-Tag Team Champion, saying that the company were
interested in hiring him, a genuine shock as Dawson didn’t
even know he was on the company’s radar. Obviously, Dawson joined the company teaming with Dash Wilder in NXT before moving to RAW, with Dawson still being able to get
married and start a family, but living out his dream job at
the same time. 6. The Nature Boy keeps his distance Critics of Charlotte Flair have often
said that she’s only in the position she is today, thanks to her Hall of Fame father, Ric Flair. But what they probably don’t know, is that during the Queen’s early career,
both Flairs kept their distance with Charlotte revealing on Edge
and Christian’s podcast that she would rarely talk to her father
about anything wrestling, instead getting advice from trainers. The former RAW and SmackDown
Women’s Champion admitted that her father didn’t exactly view
women’s wrestling highly during
her early career, which only caused more friction
between the two. This all changed however, when the Nature Boy saw his princess
win the NXT Women’s Championship in 2014 and was overwhelmed with emotion. With both Flairs in tears of joy, the
friction between them dissolved, and the two-time WWE Hall of Famer has since gone on to become his
daughter’s biggest fan. 5. Vince loves potty humor Even though he’s a multi-billionaire and the owner of the company,
Vince McMahon isn’t afraid to josh around with the
Superstars who work for him often with hilarious consequences. And in one incident involving Edge,
Christian and The Hurricane the Boss showed his second love,
behind pro wrestling, is potty humor. According to the Rated-R Superstar Edge had eaten a protein filled meal
before hitting the road with
Christian and Hurricane. Now, some of you more knowledgeable
fans may know what comes next as the protein made Edge extreme
gassy, and after blowing wind, stunk up the car so much so much that the Hurricane jumped
out of the car to escape. When Edge told the story to the Boss,
McMahon found it hilarious even joking with the Hurricane about
just how deadly a Superstar’s
butt can be. He may be a multi-billionaire, but he’s
still the same old Vince McMahon. 4. Kurt Returns after 11 years. The return of Kurt Angle was a
long time coming, with both Angle and the company
seemingly burying all previous grudges formed in his 11-year absence. But things were not always as good, as it was Kurt who first requested
a return to the WWE, but after a stint in rehab, the company
wanted nothing to do with him. Fortunately, Angle persevered and eventually got a call from Triple H, who said the company now did
want the Olympian back, but weren’t sure what role they’d
have for him. Visiting the WWE headquarters in
Connecticut, Angle was rightly worried, as he had not seen McMahon
since leaving due to drug issues in 2006. But the second the two met, the
Chairman embraced Angle like
a long-lost son, with Kurt apologising for his past
misdeeds and helped lay the foundation for what would be Angle rightly
entering the WWE Hall of Fame. 3. Shane calls his dad, at 3AM This is a story that many of you
may already know, thanks to it’s inclusion on the WWE
Network show Storytime but it just goes to show how weird
life on the road can be When Shane McMahon was
travelling on the road with the Dudleys and Tommy Dreamer, the SmackDown commissioner decided that 3am was the perfect time to
call his father Vince. Despite Bubba telling him no, a slightly drunk Shane O’Mac did
just that, and tossed the phone to the
future Impact World Champion who was at a loss for words. Fortunately, Bubba wouldn’t be
the worst victim of this prank as the phone was later tossed to
Spike Dudley, who was truly wasted, and didn’t believe Vince was on the line. Speaking to TMZ, Bubba Ray said
how the runt of the Dudley family asked Vince to hook him up
with some weed, but threw the phone away quickly when he realised that this really
was the Boss. 2. The Shield’s travel woes Joey Mercury may have had some
success as part of MNM, but after stepping away from the ring the former Tag Team Champion put
his creative mind to good use, and gave the fans the Shield. Not only responsible for the idea
behind the trio, Mercury also suggested that the trio
should be together at all times, even when on the rode. Maintaining kayfabe, the group were
always together with Rollins being the main driver, until the group disbanded in 2014. Once they did though, everything changed as the group were told to no longer
be seen together with Bo Dallas replacing the Architect as the new travel buddy of
Reigns and Ambrose Rollins has even recalled once seeing Reigns, Ambrose and Bo
stranded on the road but decided not to pick them up,
maintaining kayfabe in what must’ve been a very difficult
decision for the Kingslayer. 1. John Cena, fired? He may be the biggest star in
wrestling history, but there was a time where things
weren’t too certain for John Cena. Debuting in 2002 as the answer to Vince McMahon’s
demand for Ruthless Aggression, Cena impressed in his debut
match against Kurt Angle, but wasn’t victorious. In the months that followed, the future
WWE Champion failed to dazzle
in the ring, and with his bland look an
non-existent promo time, it seemed that Cena’s days
were numbered. That was until Stephanie McMahon
heard Cena rapping on the WWE
tour bus, and was so impressed she asked Big Match John to
freestyle on SmackDown. This completely saved Cena, who
has admitted himself he would’ve
been released, if not for Stephanie, with the
freestyle skills Cena showed helping to transition him into
his rapper gimmick.Cena survived
the year, won the WWE Championship in 2005, and the rest is history… Well guys that’s our list, If can you think of other behind the scene
incidents that your fellow viwers wouldn’t
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